Tubular Breasts — causes, symptoms, contraindications, complications, surgery photo before and after

This is abnormal and rather serious aesthetic drawback of the breast, leading to psychological problems in women.

It is associated with Breasts that are not generated in the right hemisphere, and is pulled into the pipe or the so-called tubuli.

In most cases, the nipples are plane and do not protrude forward.

The degree of deformation of the left and right breast may differ, thereby creating asymmetry. This is due to insufficient amount of tissue on all sides, except the armpits.

Very often this disease leads to large complexes and problems with intimate life, therefore, often radical methods are needed not only for aesthetic beauty, but also to create a psychological comfort.


This anomaly can be of different types, which are characterized by the following features:

  • lack of tissue in the lower inner part;
  • the disadvantage of tissue across the bottom;
  • the disadvantage of tissue over the entire area of the breast.

Causes of

The causes are not fully understood, but we know that this process is directly connected with a defect of the breast.

The fact is that too durable and solid frame made of connective tissue makes it impossible breast deal and purchase the correct form. In the end, it only grows in one direction – toward the nipple, and this often leads to hernia.


The symptoms can be attributed to the following:

  • the elongation of the breast;
  • stretched and stuck out areola (pigmented area around the nipple);
  • the underdevelopment of the areola;
  • breast growth only in the direction of the nipple.

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Correction and surgery

Plastic tubular breast is the most optimal solution to the problem. While surgery is raspletanie on the implant, and reduction of the areola. Removes the hernia if it is the place to be. Most often, installation is performed in two planes — the upper edge goes under the muscle, under the gland.

To resolve the problem requires a different and professional approach. During surgical intervention is an increase in tubular breast (rarely decrease) with the help of implants. This is done under General anesthesia with access to the areola space that allows you to do a minimum number of seams and, therefore, postoperative traces.

In particularly severe cases, correction is performed in several stages: first the gland is installed a special device — an expander.

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It is necessary to stretch the connective tissue then they already are replaced with implant. In addition to surgery, tuberous breast can be corrected and with the help of various techniques, if you allow the volume of tissue contained in the breast.

However, most doctors agree that dental implants are the most successful and less traumatic option, which on top of that gives a stable result. Moreover, the endoprosthesis makes it possible to further breastfeeding.

The phasing of the operation

Stage 1. Initially, you will have access to the areola (usually it decreases). Made two of the round cross section of various diameters.

Stage 2. Formed a special «pocket» (the process of detachment of tissue). It is a little more in advance and discussed with the patient.

Stage 3. Preparing for installation of implants in the breast.

Stage 4. The immediate introduction of implants. Set narrow tube with a vacuum on one end. Through her out blood clots for the first two days after surgery.

Stage 5. The stitching of the wound edges and tissue. In order to impose internal sutures, the doctor brings together the edges and uses a biodegradable material (usually vicryl). Leather sewn in several stages, after a preliminary marking.

Stage 6. The imposition of cosmetic seams, which are tightly adapt the wound edges.

The rehabilitation period

The rehabilitation period after surgery short-lived, however it is worth noting that for a whole year after the operation, the mammary glands are very sensitive to sun exposure and sunlight.

In the first days after surgery you may feel discomfort in the chest area, so two or three days should be undertaken in hospital under supervision of doctors. To sleep in these days is recommended exclusively on the back, the bandage is removed after four or five days, and stitches after two to three weeks.

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The final effect becomes noticeable only six months later, after the swelling subsides, and it becomes noticeable simmetrichnoi.

After discharge from the hospital is:

  • limit yourself to exercise at least a month;
  • do not visit steam rooms and solariums for six months;
  • do not sunbathe during the year;
  • in the first week, do not RUB the chest hard sponge;
  • during the month the clock to wear a special compression underwear.

Before you undergo surgery you need to follow some rules. Two weeks need to stop Smoking, taking such medicines as analgin, aspirin (blood thinners), as well as hormones.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for surgery are the presence of the disease and a positive mental attitude. Contraindications more, and among them:

  • infectious and inflammatory diseases;
  • menstrual cycle;
  • diabetes decompensated (severe) form;
  • the presence of hematoma;
  • malignant tumors;
  • mental illness;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • asymmetry of mammary glands.

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Possible complications

As with any surgery, correction of tubular breast has its dangers, but most often they are associated with the professionalism of the surgeon and doctors. Among the possible complications after surgery include the following:

  • the appearance of hematomas;
  • seroma (accumulation of fluid in the wound);
  • numbness of the chest;
  • inflammation;
  • poor wound healing.


Surgery to correct tubular breast is a time consuming and complicated process, requiring the doctor good knowledge and lot of practice. That is why for it are not all surgeons. Prices vary depending on the clinic, but on average, it costs about 170,000 roubles.

Photo before and after correction of tubular Breasts