To make a breast augmentation — where the responses of those who did


To be beautiful, to feel the admiring glances of men and women, to hear nice words about his appearance all the thoughts of any intelligent, beautiful and caring for a woman. But it is not always the desires and thoughts of women can be material.

Therefore, in the modern world was created the industry that help women to look after themselves and their appearance.

Not transparent in this matter and plastic surgery, which focuses its actions to help the fair sex to correct and even improve their shape and become more beautiful.

What it is

Mammoplasty – this branch of plastic surgery aimed at reduction, enlargement, and breast lift.

Breast correction is a surgery, which is performed on the breast, with which you can adjust the Breasts and improve the appearance.

There are several sections of the correction of the breast:

  • reduction – reducing the size of the breast;
  • mastopexy – breast lift;
  • augmentation – breast enlargement with implants;
  • correction of the areola – nipple reduction, which can be uneven and be positioned at different heights relative to each other.


Significant indications for surgery such as breast correction can be a number of testimonies:

  • restore breast shape after injury;
  • breast correction after breastfeeding;
  • the asymmetry between the left and right Breasts;
  • hypertrophy of the mammary glands;
  • loss of breast shape due to age-related changes;
  • too much of the areola around the nipples;
  • hypertrophic nipple;

The indication for breast surgery are also their own beliefs on women, that it is necessary to increase or decrease the breast, either to simulate its shape.


Along with readings, there is also a list of contraindications that absolutely can not let the conduct of operations, including plastic.

Such contraindications:

  1. diabetes mellitus;
  2. cancer;
  3. the presence of tumors in the mammary glands;
  4. poor blood clotting;
  5. breast-feeding;
  6. infectious diseases;
  7. diseases of the internal organs;
  8. age not less than 18 years of age;
  9. various diseases of the skin.

Before scheduling surgery, you should consult with a specialist, as it is possible to identify other contraindications for the correction of the breast.

Where it is possible to do breast surgery

Modern plastic surgery clinics in Russia tend to follow the latest trends in the industry, with application in the operations of their own fat without the use of artificial materials.

Be aware that the territory of Russia is very big and plastic surgery clinics in Russia, quite a lot, so first of all, you can pay attention to the clinics that are in more developed cities such as Moscow and St. Peterburg.

When choosing a clinic for plastic surgery feel free to ask questions.

There is a list of legal aspects to consider when choosing a clinic for future operations. These include:

  • the license for medical activity is a special permission issued by the Federal service on surveillance in healthcare and social development, which gives the right to engage in medical activities.

When choosing a medical center is Your right to see your medical license, the chosen swords, you can also verify medical license in the «Register of licences granted by the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health care».

Be sure to pay attention to the validity of such license.

  • the list of services. Choosing a medical clinic, pay attention to the range of services offered by the clinic. If the list selected is operation, give up Your chosen clinic. Do not trust the words that you forgot to include Your transaction in the list of services either it is an old list and the updated list of the plastic surgery already present. In serious medical institutions the list of services is checked and if necessary updated.
  • medical staff and medical education. Pay attention and ask to see copies of notarized diplomas of universities in the field of medicine.
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How to choose a clinic and doctor

The quality and results of plastic surgery are directly dependent on the plastic surgeon and the medical establishment which You choose.

Therefore, the choice of clinic and surgeon is very important in preparation for the planning of operations and the key to Your beautiful appearance.

When choosing a clinic you should focus your attention on the following indicators:

  • the benefits of the clinic;
  • advertising techniques;
  • the availability of permits and licenses;
  • diplomas;
  • surgical instrument;
  • the possibility of resuscitation;
  • team;
  • postoperative observation;
  • the location of the clinic;
  • service;
  • insurance;
  • agreement;
  • reviews.

Expensive interior design of houses, this is not the main advantages of the clinic, the clinic should be proud of our doctors, modern medical equipment and innovations in the field of plastic industry.

Do not pay attention to advertising posts as: «we Have the cheapest prices in town», «Promotions and discounts on plastic surgery holidays», or «Do the most beautiful Breasts». Trust the fact you ask the professionals to look at pictures of breast surgery before and after.

When choosing a medical institution to focus on the quality of medical equipment, where such equipment and check the quality certificates.

Operations are performed by a plastic surgeon and a team of anesthesiologist, nurses, and other staff. So often on the websites of medical clinics advertise not only a plastic surgeon but staff.

After surgery, as preoperative is a very important point, because post-operative care to reduce the risk of complications after mammoplasty. Therefore, it is important some time to stay in the hospital after surgery and to walk for all the advice leading You to a specialist.

Clinic of plastic surgery need not be physically located in the city centre.

But on the outskirts it is also not the best option. Therefore, it should be possible nearby clinic from where you live to, if necessary, can be quickly reached.

Choosing a clinic, do not hesitate to ask about the insurance. Although not the most pleasant thing in the discussion about plastic surgery, but always allow for the occurrence of the insured event with You and payment for an insured event occurring with You. This will help You, to some extent, cover the costs spent on plastic surgery.

