The Solarium in breast breastfeeding

Top of the most popular horror stories

  • Radiation tanning radioactive.

Not at all. Ultraviolet rays is also evil, for nothing in the Earth’s atmosphere is the ozone layer, which holds the malicious rays. But unlike radiation UV light does not affect the composition of breast milk and cannot when feeding can harm the baby.

After fluorography, or performing radiographic examinations, the milk you need to pump and discard, since x-rays are more tightly in comparison with ultraviolet and cause changes in the structure of biological molecules.

But even x-rays can’t cause significant harm to a nursing mom or her baby.

  • The milk from the Solarium deteriorate and become unpalatable.

In order for the milk in mother’s breast «got corrupted», it should include any substances harmful for the baby or changing the taste characteristics of milk. For example, such substances can become the components of the instant tan, which are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and come in milk, medicinal preparations and biologically active food additives, preservatives, dyes and fragrances that laced the majority of the food.

Also milk can get products of metabolism which are formed in the mother’s body during intense physical workouts. For example, for a long time it was believed that in the milk gets the lactic acid that is produced in excess in women athletes.

But recent studies have shown that the concentration of lactic acid even under the most intensive training regime in the milk is negligible, does not affect the taste of milk and can not hurt the baby.

Why are we so in detail tell all this, you will ask. And the fact that while sunbathing and sessions in the Solarium in a woman’s body does not produce any substances, except for melanin in the skin. Because nothing can ruin the composition of the milk or change the taste.

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  • «…better to regret his Lala» or «I would be in the Solarium never went».

All the arguments on the topic «I feel sorry for you, irresponsible» is just an attempt to manipulate another person. Every mother is aware of its responsibility for the lives and well-being of your baby. Because it can easily become a victim of such manipulation.

It is worth remembering that young moms have needs too. Including the need to care for themselves, to draw strength to endure all the hardships of the first year of the decree, especially if help with the baby and around the house there is nobody.

Therefore a reasonable approach to the procedures in the Solarium and following the rules of safe tanning bring unique benefits.

Video: the Harm and benefit of the Solarium

The real harm from Solarium during breast feeding

Breastfeeding has its own characteristics that must be considered during the exposure to the sun, and during a session in the Solarium. The fact is that after childbirth hormonal stabiliziruemost immediately. And during breast-feeding is also increased and content of growth hormone.

That is why breastfeeding is strongly recommended not to sunbathe to the point of «grilled chicken».

Excess ultraviolet light can give the impetus for the growth of tumors in the presence of the following risk factors:

  • the presence of a large number of moles on your body (more than 100);
  • diagnosis of cancer in someone of their biological relatives;
  • the presence of benign tumors in the body.

How to protect yourself from the adverse effects

To benefit, you must observe the following rules:

  • not worth it to spend a session lasting longer than 3-5 minutes;
  • the number of sessions is not more than 10 per month and not more than 50 per year.
  • you should not rely on stikine, better use of tight bra, as additional stimulation for the mammary glands in the form of ultraviolet radiation;
  • during a session of tanning, the skin loses moisture, because after the procedure you must drink plenty of water.
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Sunbathe on health.