The treatment of stretch marks — yogurt, old home, pregnancy

Striae are stretch marks on the skin. This problem is familiar to many women. In most cases the appearance of stretch marks is during pregnancy and the postpartum period. But pregnancy is not the only cause of this defect. Often, stretch marks appear when a sudden change in weight significant number of pounds. This means that these stretch marks affects not only women but also men.

Stretch marks are a serious problem of aesthetic plan. The greatest feelings about them experienced by young people. With similar scars on the body becomes difficult to the sun in summer and to wear revealing clothes.


The basic cause of stretch marks is getting low elasticity of the skin. The skin decreases the ability to restore. In human skin contains collagen fibers and elastin. With a significant stretching of the skin, these fibers bursting. In places tears formed connective tissue, which visually looks like a stripe of different color from the rest of the skin.

Reasons for the decline in the elasticity of the skin:

  • some disorders of the endocrine system of man, an example of such a disorder – Cushing’s syndrome;
  • long-term abuse of steroids;
  • hormonal disorders, most often occur during pregnancy and under age, when the body is still developing;
  • a significant change in body mass over a short period of time;
  • hereditary characteristics.

Of the doctors believes that the reason for the appearance of stretch marks can be identified according to their location:

Vertically striae arising from changes to the body mass.

Horizontal stretch marks are a signal of a hormonal problem.

Stretch marks are only an aesthetic problem and health is no threat. But if they occur in people without changes in weight and in women not bearing a child, it is a serious occasion to think about their health. The probability that the body develops some kind of disease of the endocrine system.

An appearance

On the appearance of stretch marks is influenced by such factors as hormones, skin elasticity and structure.

Stretch marks occur on:

  • the hips
  • buttocks,
  • my stomach
  • chest.

This defect may affect other parts of the body, but such cases occur much less frequently.

The most diverse characteristics of stretch marks is their color. The color can be affected by many factors. The main factor affecting the color of stretch marks is that they zastarelosti.

Stretch marks that have appeared recently painted in purple or red shades. Over time, they will be brighter.

Connective tissue of scarring produces little melanin. This is the reason that tanning on stretch marks almost never goes, like on dark spots. Therefore, for many people, the sunburn becomes a problem, because in the background the stretch marks become even more pronounced.

However, there are types of the skin, stretch marks tan which goes well. It can create the effect that the ultraviolet radiation cures the scars, but in fact it only masks them.

Striae vary in number and size. They may be multiple, and can and single. The less elastic the skin is, the more there is of stretch marks.

Sizes can also vary. In length they can reach from 1 to 10 inches, and in width from 1 millimeter to almost 1 centimeter.

Relief stretch marks also varied. There is a tributary striae, and convex. In time this visual characteristic may vary.

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Cushing’s Syndrome

In endocrine disease, Cushing’s syndrome, stretch marks are expressed very clearly:

  • human skin becomes thinner;
  • to the naked eye through the skin visible network of blood vessels;
  • on the skin there are a variety of rashes;
  • there are pockets of peeling;
  • stretch marks almost always are located on the shoulders, chest and abdomen.

Cushing’s syndrome is expressed not only visually stretch marks:

  • the skin appears strong pigmentation;
  • a person gains weight;
  • subcutaneous fat is disproportionate.

In most cases, patients with Cushing’s syndrome to discover visual problems with the skin, start to treat it the skin. But until the treatment of the syndrome in the endocrine system, from stretch marks be impossible to get rid of.


Diagnosis is very simple. This requires examination conducted by the beautician or a dermatologist.

After this examination, the patient is unable to offer a diagnosis of the endocrinologist to identify and address the root cause of stretch marks, if they did not arise after pregnancy or weight changes.

The dermatologist during the inspection determine the age of the stretch marks. For this, he looks for the presence of advanced fibrosis capillaries and tissues. On young stretch marks is a lot of blood vessels in the aging process, their number is declining, and the number of scarred skin becomes more.

Methods of treatment of stretch marks

It is important to understand that stretch marks are not a danger to life and health. The people that stretch marks do not bring emotional stress related to their aesthetic ugliness, does not make sense to do a long procedure. People who are ashamed of their body because of stretch marks and in this regard do not live a full life, treatment is necessary.

Old stretch marks can be treated much worse than fresh scars.

For example, the scars of age for more than a year, virtually incurable. It is connected with serious changes of the tissues. But current therapies are not standing still and even old scars are corrected to such an extent that they become invisible.

Stretch marks is not quick. One patient for best results you may need several types of treatment.

In clinics and salons


Mesotherapy is a treatment by subcutaneous injections of drugs, which help the skin to recover and to get rid of stretch marks. These injections give the skin the vitamins and nutrients which it lacks.


  • improves metabolism in the skin,
  • stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which leads to restoration of normal skin in healed sites.

Over time the stretch marks become narrower and shorter.

To completely get rid of the defect is necessary to complete a full course of mesotherapy.

One session of injections carried out about every 10 days, and the course includes 7 to 15 such sessions.

