Thermage (Thermage) — what is it, reviews, prices, how long does the effect photos before and after, contraindications

This patented technology involving the use of specific hardware and special training of professionals who have the equipment can work.

This is a wide field for fraud from the beauty salons that often for the procedure give procedure Thermage radiofrequency facelift, which differs according to the method of treatment of tissue, and for the price, and the number of procedures per course.


First tested and approved the procedure in 2002, the American Medical Institute.

Currently there is a company Thermage, which is engaged in production of devices for carrying out procedures of the same name ThermaCool NXT. In addition to production equipment the company is also engaged in the development and introduction of technological innovations that make the Thermage procedure more effective and safe. One of the latest developments is a patented technology CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology).

The meaning of innovation is to improve the comfort and safety of the procedure. This is achieved by vibration of the tip and special, more advanced cooling fabrics. Because a machine called the ThermaCool NXT, and used the technology implemented for this device ThermaCool CPT.

Exclusive distributor in Moscow is the company «Valex M». Representative in Saratov is «Exclusive».

Training of specialists is conducted in California, USA or in Moscow. The company has its Thermage, the holding company Solta Medical Inc, which owns the patents and manufactures equipment for a series of other high-tech treatments such as Fraxel, Isolaz, CLARO.

The word Termage is currently being used in the names of a number of devices for the procedures of radiowave therapy. But do not confuse patented procedure name, and marketing courses, which aim to increase the sale of vehicles of its own production.

So, what can be useful information about patents and manufacturers, if you decided to do this procedure.


In the salon where you are going to the procedure should be exactly the device Thermacool EN X Ti. Do not hesitate before giving money to the cashier to go to the office and look at the unit itself and its name, which should be on its case. If it’s not Thermacol EN X Ti, you will not do Thermage.

Technology and acronyms

Al X Ti is the camera. Si PI Ti – technology in the working nozzle of the apparatus (vibration + cooling). It may be difficult to remember all of this. But if haberetur and their meanings confused specialist which offers you the procedure, the expert at least not serious and he does not worth trust.

Data validation

In online mode at this link, you can always check if the salon equipment for its implementation, and whether in the salon professionals who have received the required training. No special courses to work in the impossible! If the salon offers Thermage, and the list at the link above it is not, then at best you will make radio frequency lifting, which is much cheaper and is designed to solve a completely different task than Thermage.

How the device works

The basis is a warming and stimulating effect of the radio waves. To eliminate the discomfort of exposure and the risk of burns, the intensive cooling of the place of impact.

The working tip of the nozzle (probe) is designed to focus radio waves at a certain depth in the tissue. Depth can be regulated by the physician performing the procedure, and depends on the area of impact.

The minimum depth of penetration of the waves is 0.5 mm, the maximum is 4.3 mm. In tissues, the energy of the radio waves is converted into heat. Reverse gradient of tissue deep in the warm up, but can’t give heat to the surface thanks to the intensive cooling.

The heating causes the old collagen in the tissues, which may not provide the necessary level of elasticity of the skin, is damaged. This leads to an intense synthesis of new collagen molecules is destroyed.

He is the monopolar technique. Working electrode in the apparatus for carrying out Thermage only one. The second electrode is inactive and is located on the area of skin not exposed to. Electric current passes from the active to the passive electrode through the body. There is a large power of 250-300 watts and a frequency of 6 MHz.

How is the procedure

Each patient choose their own attachment to the apparatus, on the basis of the skin condition and expected results.

Full cycle of acupressure nozzle apparatus ThermaCool NXT consists of four consecutive steps:

  1. Cooling of the skin to prepare the tissue to the action of microwaves. Simultaneously with the cooling of the tissue begins to operate vibration head attachments.
  2. Special tip comes in contact with skin. Impact of radio waves on tissues. The vibration continues.
  3. Radio waves penetrate to the estimated depth of the tissues and heat them. Starts remodeling (restructuring) of collagen. The vibration continues. Gradually begins to be cooled.
  4. The final cooling of the skin area exposed to radio waves.

No special preparation for the procedure is not required. The procedure is not normalized, as the duration of treatment of the claimed zone will depend on the patient’s sensations. Subjective feelings, just as skin, are criteria for award of the settings of the machine. Because you can only talk about the minimum treatment time. For the face is from 45 minutes to an hour and a half for the body two to three hours in the selected area.

If the procedure is performed on the correct machine performs its trained personnel, and all options are set correctly, then during the procedure, pain should not be. The patient should feel alternating cooling and heating. Sensations of heat can be very intense, but not enough to carry them with difficulty.

The procedure does not use anesthesia. On the sites of some of the salons local anesthesia, which lasts about 2 hours, listed as one of the bonuses customers, who decided on the procedure Thermage.

But it must be understood that with the proper procedure, anesthesia is not necessary, but on the contrary may cause burns.

After completion, the client needs some time to be under the supervision of a specialist salon.

Differences from RF Thermage lift

Reasons why these two procedures are often confused, several.

  • Customers of the salons.

