Treatment of pitted acne scars at home — how fast

Scars and scarring encountered after acne, cause a lot of trouble and anxiety to their owners, especially if this problem is localized on the face in women. To date, the treatment of acne is considered a difficult task, but with the help of modern techniques and folk remedies it can be solved.


By itself, acne is not that other, as the consequences of incorrect treatment of acne. Also, this problem can occur if acne is not treated at all and do not use this remedy.

There are following types of acne, each of which develops separate reasons:

  1. Scars. They look like deep scars with irregular shape. These scars develop because of improper treatment of acne, and constant squeezing pimples. In this condition the person are damaged tissue that leads to scarring.

Moreover, sometimes this manifestation of acne is very extensive, making the skin bumpy and extremely ugly.

  1. The expansion of pores. They are formed as a result of not fully cured of acne that develop due to the inflammation of the sebaceous glands. In this state, the pores are not restored and remain widened, which ultimately leads to their clogging with dust and grease, resulting in the formation of black spots.
  2. The remnants of acne scars are small pimples that are caused by impaired circulation. They can be from pink to a bluish color. Sometimes these pimples become large ulcers and cause extreme discomfort.
  3. Severe hyperpigmentation. It develops due to the strong inflammation of the skin and dysfunction of the cells responsible for the color of the epidermis. Thus, after the pimples heal, you suffer unsightly brown spots, which are very difficult to by conventional means. Also, these effects may develop because of hormonal imbalance in the body.

That offer professionals

In terms of cosmetic salon for getting rid of acne, you can perform the following procedure:

  1. Laser resurfacing. This procedure helps to deep cleanse the skin and rid it from the effects of acne. Thus, with a laser person will remove the upper Horny ball of the epidermis.

Furthermore, the laser promotes the production of collagen, making the former the elasticity in the skin will return. The number of treatments should be from four to eight with a break of a month.

  1. Peeling chemical. This procedure involves the use of special acids which help dissolve the top layer of dead skin cells. Because of this enhanced production of young cells, which leads to skin renewal and its alignment.
  2. Skin polishing by machines. Thus, the essence of this procedure consists in supply of microparticles of aluminum on the Horny epidermis, which helps to cleanse the skin and remove its irregularities.
  3. Mesotherapy. It is a fairly new technique which helps to enrich the skin with necessary and useful substances by introducing therapeutic compounds.
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Ways to treat pitted acne scars at home

There are the following basic ways to treat acne at home:

  1. Procedure of cleansing the skin.
  2. The use of medicinal lotions and tinctures.
  3. The application of medicinal ointments.
  4. The use of masks.

Let’s consider each of these methods in more detail.


Cleansing is a basic procedure which involves the treatment of pitted acne scars at home. To clean, you should regularly, particularly after using cosmetics.

Best detergents from acne are:

  1. Coal-tar soap. Due to its healing properties, this soap renews skin cells, stimulates its regeneration and relieves inflammation and evens skin tone.

The effect of washing with lye soap will be noticeable after only four weeks. It is important to note that this soap tightens the skin, so after washing them the epidermis must hydrate.

  1. Washing with infusion of chamomile and mint. For cooking this means you need to pour three tablespoons of these herbs 1 liter of boiling water and infuse for hours. Grind tincture skin twice a day.
  2. Very good helps to eliminate acne marks from a bite. It promotes skin renewal and brightening. To do this, mix Apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3. Repeat the procedure several times a week.

The application of medicinal lotions

After cleansing it is recommended to wipe the lotion treatment. It can be used to eliminate remains of dirt from the pores, whiten the skin and heal scars.

Wipe these face lotions recommended several times a day. So it is possible to achieve the maximum effect.

