Treatment of pitted acne scars is the esthetician, laser, scars

Acne is a collective name of skin lesions that develop due to prolonged observation of acne and its improper treatment. Fortunately, with the help of modern cosmetic techniques and recipes can eliminate the symptoms of acne and reclaim the skin a fresh, well-groomed appearance.

Causes of

The main reason for development of acne on the facial skin, cosmetologists called the improper treatment of acne.

The application of caustic substances and also squeezing pimples greatly damage the upper Horny layer of the skin making it prone to scars, scars and pigmentation.

In addition, there are following types of acne, each of which develops according to its own reasons:

  1. The expansion of pores. This phenomenon occurs due to excessive production of sebum which accumulates in the pores and contributes to their clogging. Moreover, in advanced stages people become very much prone to formation of black spots as well as permanent inflammation on the skin in the form of acne.
  2. Erytherma usually develops due to improper exposure to the irritated skin, unprofessional eliminate papules and nodes. In this state, on the human skin are formed is extremely unsightly stains with a blue tint. This phenomenon indicates the blood circulation in the tissues of damaged skin. It requires long-term treatment.
  3. Spots also develop because of improper treatment of acne. In addition, their appearance can contribute to the use of substandard creams and ointments.
  4. Scars occur due to injury to the skin, when acne people constantly have pimples and damaged top layer of the epidermis. In this condition he could experience uneven skin with obvious scars of different diameter. To bring this manifestation of acne is the hardest, so be patient.

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Is it possible to get rid of

Getting rid of scars, hyperpigmentation and other acne marks is quite lengthy and complex procedures, which require not only patience but also extracts from person.

To restore the skin with initial signs of acne will require at least one month. To cure difficult effects of acne, cosmetic procedures should be performed at least six months.

In spite of this, to get rid of these skin defects is still possible. Especially effective will be innovative cosmetic procedures that are aimed at full restoration of the damaged layers of the epidermis.

It should be noted that some procedures require an integrated approach and implementation of the courses. When a single pass through a particular procedure has no effect.

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Treatments acne

Treatment of pitted acne scars with a cosmetologist involves performing the following procedures, each of which is individually (depending on indications of the patient):

  1. Treatment of acne with a laser. This procedure in recent years more and more popular. With its help it is possible to effectively smooth the skin and more than 60% to eliminate scars. In addition, laser therapy can stimulate collagen production that will favorably affect the overall condition of the skin and slow down the process of aging.

In spite of this, you should know that laser treatment should be made by highly skilled specialist, because of poor implementation of this procedure in humans may form new scars and also to develop the secondary inflammation of the epidermis.

  1. Correction drugs. For this we can use drugs, the main active ingredient which is Ichthyol, menthol or nicotinic acid.

With regular application of these medications to the skin, it becomes more elastic. Also improves blood circulation and regenerate tissue, which contributes to the alignment of skin color and eliminate the appearance erytherma and other signs of acne.

  1. Very good help from rough scars and skin chemical peels. It provides for the impact of the acids on the skin, allowing normal General condition, eliminate scars and the whole epidermis is renewed. Moreover, by using a chemical peel it is possible to saturate the skin with vitamins and get rid of the problem of visible dark spots.
  2. To eliminate manifestations of pigmentation and enlarged pores, you can apply two methods: electrophoresis and ultrasound therapy. With their help you can get rid of oily skin and restore its healthy look.
  3. Excellent «working» method is called ozone therapy. He practiced in beauty salons. This procedure involves the direct effect of ozone on the skin, which results not only in eliminating acne marks, but also to the overall rejuvenation of the epidermal layers.
  4. Mesotherapy – is an injectable method of recovery of the epidermis, which provides a systematic introduction into the skin of nutrients and vitamins. Thanks to mesotherapy epidermis really is quickly restored and updated.

Usually hyaluronic acid, vitamins and other dietary supplements.

To mesotherapy really had the desired effect, one needs to undergo several sessions of this procedure.

  1. Introduction collagen, as well as the transplanted adipose tissue is shown in running form scars when the skin is covered with a strong unevenness and bumps. In this state, the collagen will fill the void and make the skin smooth. Best for this UEL to use marine collagen.
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The effect of this procedure last about six months, after which the injections with collagen need to spend again.

With the introduction of fat tissue, the effect is more than two years.

In addition to cosmetic procedures, from small manifestations of acne will help to manage the following homemade recipes:

  1. Parsley is effective against dark spots. To do this, make a decoction of parsley and freeze it in cubes. Wipe his face daily.
  2. The lemon will help to whiten the skin. For this you need to mix the lemon juice and egg white. The finished mask put on for twenty minutes.
  3. Mix protein, lemon juice and sea salt. Finished scrub, wipe face.
  4. Mix white clay with warm water to consistency. Add tea tree oil. Apply to the face in a thin layer and leave on for twenty minutes. The mask will help renew the top layer of skin and smooth the complexion.

What to do with scars

As mentioned above, scarring is very difficult to respond to treatment, especially conventional beauty products.

To address them most effectively to use the «heavy artillery» in the form of surgical or cosmetic procedures.

It is important to note that direct contraindications to the implementation of difficult cosmetic to remove scars on the skin are hypersensitivity of the epidermis, herpes, certain medication and the presence of acute inflammatory processes in the epidermis.

In addition, it is not advisable to practice complex procedures in pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as weakened immunity.

The man with the pitted acne scars you should know that all cosmetic methods of eliminating this problem is quite traumatic and painful. Justified by the fact that such procedures are aimed at deliberate disruption of the top layer of the skin to new cells began to produce healthy tissue.

Useful tips

The process of getting rid of acne was not only fast, but also successful, you should follow the advices of the cosmeticians:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to engage in the treatment of acne marks when the face is still have acne, pimples and other inflammatory processes. In this state, you must fully cure the acne and only then to rebuild the skin.

  2. Very often the problem of acne is justified hormonal changes or digestive problems. For this reason, if the person long time worried about a rash on the face, he should seek the assistance of an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist. Only by identifying the root cause of the disease it can be effectively overcome.
  3. Very good helps acne homemade scrub, but it is worth remembering that in the presence of inflammation on the skin, or damage, to practice this cosmetic product is not worth it. In this condition it is better to use anti-inflammatory ice cubes with chamomile tea.
  4. It is important to understand that treating acne should be step-by-step. Thus, it is not necessary to simultaneously practice on yourself from all the methods of beauty and home treatments. It is more effective to complete a full course of one procedure, after which start another.
  5. People with sensitive skin should be extremely cautious when performing cosmetic procedures, and applied on the skin home remedies. At the first reddening, itching or burning, should abandon this method.
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Treatment of pitted acne scars a long and sometimes difficult. Despite this, with the right approach to this process and all recommendations for a few months people will actually be able to make skin healthy and to save her from unpleasant consequences of acne. The entire period of such treatment must necessarily control experienced beautician.

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