Ulthera system (Ulthera System) — reviews, photos, rates, complications

One such technology is the SMAS-lifting on the device Ulthera System. Technology ultrasonic lifting was invented in the United States. There have been a number of clinical trials, which have been proven to be highly effective and safe procedure.

The results were so good and convincing that this technology has been approved by FDA (Management on control of quality of drugs and food).

What is the principle of

It is based on the effects on tissue of ultrasonic waves. The maximum depth of about 5mm.

The objects are:

  • musculoaponeurotic layer of the face (aka SMAS);
  • subcutaneous fat;
  • dermis.

To obtain a lifting effect on the depth of soft tissues and keep the skin from damage, ultrasonic waves are focused in a special way. In the place of focus is an intensive spot heating of tissues.

The local temperature increase leads to the fact that protein structures of the connective tissue collagen and elastin collapsed, taking a more compact form. Due to this, the area of each layer of the soft tissues of the face is decreased, and during the procedure, you can get a visible lifting effect.

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But the effect of the procedure ends. In 3-6 months in the tissues much more active than before the procedure proceed metabolic processes to replace old collagen fibers and elastin, which no longer meet the frame feature, on new. Because the skin condition is constantly improving, soft tissue of face rejuvenate, which ultimately affects the appearance.

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It should be particularly noted that the procedure is not blind. On the screen of the device Altera get a picture, which is nothing like a slice of soft tissues of the face. Because the doctor in real time see how deep it runs and what the structure is affected.

What are the problems resolves

The beauty of the procedure is that it can be done all over the face, and can be limited to one problem area. A specialist who performs the procedure must in every detail to know the anatomy of the face to with minimal impact on the fabric to a pronounced symmetrical effect.

The forehead

One procedure allows you to:

  • to get rid of sagging skin in the eyebrows, tuberosity and the skin of the forehead;
  • to raise eyebrows and with them, the overhanging upper eyelid;
  • to smooth out deep horizontal and vertical wrinkles.

The middle third of the face

The most difficult in terms of recovery of the skin tone region, because the tissue around the eyes and mouth are constantly stretched and compressed during blinking, chewing, expressions of emotions.

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The use of al Systems can:

  • to eliminate impending herniation of the lower eyelids;
  • to smooth out «crow’s feet»;
  • to mitigate the symptoms of nasolacrimal furrow;
  • spread nosogubnyj;
  • to restore the tone of the cheeks;
  • to emphasize the cheekbones;
  • eliminate the «purse-string» wrinkles around the mouth;
  • to raise the corners of the lips upwards.

The lower face and chin region

Usually in this area the excess tissues of the face is immediately visible. This is the sign that was noticed, many women who are watching the appearance: the person floats, in spite of treatments.

Ultrasound lifting Ulthera can solve the following problems:

  • the emergence of a «bulldog» cheeks;
  • the gradual formation of a second chin;
  • smoothing the border between the region of the lower jaw and neck.


Basically, all information of the Runet on this topic is the performance of procedures for the face. This is not surprising as not many clinics in Russia have such equipment.

Accordingly, there is no competition, and clinics can set any price for the procedure at its discretion. Therefore, if for a person to pay 100-150 thousand rubles, already given to so many over the abdomen, for example, few dare.

But things are changing for the better. For example, in Russia already there Korean counterparts Altera, consumables which are cheaper in the us, the shares for the procedure ultrasonic lifting discounts. Because not far off the time when to carry out non-surgical facelift body will also be possible.

Procedures can be performed to:

  • the skin of the neck and décolleté;
  • the inner surface of the hands and feet;
  • the area around the knee and elbow joints;
  • buttocks;
  • belly.

Nozzle apparatus

Usually within one procedure is carried out impact on at least two levels of soft tissues. For example, the SMAS and subcutaneous fat. In most cases, one treatment through all three layers so the client could get the most pronounced effect.

For the different depths of the tissue, there are different nozzle coating apparatus.

The nozzles are designed for impact at a depth of 4.5 mm, 3 mm and 1.5 mm. the Fourth nozzle is designed to operate in sensitive areas, which are the area around the eyes, nasolabial triangle.