Best recipes of lotions for the face are:

  1. Mix a teaspoon of lavender oil, the same olive oil, a few drops of lemon juice and tea tree oil. Grind the tool face every three hours.
  2. Mix equal quantities of sage oil, clove and cypress. Add a spoon of broth chamomile. Use with cotton pad to wipe the skin.
  3. Apply on face warmed sea buckthorn oil. It has a pronounced healing effect, so it will be a great approach to eliminate the scars.
  4. To take the steep chamomile infusion and pour it in the form of ice. Ready ice cubes daily to wipe the skin. They can be used to whiten the face and reduce inflammation. Also, instead of chamomile, you can apply the decoction of Hypericum.
  5. Take jojoba oil and mix it with vitamin E. Wipe this lotion face every night.
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The use of ointments

The ointment will not only help to eliminate the effects of acne but also to cure very damaged skin.

The best ointments for eliminating acne are:

  1. The zinc ointment. It has a pronounced regenerative properties, due to which the scars can heal. Also this cream lightens the skin. To put it only onto the problem areas three times a day.
  2. Heparin ointment. It is designed to eliminate bruising, but according to reviews, brings good results in the treatment of acne marks. Apply this ointment should be very thin layer, evenly distributing it on the skin. It is best to use Heparin ointment at night.
  3. Vishnevsky ointment is a proven remedy for acne that does not lose its relevance for many years. To do this, this ointment should be applied on a cotton pad and apply it to damaged skin for twenty minutes. At the end of the procedure wash your face thoroughly.


Scrubs is one of the most effective means to eliminate acne at home, because they can be used quickly to update the upper layers of the skin, thus, freeing yourself from the effects of acne.

Very good scrub of baking soda:

  1. For its preparation should take a teaspoon of baking soda and add a few drops of water to make the mixture like a thick paste.
  2. Lightly apply the product on the skin and RUB it in.
  3. After that, wash with warm water and blot skin with a tissue.
  4. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week.

Another effective sea salt scrub:

  • This ingredient is rich in beneficial trace elements, which favorably displayed on the skin.
  • To prepare this scrub you need to mix a spoon of sea salt and same amount of sour cream.
  • The mixture apply on face and massage movements to RUB, wash off residuals with water.
  • Repeat the procedure at least three times a week.


Mask for acne is an essential part of therapy. They will help to deeply moisturize and restore the skin, eliminate the problem of enlarged pores and refresh the epidermis.

The best masks from acne are:

  1. The mask of oatmeal. For its preparation you need to take two spoons of oatmeal, mix them with protein and lemon juice to make a thick mixture. It must be applied two times a week. Keep on the face for twenty minutes.
  2. Mix cinnamon and teaspoon of honey. The finished mask apply for half an hour, then carefully rinse with water.
  3. Mix a tablespoon of white cosmetic clay with water and cream. Applied to the skin for twenty minutes. After that, rinse with warm water.
  4. To make a cool broth of parsley and freeze it in cubes. Wipe the face with them daily. You can also apply a mask of fresh parsley and sour cream.
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Tips beautician

To quick acne treatment at home were also effective, you should follow these doctor’s recommendations:

  1. The treatment period should not use any decorative cosmetics.
  2. In the presence of a pronounced pigmentation beauticians advise to use scrubs, however, to use these tools in inflammatory processes in the skin you can not, or can only aggravate the problem of acne.
  3. Treatment of acne should be extended. One-time imposition of a mask or lotion will not give any noticeable results.
  4. When treating acne, we should not forget about standard skin care, including cleansing, moisturizing and toning.
  5. To face masks have become even more useful, in them it is recommended to add vitamin A and E. They are sold in any drugstore and are not expensive. Also instead, you can use the essential oils, which contain a complex of nutrients.
  6. In severe acne, accompanied by roughness of the skin and large scars, the problem must be addressed comprehensively: how to use cosmetologist and using home remedies.

Eliminate acne at home is not an easy task, especially if the problem is really big and the skin cover the visible scars. For this reason, person should have patience and clearly comply with all the recommendations of a cosmetologist.

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