Toner for problem skin — for face

Today the shelves are pleasing to the plethora of different cosmetic products: a lot of jars and bottles of creams, foams, gels promise to solve literally any problem with the skin. Some of them already known and some yet to get the recognition it deserves.

Before we talk about tonic for oily skin, you need to start to decide what the skin can be considered problematic.

You have problem skin, if:

  • skin is oily all over the face or T – zone «forehead – nose – chin»;
  • the pores on the T – zone is extended;
  • continuously or periodically the problem of black spots;
  • continuously or intermittently formed acne (point inflammation of sebaceous glands);
  • on face dry scaly areas with a high fat content other.

To solve all these skin problems need a comprehensive approach. It is important to properly and balanced diet and to drink at least two liters of clean water a day in addition to tea, coffee, juices and other drinks.

There may be a lack or excess of any vitamins and minerals.

Red skin may indicate a malfunction of the digestive or endocrine system, so it is important to listen carefully to your body and health check.

However, with increased oiliness of the face, rashes and black spots you need to fight cosmetics. There are mandatory daily and weekly routines that will make any skin healthy, beautiful and radiant.

Weekly procedure:

  • cleansing scrub or peeling;
  • cleaning the pores on the T – zone special sticky strip;
  • mask for problematic skin.

Weekly procedures are performed both separately and in combination.

Daily treatments for problem skin include:

  • purification with use of special non-greasy gels, foams, mousses;
  • toning cleansing tonic for oily skin;
  • moisturizing light cream or cream – fluid.

Daily procedure, you must perform this procedure every morning and evening.

Often a tonic for problematic skin, like other tonics, are perceived and used as a standalone cleanser that is fundamentally not true. Gels, foams and mousses dissolve surface contamination, and only marginally clean the pores.

Tonic it purifies the pores of the face. In addition, it provides many other beneficial effects. Toning is a separate and mandatory component of proper skin care!

The harm and benefit

Tonic for oily skin solves, first, the tasks of the usual tonic:

  • dissolves impurities on the skin that are left after using the cleansing means;
  • dissolves impurities in the pores and brings them to the surface of the skin;
  • tightens enlarged pores;
  • moisturizes the surface of the skin;
  • enhances blood circulation which improve skin metabolism and as a result the complexion;
  • prepares the skin for application of cream helps cream better absorbed;
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Second, it solves the specific tasks inherent in the care for problem skin:

  • normalizes the sebaceous glands, than to reduce Shine;
  • reduces inflammation of existing acne;
  • stops the development of bacteria on the surface and in the pores of the skin than prevents the occurrence of new acne;
  • heals cracks in areas of flaking.

Tonic for oily skin can not only bring benefits but also harm. But often the damage is caused by the rather incorrect use of this tonic.

The reasons for the possible negative consequences of using the tonic for oily skin:

  1. Use a tonic for problem skin the skin of another type. This happens when inflammation occurs on dry and sensitive skin. The appearance of minor acne, perform improper treatment: instead of spot treatment effect on all over the face, making dry skin even drier and sensitive – even more sensitive.
  2. Use the tonic as the only cleanser. Cleansing gel for the face removes major contamination on the surface of the skin as well as soften pollution in the upper part of the pores. If not, then narrowed with toner pore clog dirt inside that, on the contrary, to provoke inflammation.
  3. The use of alcohol-containing tonic on the dry areas of the face. There are times when the skin is greasy, oily, but some areas are dry and flaky. The main reason is the lack of water in the body and on the skin surface. Area of peeling is very sensitive, it is unacceptable to use them tonics based on alcohol.

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How to choose

To choose the best toner for oily skin is simple.

You need to decide on several factors:

  • what exactly have the type of skin: dry, normal, oily with sensitive areas;
  • what are the problems you want to solve acne, blackheads, excessive oiliness;
  • what additional properties should possess tonic: intense hydration, anti-aging effect, anti-pigmentation.