Different attachments are processed sequentially selected areas of the face in order to obtain a three-dimensional lifting effect.


  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • the implanted pacemaker;
  • the presence of metallic elements in the area of exposure (piercing, gold and platinum strands for reinforcement of the face);
  • epilepsy and any condition characterized by increased convulsive readiness;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • oncological diseases of any localization;
  • systemic diseases of connective tissue;
  • manifestations of infection or Allergy on the skin in the place of the alleged exposure;
  • the tendency to form keloids.
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Before performing ultrasonic lifting is mandatory to consult a doctor dermatologist. During the consultation the specialist assesses the condition of the skin, explains the indications and contraindications for the procedure, gives advice on preparation for non-surgical face lift.

Approximately three days before the procedure, you must stop using outer means, which is composed of salicylic, glycolic acid or isotretinoin.

Fresh tan is a contraindication for the procedure is not, and some stores even announce autumn seasonal promotions for the procedure.

How is the procedure

Face in the beginning of the session washes special soft tool, which is chosen according to skin type. Some salons are practicing the application of anaesthetic cream to make the procedure of ultrasonic lifting as comfortable as possible for the client.

After anesthetic cream is washed off, the face is a special marking, according to which the apparatus will move during the procedure.

Working cosmetologist, constantly monitoring the depth of penetration of focused ultrasound energy according to the data displayed on the monitor of the apparatus al. By the time the us lifting session can last from 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of the treated soft tissue.

The results of ultrasonic lifting

Usually the first improvements of the skin condition of the face become visible in the office of a cosmetologist, where you perform a SMAS lift: the face is tightened, its oval improves. The final results of the procedure alter can be assessed only after 6 months after its implementation. That’s how much time the body needs to fully restore the facial tissues after exposure.

Consequences of the procedure

Usually immediately after the procedure the face looks so neatly that there is no need to disrupt their plans and hide from people. In some cases, when the tissue of the patient be overly sensitive to local heating, can be observed such phenomena as:

  • redness of the skin;
  • some soreness of the tissues in the affected area, especially when pressure is applied;
  • formation under the skin series of seals, which to the touch are perceived as small soft balls;
  • numbness of areas of the face such as the area above the upper lip or eyelids.

Usually all these symptoms are transient in nature and pass on their own without treatment in 3-6 months.


A serious consequence of the treatments can be considered distinct burn tissues of the face, when the point of impact is formed by proliferation of connective tissue. Even if these growths are not visible on the surface of the skin, in the future they may become an obstacle for the performance of plastic surgery on her face.

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To avoid this complication, you must listen to your feelings. Hardware manufacturers and the developers of the method claim that ultrasonic lifting should take place entirely painless.

Because it is not gritting his teeth trying to endure the pain during the procedure, «in the name of beauty.» It is possible that the doctor incorrectly put the device settings, and while you suffer, just burns your face.

How long does the effect?

Usually the condition of the tissues remains consistently good for 3 years after the procedure on the device Ulthera System. Three years later, the procedure can be repeated.

What age do I have to do?

You should not do lifting Ulthera before 40 years. Of course, there are beauticians who will advise the application of the method and 35. But before you agree, you must be sure that all the other techniques do not give you the desired effect, which may give this method

Too early use of the method may disappoint the client, because the result will be comparable, which it can obtain from a massage and algae mask.


Treatment area cost, rubles
temporal region 22000
the area of the eyebrows and sideburns 36000
submandibular region 37000
neck 45000
elbows 57000
neckline 65000
the middle part of the face and lower eyelids 67000
knees 70000
correction of facial contours 82000
neck and neckline 92000
face, neck, submandibular area, neck 162000
the whole face and submandibular area 66000
lifting of the upper lip 8000
cheeks 50000
1 for line 300

In the table of price hardware of SMAS-lifting is approximate. At the moment a number of hospitals set prices not only depending on the impacts, but also depending on the number of pulses of the algorithms used procedure for patients of different ages (normal and enhanced algorithm for those who are younger and older than 45 years).

Photos before and after using the alter System

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