Through a friend (Liposonix) — what is it, reviews, contraindications, prices

Earlier in these and other cases, had to seek the services of plastic surgeons to do liposuction, which although is easy enough, after all, is plastic surgery that is performed under General anesthesia, can leave visible marks on the skin and has no contraindications and complications.

Thus, the preference in the plan of correction is given to non-surgical techniques to eliminate unwanted volume. Among them, the hardware method is called through a friend.

What is the technology

The basis of the exposure device is a high intensity focused ultrasonic energy (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU). For generating ultrasonic waves is used transducer.

The ultrasonic waves are focused at a certain depth and cause a local heating of tissues to 56оС. The impact is as the fat cells in the area of the impact pulse and on the skin.

The fat cells are damaged, gradually perish as is due to local heating, and by releasing a special cellular enzymes lipase, excreted.

The skin is not exposed to heat. The passage of ultrasonic waves causes the contraction of collagen fibers, which has a pronounced lifting effect. This is an excellent prevention of sagging skin after volume reduction.

The destruction and removal of damaged fat cells is carried out 12 weeks after the procedure, because the immediate result can be expected. After one procedure, the volume of the body reduced by 2.5-3 cm.

What areas of the body effective

Is the procedure on those body areas where the fat layer thickness reaches 2,5 cm:

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  • abdomen;
  • Boca;
  • the outer surface of the thighs;
  • the inner surface of the hands;
  • the area above the knees;
  • back region below the shoulder blades.


  • marked obesity in which hardware techniques useless;
  • pregnancy and GW;
  • scarring and large growths of connective tissue in place of the procedure;
  • hernias;
  • inflammatory diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the place of the procedure;
  • metal objects in the zone of influence of ultrasound (piercing pins etc.);
  • epilepsy or increased convulsive readiness;
  • the blood clotting disorder including as a result of anticoagulants.

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How is the procedure

Before the procedure the doctor examines the client and determines the area of the skin and subcutaneous fat, which will be subjected to focused ultrasound.

The entire area of the skin is divided into squares of 4,6×4,6 cm Contours of the squares are outlined with a marker and numbered. The skin applied to distilled water, which improves the fit of the headpiece of the device to the skin.

On each square you have three bursts with maximum energy level. The parameters of this outbreak of 50-60 kJ. If individual sensitivity of the client to the effects of ultrasound and causes the appearance of pain, the power of impact is reduced. Then on each square make 5 flashes of moderate intensity, with a capacity of 35-40 kJ.

Depending on the number of flashes by the time the procedure takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


No recovery period and no restrictions. Just as always, you can play sports, use your favorite cosmetics, steam bath and sauna, tanning. In some cases there may be minor pain at the site of the procedure and redness of the skin, but they are alone and without treatment.

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The price through a friend in Moscow

Service The price in Russian rubles
1 pulse from 1300 to 2800
1 zone (3 pulses) from 3400
1 zone (5 low-intensity pulses) from 4600
belly (27 pulses) from 33,000 to 75,000
Boca (30 pulses) from 36000 to 83000
the area breeches (30 pulses) from 36000 to 83000
knees (24 pulse) from 30000 to 66000
the abdomen and flanks (57 pulses) 70,000 to 155000
belly, flanks and the area breeches (87 impulses) from 105000 to 240000


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