It’s clear that it’s very very nice to get a procedure that costs from 140 to 300 thousand Russian rubles for 2500-3000. That is ten times cheaper procedure is «just some» RF-lifting, think it is not so nice. Meanwhile, RF-lifting also has a beneficial effect on the skin and worth procedure money.

  • Professionals salons.

There main reasons can be two: competition and the personal interest of the employees of the salon. Competition is forcing salons to give to their websites information that they have a real Thermage for 2000 rubles for the area. But if you read carefully, it turns out that we are talking about the RF-lifting. But if you read carefully and know what aspects to pay attention (more on that below too, will be discussed)…. Personal interest of workers that, as a rule, the employee receives a percentage of sales and perform the procedures.

Because quite naturally, to sell it for 300 thousand is much cheaper than RF-lifting for 3 thousand. Into the hands of the interior in this case and the fact that few of the patients asks questions about the hardware and training specialist.

Thermage RF-lifting
is executed only once the number of procedures per course of 6 to 10, it is possible to repeat courses or supporting procedures
the temperature attained in the tissues, 60oC the temperature does not rise above 39-47оС
there can be unpleasant sensations of intense heat on the skin in the affected area the procedure is virtually feelings
must be refrigerated in most modern devices the temperature does not rise above 45 ° C, because cooling is not required
the procedure is lengthy: a minimum of 45 minutes the duration of the procedure is small and usually ranges from 20 to 35 minutes
the procedure is very expensive, its cost is comparable to the cost of plastic surgery procedure cost can afford almost every woman

Legends and myths

  • The more intense the pressure, the should be harder.

Usually this is seen in the negative reviews. Client salons indicate that during the procedure it was very painful and uncomfortable. Rarely someone shows you in which interior has conducted the procedure is what doctors did it, what machine. One of the survivors of traumatic procedure did not indicate that the specialist who conducted the procedure, asked them about feelings. Most often it ended with burns. The fact is that he cannot be completely comfortable and relaxing impact. But intense pain during the procedure should not be.

  • Thermage without burns – money.

The developers of this technology, it needs to be a better plastic surgery not only because there is no need to cut and worry about scars, but also because after the procedure the patient can immediately return to their daily lives.

Because after the procedure, burns should not be. If burns has appeared, then you can demand a refund based on the fact that you performed the procedure ignorant specialist, who can not work with the device.

So, what can be useful to you information about the features of the Thermage and its differences from the radio wave facelift:

  • The number of procedures. If the number of procedures in a course more than one, it is not Thermage.
  • The duration of the procedure. If the duration is small (about 20-30 minutes), then it or not Thermage, or is the stated procedure is in violation of the technology.
  • Painless. Or you will be offered pain relief drugs, which in itself is not very good and is fraught with burns, or it is not Thermage. If a girlfriend says that came to Thermage, fully relax and have fun, then this is not the Thermage.
  • The effective temperature. Currently, the number of sites of the salons there were assurances that the cabin bought the newest equipment for Thermage, which heats tissue to 42-45 all-47оС.

Once you know that apparatus that appears in the description, is designed to conduct radio wave facelift, Thermage but it is not suitable. This means. what to spend on this unit a complete treatment Thermage impossible.

What areas of the body it is designed

The eyelids and area around the eyes

The skin in the eye area is the most vulnerable for three reasons:

  • it is thinner and has virtually no subcutaneous fat;
  • a large number of vessels, and the frequent stagnation of blood in the eyelids provokes the edema, which will eventually become permanent;
  • skin of the eyelids is constantly in motion.

Hence more gentle care for the eye area, and the lighter texture creams, and special invasive procedures that apply carefully and do not cause edema.

Thermage for moving the eyelids and the eye area allow to solve following problems:

  • reducing the overhang of the upper eyelid;
  • smoothing region «crow’s feet»;
  • reducing swelling of the skin and bags under the eyes.


In addition to the eyelid area on the face there is another area that requires attention. This is an area of Osogovo. And if young women did not pay close attention to the clear appearance of nasolabial folds, it is now taken to not only eliminate, but also prevent the first signs of sagging skin of the face.

In addition, Thermage allows you to:

  • to get a clearer contour of the chin;
  • to eliminate the second chin;
  • to tighten the cheeks;
  • to smooth first wrinkles and improve skin elasticity around the mouth, forehead and around the eyes;
  • to freshen up the face and improve its color.


Most often it is the hands, where the skin thins and loses subcutaneous fat layer. In the end the lost elasticity of the skin going small folds in the joints, it begins to Shine through the blood vessels.

The Thermage procedure helps to make the skin of the hands is more dense and elastic that visually make hands more youthful. Sagging skin and cellulite. Thermage will not help cellulite if it is pronounced. The depth of influence of radio waves only 4.3 mm. This is too little to affected adipose tissue. But It is perfectly tightens the skin and eliminates stretch marks through stimulation of new collagen growths.

Video: Rejuvenation of face and body

The optimal age for performing

Usually don’t do clients under 35 years old. In order to assign treatment to patients of younger age, a cosmetologist must have a sufficiently serious reason. But jade in this case, the procedure is not granted to persons under the age of 30.

