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Smooth, elastic skin without wrinkles is every woman’s dream, following which women are constantly in search of his «perfect» face cream. So what should be, this cream is number one and how to choose: consider in more detail.

Why need to choose, given the age

Anti-wrinkle cream (especially drugstore options) contain in its composition of different active substances and additives that can affect skin in different age of a person.

For this reason, when choosing a wrinkle cream is very important to be guided by such provisions:

  1. If your age up to twenty years — about creams with the effect of «anti-wrinkle» yet do not worry, as the skin is more elastic and does not require such a heavy cosmetics. In this case, the ideal is to use of moisturizing masks and light nourishing lotions.
  2. Age from twenty-five to thirty years is the period when skin begins to accumulate fatigue due to improper lifestyle and stress. It is in this age a man begins to appear the first wrinkles on the forehead, eyes and cheeks, so you should pick the cream with the stigma of 25 + for the skin of the eyelids and forehead.
  3. In the period from 30 to forty years in humans, formation of deep wrinkles, and therefore the cream should be dense in texture, with a strong impact on the epidermis. The basis of these creams have to be elastin or collagen (better if they both will be contained in cosmetics).

These additives will nourish the withered skin to return its lost moisture and elasticity.

  1. At the age of forty-five years, the skin more fade. In addition to the wrinkles it may also develop age spots. In this case, it is recommended to choose a cream based on a lifting-effect. They will stimulate the production of collagen and restore the skin.

It should say on the application of the intensive anti-aging creams at a young age. Of course, I want to stop the appearance of wrinkles, but should not do it, otherwise young skin «get used» to such potent creams and violated its own processes updates so that your usual moisturizer is simply not will perceive.

For this reason, the cream should always be chosen taking into account their age.

Causes of wrinkles

Age wrinkles the skin, or wrinkles can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Age-related changes of the skin. Starting from a Mature age (from twenty-five years), the skin gradually loses its elastin fibers and collagen. This leads to a reduction of its elasticity and SAG.
  2. The direct sunlight striking the already thin and sensitive skin, draining it. The reason is that ultraviolet rays destroy the collagen structure, not giving him updated. This provokes the premature aging of the skin.
  3. Frequent use of alcohol and Smoking affects the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn is displayed on the skin (smokers in addition to wrinkles also a noticeable grayish hue of the face).
  4. Excessive facial expressions muscles of face can lead to premature formation of wrinkles. Moreover, it was found that sanguine is more susceptible to wrinkles, as they are prone to frequent laughter, wide smiles and facial expressions that contributes to the formation of wrinkles.
  5. Insufficient care for the skin leads to the fact that the epidermis does not receive adequate hydration and vitamin, and it contributes to skin dryness and the formation of folds on it. Moreover, deficiency of nutrients, the skin loses its natural healthy color, becomes prone to formation of acne and flaking.
  6. Avoiding the use of glasses with poor eyesight leads a person constantly to squint, giving impetus to the formation of wrinkles in the eye area.
  7. The impact of various adverse factors to the skin (wind, rain, cold, computer radiation).
  8. Acute shortage of fresh air.
  9. Some diseases of the digestive tract (especially the liver) affect the condition of the skin, making it dehydrated, sallow and prone to wrinkles.
  10. Chronic lack of sleep, stress and an unstable emotional state.
  11. Improper diet and lack of vitamin in the diet.
  12. The excessive use of makeup that clogs pores and dry the skin. The most «dangerous» cosmetics in this direction are «heavy» powders, creams and all sorts of scissors.
  13. The use of poor-quality cosmetics, which not only affects skin but also can cause an allergic reaction.
  14. Oddly enough, but the language of communication also contributes to wrinkles. Moreover, it was found that reading aloud and talking in English are more likely to form wrinkles, so as to pronounce words, you will need to use more facial expressions than for the Russian language.
  15. Bad habit to sleep on a high pillow causes not only wrinkles, but also often becomes a problem to the appearance of double chin.
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The basic rules for choosing

When choosing the right face cream is important to use such rules:

  1. Anti-aging cream should contain sun protection factor (in the range from 20 to 30). It is also desirable that such means had protection from computer radiation.
  2. If the skin is already quite Mature and has wrinkles, one cream will be enough. In this case, it is recommended pre-moistened with special fluids. They also have the form of a cream, however, aimed at restoring the deepest layers of the skin.
  3. When choosing a cream should always take into account your own skin type. It can be dry, oily and combination. Accordingly, one should choose a moisturizing cleanser or cream combined.
  4. Cream for use at night must be «thick» and fat. Their action should be directed to deep nourishment.

Day cream for the most part are required to protect skin and retain moisture in it. With all this, it is desirable that their texture was light and invisible under makeup.