On this basis, to determine the choice.

So, for example, if you have unwanted pigmentation on oily, prone to inflammation skin, you need to choose toner for skin with whitening effect. And in order to avoid dry irritated areas, do not use on sensitive skin problems alcohol drugs.

Application rules

For maximum effect from the use of the tonic, it must be used correctly.

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Sequence of actions:

  • moisten with toner cotton pad;
  • linear movements treat the forehead along the massage lines from the middle to the temples;
  • linear divergent movements apply the tonic on the Central area of the face from the nose to the periphery;
  • straight movements treat the nose from the tip to the nose and from the back of the nose to the cheeks;
  • treat the chin from the lip down;
  • upward movements from the bottom up apply toner on the neck and lower part of the chin.

Also can be further treated with light circular movements of the zone of accumulation of black points (nose, podborodok).

Review daily tonics for problematic skin

Consider some popular tonics for problematic skin.

  1. Garnier «Pure leather», tonic for oily and problematic skin. A volume of 200 ml. Tonic has a pleasant aroma, contains salicylic acid and zinc. Well removes fat, tightens pores. But, if you don’t use after reading the moisturizer, the feeling of tightness is secured.With great caution use this product on dry areas of the face, and it is better not to use it. Contrary to the promise of the manufacturer, with black points struggles not «excellent». To solve severe acne will not work.
  2. Clean & Clear lotion is for deep cleansing. A volume of 200 ml Specially developed for oily sensitive skin. Contains castor oil and peppermint oil. The first – well solves the problem of acne and the second tones and minimizes pores. Alcohol, therefore, scaly areas applied with caution, despite the softness of the funds.
  3. Plazan cleansing tonic for oily skin. A volume of 150 ml. is Effective in reducing inflammation, acne and black dots. Alcohol free – can be used even on very sensitive and flaky skin. Thanks to the mild formula can be used on the delicate skin of teenagers. Part of the hyaluronic acid helps to normalize the water – lipid balance of the skin. It has antioxidant additives.
  4. Green Mama, the skin of the face. A volume of 300 ml. Contains a large number of rare plant extracts, therefore, people with allergies need to refer to the tonic with caution. The problem fat and wide then well. Castor oil and a little tea tree help to get rid of acne. Does not contain alcohol. Includes D – panthenol, which helps to heal the micro-cracks on the scaly areas of the skin.
  5. MIRRA, sebum-regulating tonic. 100 ml. alcohol-free toner for problem skin of all types. Part of the zinc reduces the intensity of production sebaceous secretion and reduce oiliness, but can cause dryness of the skin. Tonic good fights inflammation and acne, but not pores.
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Is it possible to cook at home

If necessary, a toner for oily skin you can prepare at home. Many ingredients of cosmetics are in the home medicine Cabinet or the refrigerator.

For this you can use the following substances in various combinations:

  • black tea and green;
  • lemon juice;
  • grapefruit juice;
  • the aloe juice;
  • decoction of chamomile;
  • a decoction of mint;
  • a decoction of calendula;
  • a decoction of sage;
  • Apple 5% vinegar;
  • the cucumber juice;
  • vodka or alcohol.

You need to remember that the alcohol content of the tonic must not exceed 25%, and citrus juices definitely need to be significantly diluted with water.

Tonic home will not be able to solve all of the required tonic for problematic skin problem, it can rather be seen as an emergency measure in the absence of special cosmetics.

Useful tips

  • tonic can be used as a great refreshing way, if you store it in the refrigerator;
  • to solve the problems of skin need morning and evening to use a different tonic;
  • to change the whole set of tools for facial treatment is recommended every two to three months, and it is best to have specialised care at every time of the year.

In the matter of facial care the most important thing is regularity. The question of effectiveness is not always decides the price of used vehicles. Daily correctly done cosmetic procedures in the morning and evening will let you quickly solve any problems with the skin and maintain healthy and radiant appearance for many years.

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