It should be understood that Thermage can be done in 20. But in this case, do not worry, if the effect will be. The point of application of the Thermage procedure is the collagen fibers that have lost their original structure. In 20 years, Thermage will start the process of replacement of damaged fibers by a new one. But the visible effect it may not be.

The duration of the effect

The effect of the procedure increases gradually. Most customers have an initial improvement in appearance can be observed in the first days after the procedure. But the maximum effect is seen after 4-6 months. Storing the result of the procedure for 5-7 years.

Video: Lifting on the buttocks and thighs


Like any other intense, Thermage has its contraindications. To the nor m are:

  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of a pacemaker or any other implanted electrical device;
  • the presence of metal objects in the area of exposure (for example, intrauterine device in the event of Thermage abdomen or buttocks or dental pins or gold threads when performing Thermage face and neck);
  • bright fresh tan;
  • violation of blood coagulation;
  • taking anticoagulants or immunosuppressants;
  • the sharp weakening of the immune system;
  • skin cancer history, the rebirth of the mole;
  • psoriasis, eczema in the affected area;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory system and internal organs in cases when they develop failure of any organs;
  • infectious diseases, especially such as exacerbation of herpes;
  • systemic diseases connective tissue (systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma);
  • the tendency to keloids and hypertrophic scars.

The recovery period

The necessary restrictions for the first night after the procedure:

  • the rejection of heat treatments: sauna, taking a hot bath, Solarium, sun exposure;
  • should be limited to sports and physical activity.

Side effects

Currently, the official information about the side effects. A look at reviews on the Internet is difficult, because in most cases it is not possible to find out whether the side effects a result of the Thermage procedure or other procedure which was sold to the client as Thermage.

  • The lack of effect.

The procedure may not give the desired effect both the subjective and objective opinion. In the first case, the effect may increase gradually and not be as pronounced as expected. The second effect may not be actually including in the photo taken before and after the procedure.

  • Burns.

As a rule, are the result of violations of the rules of procedure.

  • Fibrosis.

The most serious of all side effects.

In response to the radio waves and intense local heating occurs, the reaction of fibroblasts, which are responsible for the recovery of the skin after any damaging effects. Excessively severe reaction leading to growth of connective tissue and rapid synthesis of collagen and elastin.

And instead of tightening and rejuvenating appear subcutaneous scarring, which are determined under the skin as numerous local seals.

The consequences

Basically, there are no serious consequences of the procedure should not wait, as in the long term, no serious problems related to the transferred procedures not described.

On a number of sources that Express an opinion which is not backed by scientific research, the harm of Thermage may appear that the client may be difficult with the plastic surgeries are in place for exposure to radio waves.

This may be due to excessive growth of connective tissue, which will change the normal elasticity of the skin. Because during the execution of plastic surgery, which would include giving the tissue a stretched condition, the surgeon may be difficult, and the result of the operation may be far from ideal.

Video: Rejuvenation of the body

Efficient Altera?

Currently, there are in addition, Thermage is another procedure that is advertised as high-tech and very effective. This is Altera, which is based on ultrasound impact on tissue. To argue that more efficient is not necessary, as this is a completely different effects on completely different structure.

Thermage acts on the skin to a depth of 4.3 mm. al the same effect of ultrasound on the deeper connective tissue structures, which are the muscular aponeurosis and fascia.

If we talk about the face, Thermage affects the outer layers of tissues and Altera tightens the deeper layers, namely the musculo-aponeurotic layer, which is located under the layer of the skin and subcutaneous fat. This layer along with the skin as we age loses its elasticity and can no longer support the facial tissues.

During the procedure, alter the ultrasound passes through the skin and fat layer, without exerting any effect, it reaches the level of fascia and aponeurosis, locally heats them and causes a local reduction. The effect of the treatment are visible immediately and grows for another 3-4 months.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that one and else are not mutually exclusive processes, and Vice versa, can greatly increase the effect of each other, as they provide the lifting effect at different levels.

Altera can be used in cases where Thermage is contraindicated (presence of a defibrillator or gold threads, for example).


Price in Moscow

Region The cost of the procedure in rubles
the forehead TS 100 60000
the forehead TS 200 90000
the forehead and the eyelids TS 200 90000
the forehead and the eyelids of the TC 300 110000
the forehead, the eyelids and the area of «crow’s feet» or TS ST 225 200 137000
the upper movable eyelids ST 225 62000
the upper and lower eyelids ST 450 105000
the middle and lower part of the face of the TC 300 160000
mid, lower face, jowls TS 400 124000
full face TS 400 124000
the whole face and chin area TS 600 183000
face, neck, neckline TS 900 204000

Thermage of face and eyelids, occurs most often, as it was face first attracts attention and requires care in the first place.

Also performed on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs. But the demand of these areas is small, therefore the prices will need to check with the salon where you are going to do it.

Currently, devices for holding not so much in Russia. It is hoped that gradually clinics and salons providing the service, Thermage will become more accordingly, prices will become more affordable.

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