The Solarium after mammoplasty — when sunbathing


Any surgery imposes some restrictions on usual activity during the rehabilitation period.

The same applies to operations for improving breast shape after it seams require less maintenance.

Many women in the preoperative period had visited the Solarium or planned to go there after surgery.

But is it worth doing and what may be restrictions on the Solarium after mammoplasty?

The influence of ultraviolet rays for a healthy body

UV radiation in two ways affects the body: scientifically proven its positive influence on some physiological and biochemical processes, but there are certain risks associated with its effects on the human skin.

Thus, the ultraviolet light triggers the synthesis of vitamin D, which is an indispensable component in the absorption of calcium in the body.

It is known that ultraviolet radiation has a positive effect on the immune status and skin: reduced inflammatory lesions in vitiligo, acne and other such problems.

But this is only one side of the coin. Today there is a term such as solar radiation. In fact, this is the same ultraviolet radiation, which are all sunbathing on the beach or in the Solarium.

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays on the skin increases the formation of melanin in the dermis, which appear tanned freckles, moles and age spots.

In the scientific community conducted a major study which confirmed the high risk of malignant skin growths, which is associated with the occurrence of oxidative stress of the skin under the action of UV radiation.

A less dangerous consequence of sun – loss of connective tissue its elasticity, causing the skin is aging rapidly.

If high UV dose, the majority of people will burn 1 or 2 stages.

Harm and use of cosmetic tanning

Solarium visit not only for cosmetic purposes, the sessions, the doctor may prescribe as a supplementary therapy in the treatment of certain skin diseases such as psoriasis.

In addition to beautiful and even tan, Solarium helps:

  1. warming muscles;
  2. to improve metabolism;
  3. improves mood by increasing production of endorphins.

The use of such procedures is achieved at the expense of the therapeutic effect:

  • the production of vitamin D improves absorption of calcium in the body, which is the best prevention of osteoporosis;
  • drying of the skin: reducing the appearance of acne, psoriasis and other skin problems;
  • the enhanced prevention of hair loss;
  • the strengthen immunity in the winter;
  • preventing the development of varicose veins at the first signs embossed veins on the hands or feet.
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But the abuse of this method of tanning can play a cruel joke, as it can develop negative consequences:

  • increases the risk of skin cancer and breast;
  • the skin may appear to increased pigmentation;
  • without the use of additional protection affects the structure of the hair;
  • our skin is aging, so the avid visitors of tanning usually look older than their years.

Solarium suggest only after you have weighed all «for» and «against», and if the need for cosmetic tanning still occurs, the session should be minimal.

When you can sunbathe in the Solarium after mammoplasty

Women often ask doctors when you can visit the Solarium after the mammoplasty.

Indeed, this question is most relevant to patients undergoing surgical reconstruction of the breast shape, so as to maintain the beauty of their body the women help with fitness classes, beauty treatments and of course the Solarium.

Surgery to correct breast shape is a major surgery that requires a recovery period and careful attitude to your body in the first months after the intervention.

Surgeons always warn their patients about the need to adjust their way of life, so ignore their recommendations are not worth it.

A separate item of post-operative rehabilitation is a strict ban on tanning, both natural and through the Solarium.

The ultraviolet rays can not only trigger cosmetic problems, but also cause more serious problems requiring re-operation.

The advice of doctors

To reduce the risk of postoperative complications to a minimum, doctors recommend completely abandon Solarium at one year after surgery.

This limitation has more to do with the rapid heating of the implant and its slow cooling after a session of cosmetic tanning.

This temperature difference can cause the formation of around the implant sheath of fibrous tissue that:

  • causes a feeling of discomfort in the breast;
  • manifested a marked defect in breast shape.

Classic recommendations

The minimum period of abstinence from tanning – 3 months.

It should be understood that in each case the individual characteristics of the organism can reduce or extend this period, but it is solved with each patient separately at the next doctor’s visit.