  1. It is important to buy cosmetics in specialized stores or pharmacies, which can give a guarantee on the quality of their products. It should be wary of counterfeits of famous brands, because often, these cosmetics contain dangerous additives that negatively affect the skin condition.
  2. Before purchasing the next anti-aging cream is to read carefully the composition of the product. If you see questionable ingredients, it is better not to buy such a cream. In General, the real part, the better, although usually these creams are quite costly.
  3. You should check the expiration date of creams and do not apply expired product, even if it is very expensive (spoiled cream will provide more harm than good).
  4. For the face and eyelids should choose a different cream.
  5. Before purchasing a product, it is desirable to test multiple samples to assess the effect and reaction of the skin.
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A rating of the best creams from wrinkles

According to the results of multiple polls and research has compiled the following ranking of the best anti-aging creams of wrinkles:

  1. Intensive Moisturizer from Prescriptives is a unique cream that was developed by the famous American dermatologist Karyn Grossman. This remedy penetrates deep into the skin and slows down aging. It was recommended the most popular American talk show «Oprah» that made him even more famous.
  2. Future Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Cream SPF 15 from Estee Lauder was recognized as the best in the English magazine «Eve».
  3. Cream Regenerist Olay is considered the most effective in Russia.
  4. Resolution D-Contraxol by Lancome fell in love with a celebrity, thanks to a truly anti-aging effect of the cream.

Review of popular tools

Today, the most popular anti-aging creams are considered to be the following products:

  • L’oreal;
  • Olga;
  • Vichy;
  • Diademed;
  • Liqiuskin;
  • Shiseido.

Consider these brands of creams in more detail.


L’oreal is a quality French cosmetics, which is affordable and has a good effect. It is recommended for use only from age 25 +. L’oreal is a leader in sales of anti-aging creams women, but such funds may not be suitable for all skin types.


Olga is a cream of new generation, which contain specific amino acids. Moreover, these products are enriched with vitamins E and b group, which amino acids are absorbed even better. The cost of cosmetics … a bit above average.


Cream from Vichy is allowed to use it after twenty years.

They are perfectly moisturize the skin, but can cause its addictive.

Thanks to Vichy to eliminate wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and to remove the General fatigue from the skin.


Cream Diademine is designed for any skin type. It removes dryness and nourishes the skin with vitamins, gives it a healthy glow.

With prolonged use Diademine has a regenerative effect and slows down the process of wrinkles.


Cream Liyaskin contains Centella extract, allowing its use in humans, stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

Moreover, this tool helps to enrich the skin with vitamins, to normalize the color and fat metabolism.


Shiseido is a luxury Japanese wrinkle cream under the eyes. It is quite expensive, and may not be suitable for all skin types.

Apply Shiseido from forty years.

What can you use for men

For men today a much smaller selection of anti-aging creams for the face and body, and often they are very costly.

For this reason, men who watch their appearance, cosmetologists are advised to use homemade cream or brand of anti-aging products for women.

They do not differ and could normally be applied on the male skin.

Homemade recipes

Cream from wrinkles in house conditions – it’s fast, simple and effectively.

Best recipes of these creams are:

  1. Cream «Cleopatra»:
  • mix 3 tbsp. of honey and as much milk;
  • the mixture apply on face and leave on for twenty minutes until it dries;
  • rinse with warm water.
  1. Cream «Vitamin»:
  • mix 5 drops of vitamin A and the same number of drops of vitamin E;
  • add 2 drops of jojoba oil and how much coconut oil;
  • apply on face and leave for fifteen minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat the procedure three times a week the treatment is 1 month.
  1. Cream with avocado:
  • mix avocado, 1 cucumber and 2 tablespoons of almond oil;
  • apply to the face in two layers;
  • half an hour later rinse with water.
  1. Cream wax:
  • take a small piece of wax and mix it with two egg yolks;
  • add two tbsp of olive oil;
  • mix everything and apply on face, leave for twenty minutes, then rinse.
  1. Cream «gelatin»:
  • mix 1 teaspoon gelatin and 2 tablespoons of honey;
  • add 100 ml of glycerin and the same amount of purified water;
  • bring mixture to a uniform consistency and apply on face;
  • rinse carefully with warm water.
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The prevention of

Unfortunately, wrinkles can not be saved, however, can significantly slow their appearance.

You only need to adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Stop Smoking and drinking alcohol even in small quantities.
  2. Do not expose your skin to direct sunlight. It is desirable to use sunscreen, wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses.
  3. Do not use cosmetics dubious manufacturers. Do not be too often to put Foundation and powder on the face. In General, beauticians do not recommend the use of cosmetics every day, preferring the more natural colors of the face with a natural glow.
  4. Since the age of twenty must practice the application of moisturizing and nourishing masks. They can be made at home. The best ingredients for such cosmetic procedures will become raw egg whites and yolks, sour cream, yogurt, mix of fresh cucumber and honey.

In addition, the person for additional power should be applied to the essential oil of peach, almond and orange.

  1. It is important to eat right. The diet should be rich in vitamins, proteins and other useful substances.
  2. To prevent wrinkles you can perform special exercises for the face.
  3. To diagnose and treat any diseases of the digestive tract.
  4. It is advisable to sleep on an elastic anatomical (preferably also orthopedic) pillows, which will support not only the head but also the neck.
  5. When wind or cold weather it is important to put on the face, hands and neck a protective cream. Also not be amiss to moisturize the lips.
  6. More walk in the fresh air and exercise.
  7. With poor eyesight to wear glasses.
  8. Not to have a habit to frown and bring eyebrows.
  9. Have good sleep and rest. It is also important to avoid overwork and nervous strain.

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