Thermotherapy — what is it, reviews, prices

It is possible to carry procedures such as paraffin, ozokeritotherapy, warming up problem areas of the body with heating pads, steam bath, sauna and others.

At the present time, there is a procedure of thermotherapy in which heat is transferred to the body from the infrared emitters. The distinctive feature of these procedures from those listed above, is more deep heating of tissues.

Tissue temperature may rise to a depth of 4 cm. This means that during the procedure, changes occur not only on the skin surface and in the upper layer of the subcutaneous tissue. It is now possible to get to problem areas beneath the skin at a considerable depth, and how should they «work out».

The infrared look has become very popular in Europe, now he begins to appear in our showrooms.

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The mechanism of action of infrared radiation

The infrared rays during the procedure penetrate deeply into tissue and affect:

  • adipose tissue, activating blood flow and softening tight areas of cellulite;
  • muscle tissue, causing tension and muscle spasms, improving blood circulation in the muscles;
  • the lymphatic system, improving lymph drainage from the tissues and ridding the body of unwanted fluid;
  • the circulatory system, dilating blood vessels and facilitating blood flow through them.

The effect on the body is expressed as relaxation, reduction of heavy legs after a working day, reduction in body size after the first treatment.

In most cases it is conducted simultaneously with therapy, allowing you to more effectively rid the body of excess fluid, relieve swelling in the legs, feeling of lightness in the legs and the feeling of «flying gait».

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Used for:

  • reduce the volume of the body in the presence of excess weight and obesity;
  • the need to improve the condition of the skin, smooth out the area of cellulite;
  • softening of fat deposits in problem areas to enhance the effect of body wraps and massage;
  • restore the elasticity of the skin after radical weight loss, pregnancy;
  • reduce pain, resulting from muscle spasms;
  • quick recovery after repetitive strain injury, a different injury.

Athletes can use the therapy after a workout to improve the blood supply to the muscles, relieve muscle tension. Also good therapy, and as preparation for the training as well warmed up muscle and reduce the risk of injuries, increase the impact during exercise.


  • pregnancy;
  • benign or malignant neoplasms of any localization;
  • active forms of tuberculosis;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • dysfunction of internal organs as a result of acute or chronic disease (renal, hepatic, cardiac, respiratory insufficiency, etc.);
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • poor circulation in the vessels of the legs, which has led to the emergence of trophic disorders;
  • violation of the integrity of skin (ulcers, abrasions, cuts).

How is

By the time the procedure takes 45 minutes. This time includes preparation of client. Depending on the equipment used purely technical aspects of the session can vary.

  • Thermotherapy, which is popularly called «infrared pants».

This device can be used both in salon and at home for its holding. In addition to «pants» as possible to meet the «shorts infrared» and «infrared zone», intended for local heating of bodily tissues.

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  • Thermotherapy + pressotherapy.

The client puts on a special suit, which is embedded with infrared emitters. On top of the first put on the suit for pressure. Infrared emitters heat the body, and constantly changing in the direction from the feet to the torso pressure contributes to a better outflow of fluid from the lower extremities.

  • Thermotherapy + body wrap.

For this procedure use a special blanket or infrared heaters mounted above the massage table. Additional heating of tissues promotes deeper penetration of active substances into the skin, increases the efficiency of the subsequent massage.

  • Thermotherapy in Spa-capsule.

Can be used with other stimulation methods in any combination when performing Spa treatments.

Prices on the procedure of thermotherapy

The name of the procedure The cost
infrared thermotherapy from 1500 rubles per session