Postoperative scars begin to lighten only after 4-5 months after the surgery, so the ultraviolet light can adversely affect this process.

Full «maturation» of the scar may be delayed for 12 months, so this whole period, the impact of UV rays on the chest is contraindicated.

If the surgeon in the examination will note a good postoperative dynamics, the question of the Solarium can be lifted after 3 months after surgery. Perhaps the doctor allows minimal tanning sessions.

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The impact on the joints

Until the end of his maturation, the scar is quite susceptible to UV radiation. So, scar tissue after tanning can darken or there was increased pigmentation in this area.

After the operation the Breasts have a natural look without any traces of surgical intervention, it is necessary to fully withstand the restrictive period for any kind of tan.

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What will happen if you begin tanning before the recommended time

One of the cosmetic consequences associated with the violation of this recommendation becomes the hyperpigmentation of scars.

Scar tissue is more susceptible to UV rays, so she quickly darkens, and thus is markedly different from the rest of the skin.

Second, but more serious consequence of the early sun after mammoplasty is a high risk of developing capsular contracture.

The basis of this process is a thickening of the fibrous tissue capsule around the implant, causing it to compress it, change the shape.

You can see visible defects in the mammary glands:

  1. they are deformed;
  2. appears asymmetry of their arrangement relative to each other.

The woman begins to feel the seal in the area of implants, there is a tangible discomfort. Soreness may occur only at stage 4 capsular contracture.

If pathology has 1 or 2 stage, it can be corrected by a conservative:

  • taking vitamin complexes;
  • massage of the breast;
  • ULTRASOUND therapy;
  • a course of anti-inflammatory injections.

Successful tactics can be a strong compression of the chest in order spontaneous rupture of scar tissue.

3 and stage 4 capsular contracture can be corrected only by repeating the operation when the surgeon not only removes the pathologically proliferating tissues, but returns the shape of the breast to the original (after the first mammoplasty).

Do I need to tell the staff about the Solarium surgery

No, this is not required.

On the issue of security Solarium and on the duration of sessions need to speak with the surgeon who observes the patient after mammoplasty.

If he approves cosmetic tan in the near future, feel free to go to the Solarium, but choose the minimum length of the session (time tanning it is necessary to discuss with your doctor).

How to sunbathe after surgery

The first year after surgery is considered restorative to the body, when he said:

  • adjusts to foreign objects in the breast;
  • reabilitarea after surgery;
  • and postoperative scars are formed completely and get a smooth and invisible look.
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During this period it is important gently apply to your body and not expose it to unnecessary stress.

Doctors recommend to follow some rules regarding sunburn after mammoplasty:

  1. Completely abandon the sun for 3 months after the operation, both in full sun and in a Solarium.
  2. After this period you need to consult with the observing physician if there are contraindications to the Solarium.
  3. Definitely need to use creams with UV protection 35+. Excessive doses of ultraviolet radiation after surgery to anything.
  4. After mammoplasty is not recommended to sunbathe with naked Breasts. Better to do it in a bra made of dense natural fabrics.
  5. If the operation was performed with access through the halo and planned tanning Topless, it is better to use special stickers for the nipples. So the scar will be as secure as possible.
  6. If you plan to tan in the open sun, then it should be done in the morning (before 11.00) or afternoon (16.00), when the sun is not so active.
  7. Doctors do not recommend in the first year after mammoplasty to go on holiday in a hot country, dramatically changing climatic conditions. To relax and beautiful sun in this period is better to choose a country with a mild climate.

Useful tips

If a woman after the surgery finally decided on the Solarium, experts give some tips on how to minimize possible complications:

  1. Choose short sessions cosmetic tan to the implant did not have time to become very hot.
  2. Cover the chest with a thick towel, folded in several rows.
  3. To use ointments, contributing to the early formation of scars. They can help reduce recovery time after surgery and to prevent darkening of scars with early tan.

Of course, to minimize the possibility of a negative impact on the after breast mammoplasty can only be completely abandoning any kind of tan on set watching doctor term.