The course duration affects the amount of scarring, and on what parts of the body they are located. In addition to the passed course are advised to do preventive injections approximately every two months.

The method resorted to in the case of more simple ways (wraps, creams, etc.) do not help. This procedure is recommended not only in the presence of scars, but the sagging belly and sagging skin, for example after childbirth.

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The procedure is performed by professional cosmetologists in specialized centers. You need to contact a reliable companies, you should not chase the cheapness. It can be not only useless, but also dangerous for your health.


The treatment of stretch marks with laser is the most effective type of therapy. The essence of this method is that the laser beam burns the affected skin. Remote rumen begins to saulytis with a high level of collagen, which leads to healthier skin.

Plus laser in that it is aimed solely at the scars without affecting healthy skin.

Lasers come in several types, so before you go for the procedure, you need to ask the expert all the features of this type of laser. For example, treatment of stretch marks in the chest area, maybe not every laser and also there are contraindications to the use of this procedure in the breast area.

The procedure of laser peel:

  • Lasts about an hour.
  • The patient local anesthesia.
  • After the procedure the skin will be a few days to recover.
  • Initially, the skin will swell and redden.
  • By the second day on the skin surface forms a dry crust, which are eliminated on their own.
  • A week later the skin will recover and will be noticeable that it is different for the better compared to the scars that were there before.
  • If the scars are old, you may need multiple sessions.

After laser removal of stretch marks within three weeks are not allowed to be in the sun and tanning in tanning salons.

In the case where there is no opportunity to avoid contact with sunlight, you should treat recovering skin sunscreen.

You can not expect that after recovering once laser stretch marks will not return. An important aspect of prevention is a healthy lifestyle and care for your skin.


The most frequent plastic surgery related to removal of stretch marks is a tummy tuck. The primary purpose of this procedure is the removal of the sagging skin on my stomach. But stretch marks as a result of this surgical intervention successfully disappear.

Abdominoplasty the most common operation in this area, but there are other types of plastic surgery to combat stretch marks. For example, surgeons successfully remove stretch marks from Breasts.

This type of treatment of stretch marks the most radical. The operation is always accompanied by certain risks to the health of the patient. Therefore, treatment of stretch marks plastic surgery happens not so often.

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Masks are effective in the early stages of the emergence of stretch marks, but applying them to old scars leads to a positive effect on the skin.


You need to:

  1. To rastomat a few bars of chocolate.
  2. In the cooled substance to add 100 grams of olive or another unrefined oil and sprinkle a few drops of essential oil.
  3. The mixed mass is applied on the thighs and buttocks, after 30 minutes wash off with warm water.

Coffee with honey

  • melt the dark chocolate,
  • the cooled mass, add 100 grams of coffee grounds, a tablespoon of sea salt, half a Cup of honey,
  • in blender, mix until smooth,
  • apply to problem areas, after 30 minutes rinse.

The treatment of stretch marks at home


  • 150 grams of the yogurt mixed with the zest of one lemon and a tablespoon of almond oil.
  • This weight should be applied to stretch marks, after 20 minutes, treated areas need a little massage and rinse everything in warm water.
  • This procedure is carried out twice a week.
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You need to understand that the treatment yogurt old stretch marks will be practically ineffective, like other home methods. They are suitable only for newly formed stretch marks.

Cream with mumie

Tablespoon baby oil mixed with a teaspoon of water and one gram of Shilajit. The cream is used twice a day

Olive oil with aloe

  • Half a Cup of olive oil added to half a Cup of aloe juice.
  • This liquid is added a vitamin A – 5 drops vitamin E 10 drops.
  • The resulting liquid is stored in the refrigerator (not frozen), before applying warmed up.
  • Apply once a day, rubbing in until absorbed.

Massage oil

  • Mix almond oil, jojoba and wheat germ 20 ounces.
  • To the mixture was added 3-4 drops of neroli essential oil.
  • In the affected areas with this oil is rubbed on during the massage.

Peeling with palm oil

200 milliliters of red palm oil to add a glass of salt and sugar. The resulting tool is applied every day. When applying do massage.

To what doctor to address

Finding on your body stretch marks, first you need to consult a dermatologist.

After examination, the dermatologist can refer you to a beautician or endocrinologist, if the reason is not related with pregnancy and weight change.


To avoid the occurrence of stretch marks, experts recommend a few rules:

  • drink at least two liters of water per day (tea, coffee, juices, etc. not considered);
  • take a contrast shower, after the shower, treat your skin with a moisturizing creams;
  • increase in your diet the amount of foods containing vitamins A and E;
  • take vitamins and fish oil;
  • sometimes do vacuum massage and wrap.

The following rules will help you avoid such a defect, as stretch marks. But if you are already there, then immediately go to specialists. In striae is not anything deadly, just the sooner you consult a dermatologist, the easier it will be to deal with stretch marks. But if you wait too long, you do not need to be frightened. The current level of medicine will make it unnoticeable almost any scars.

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