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By signing the contract, examine carefully all the clauses of the contract, list of services, which is prescribed in the contract, their rights and obligations prescribed in the contract, the cost of plastic surgery.

Before signing the contract it is best to consult an experienced lawyer on all points of Your agreement.

Read reviews on the websites of clinics, if you do not trust reviews posted on the Internet, communicate with patients personally.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, pay attention to the following points:

  • education;
  • specialization;
  • qualification;
  • experience;
  • the cost of the services;
  • portfolio;
  • the cost of the services;
  • reviews of patients.

The surgeon must have a diploma of completion of medical school and certificate of qualification as a plastic surgeon.

the Internet, communicate with patients personally.

The skill and professionalism of the plastic surgeon, like any other specialist comes with experience, but not to cost to forget that a lot of performed surgery may not guarantee the next operation successful.

Sometimes young professionals are more experienced from long working professionals as I treat their work responsibly.

Video: Craftsmanship and professionalism

The average cost of the operation

Describing the cost of the operation for the correction of Breasts you need to start from clinics in large cities of Russia such as Moscow and St. Peterburg. Approximately a list of clinics and the cost of operations in Moscow is:

Center breast augmentation «Bustline»


  1. breast augmentation from 70,000 p. – up to 178, 000 p;
  2. breast lift with increasing R. from 115,000 – to 245,000 p.;
  3. breast lift – from 45,000 p. – up to 140,000 p.;
  4. the decrease in breast – 90,000 p. – up to 170,000 p.;
  5. endoprotezirovanie – R. from 115,000 – to 245,000 p.;
  6. removal of implants from the 30,000 – to 50,000 p.;

The hospital


  1. breast enlargement without cost of implants – 120,000 R.;
  2. the endoprosthesis of mammary glands replacement with mastopexy – 240,000 p.;
  3. removal of implants – 140,000 p.;
  4. reduction with mastopexy – 120,000 R.;
  5. plastic areola – 60,000 p.;
  6. plastic nipple unilateral — 60,000 p.;

«Frau Klinik» clinic of Professor Blokhin and Dr. Wolfe

The operation included:

  1. preoperative examination – 7,000 p.;
  2. compression underwear – 10,000 p.;
  3. compression stockings – 2,000 R.;

Prices of leading specialists of the clinic Blows G. I., Egorova M. V.:

  1. breast augmentation – from 240, 000 p. and implants;
  2. breast lift with the increase from 260,000 p. and implants;
  3. breast lift/ reduction from 340,000 R..

Prices of leading specialists of clinics of Koposov A. E., Semenova O. V.:

Breast augmentation — from 98,000 R. without the cost of implants.

Clinics Saint Petersburg

Clinic «Copper»Estetik:

  1. increases from to 135,648 88,218 R. R.;
  2. endoprotezirovanie and lift – 135,648 R.;
  3. correction of the shape of the nipple and the size of the areola – 50,832 R.;
  4. breast lift – from 64,422 to 118,791 R.;
  5. breast reduction (reduction) – 135,648 R..
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«Clinic doctor Gruzdeva» :

  1. breast augmentation – from 71,000 102,000 to R. R.;
  2. the reduction – from 92,000 to 160,000 p.;
  3. reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex – 55,500 R..

«Dr. Kuprin»:

  1. breast enlargement – from 110,000 to 300,000 R. R.;
  2. removal of implants – from 90,000 to 160,000 R. R.;
  3. breast lift – from 70,000 to 300,000.

How to prepare for surgery

In order for the result after surgery mammoplasty to prepare well and to listen and fulfil all recommendations of the doctor.

First of all you need to do the following:

  1. tests of blood and urine;
  2. give up bad habits;
  3. to do chest x-rays and an electrocardiogram;
  4. stop using drugs affecting blood clotting;
  5. stop taking hormonal drugs and contraceptives;
  6. to consult with doctors gynecologist and mammalogy;
  7. to inform You the leading specialist about possible allergic reactions to drugs;
  8. eat right ( not to lose weight and not recover);
  9. to limit physical activity.

What is the procedure

Known as eyelid plastic surgery is done under General anesthesia and may consist of several stages, depending on the type of surgery breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift or surgery in the complex.

This is the operation depending on the kind of from a half to three hours.

During the surgery, the doctor makes the appropriate cuts, if the increase of the breast forms a pocket for the implant of the future, conversely, if breast reduction removes fat tissue in the breast, and using sutures tightens my chest.

After carrying out the antiseptic dressing is applied if a compression garment.


Of course, after the operation mammoplasties there is a certain risk of complications sometimes not depending on bad surgery, but just from the susceptibility of each organism to surgical interventions.

To a number of complications include:

  • hematoma;
  • joints;
  • rupture of the implant;
  • Allergy to the implant;
  • hypertrophy and rubsi;
  • loss of sensation of the nipple;
  • infection.

Useful tips

  • do not hesitate to ask questions to experts;
  • contact the lawyers for the right of conclusion of the contract for plastic surgery;
  • visit several clinics at once, to select the best;
  • exact price for the operation;
  • read reviews patients;
  • evaluate the result of breast augmentation surgery after the rehabilitation period.