Tool for removing makeup for oily skin — anti acne

The basis of any skin care is the removing make-up (cleansing). Make up removal is quite a complex process, which should clearly conform to certain rules and exceptions. Proper cleansing of the skin is able to preserve her beauty and health for many years.

Basic rules

To remove makeup from the face is important tools that match your skin type. This is especially important if it is problematic and sensitive. Because even following all the basic rules of make-up remover, but using the wrong tools can cause significant harm.

To clean the face should be in this order:

  1. The contour of the lips. On a cotton ball or swab to apply the lotion for removing makeup or other means creamy and gently removes the lipstick. The movement should be from the outer corners to the center.
  2. Removing eye make-up. Preference should be given to the special two-phase media or micellar water. To produce the contour you need moving in the direction of eyelash growth. The shade is removed gently from the nose to the temple.
  3. Cleansing the face and neck. It can be dry (lotion, lotions, tonics) or wet (washing with gel or foam). In any case, the direction should be from the middle of the forehead and cheeks to the temples and from the middle of the chin and the corners of the mouth to the ear lobes.

Having done all the basic cleaning procedures, consults, lightly rinse the face with warm water and proceed to toning.

Skin cleansing

The main task of daily care for problem skin is the removal of sebaceous secretions and dirt. As a rule, special complexity causes combination skin (dry cheeks and oily in the nose area and chin) prone to acne. In this case, it is better to buy two different cleansers.

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Key recommendations for cleaning up problem skin:

  • the optimum water temperature for washing — 36.5 °C;
  • the cleansing should be gentle and delicate;
  • if wearing make-up to do a «double clean» (make-up removal, apply in two passes);
  • use only soft and non-abrasive washcloths and sponges;
  • clean your skin twice a day is sufficient;
  • be sure to wash my face before bed;

  • regularly wash with soap and water, used a brush and sponges;
  • it is not necessary to wash synthetic soap bars.

Those who are overly diligent purify troubled skin by using cosmetics containing harsh components that only contribute to further formation of sebum. And in the long term this will lead to the fact that the skin becomes dehydrated on the inside and greasy outside.

How to choose a product for removing makeup for oily skin

Each skin type has its own challenges and nuances, so choosing a product to remove makeup for oily skin need to be especially selective. Not all cosmetic treatments are equally good in all cases.

What you should pay attention:

  1. The selected products should be suitable for a particular skin type. Micellar water, lotions and the biphasic solution is suitable for almost everyone. Clear gels, fluids, foams effective for oily type. Milk, cream, cream for dry.
  2. Composition. Aggressive surfactants, parabens and fragrances far better impact on skin problems. And such components, unfortunately, are not uncommon even in luxury cosmetics. Better to give preference to organic products.
  3. The concentration of the ingredients. Matter what place in the list of composition is a component. The higher the position, the higher the concentration. If, for example, in the cleanser in the first five components is alcohol is a reason to think about how you will do it adequately troubled skin?

Dry skin type reacts to ethanol irritation and even more dryness, and fat starts to produce more sebum. If the alcohol is in the lower ranks of the list, it only stabilizes the composition and specific harm to the skin does not causes.

If the main problem is acne (pimples, acne), then we should completely abandon sponges, sponges, and «heavy» means oil-based, and easy to use micellar water.

We can say that michalovy solution is the primary tool for removing makeup for oily skin anti acne.

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Micellar water is amazing invention. Its main component is the micelle (tiny particles suspended fatty acids) that are appearing on the skin, attract dirt and oil without damaging its outer layer. And it help cleanse of pimples and acne.

Micellar water also performs several tasks:

  • removes cosmetics, dust, grease;
  • even resistant cosmetics it forces;
  • increases the tone of the skin;
  • gives a feeling of freshness;
  • does not give feeling of tightness;
  • eliminates inflammatory processes.

Some manufacturers even write on the packaging that it is not necessary to rinse the skin. But since this tool is primarily cleansing, proper use micellar water, especially in the case of problem skin, it must mean it is flushing normal water.

In addition to this, many manufacturers have developed special series of funds «Anti acne». They contain active components which possess keratolytic and antiseptic effect, and can block the development of pathogenic flora, normalize lipid metabolism and chemical composition of sebum.

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Tips makeup artist

For good health of the skin and its healthy appearance, you need to learn how to do make-up properly.

To remove makeup on a daily basis is mandatory.

And how to make it the best that I can tell experienced makeup artists.

Practical tips:

  1. It is not necessary to wash my face with soap from the mass market. From it destroys the hydrolipidic film, the natural defender of healthy skin.
  2. It is not recommended to wash with water from the tap. It is better to prefer filtered or boiled water. But if it add a few drops of lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar, you get to preserve the natural acid-alkaline balance of the epidermis.
  3. Instead of special tools, you can use the contents of the refrigerator. For oily, combination and acne-prone skin as a cleanser fit the usual kefir or whey. For dry and sensitive — milk, for normal sour cream.
  4. To remove eye makeup absolutely not conventional cleaning tools designed for the face. You only need to use a special wash that passed the control of ophthalmologists.
  5. Having a problem skin, you should not use the usual makeup of boutiques. More reasonable in this case to go to the pharmacy funds from the brands (Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Eucerin).
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The wrong approach to removing make-up as well as poorly done make-up can cause premature wrinkles, acne, Shine, dryness and peeling. To preserve youth and beauty for years to come, it is important to understand the art of make-up remover.

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