Ultrasonic liposuction — what is it, reviews, before and after photos, prices, contraindications

The essence of the procedure

During its implementation, the removal of fat using a low atmospheric pressure. After the destroyed cells are then removed with a special system of tubes inserted in the patient’s body. An ultrasound operates in a special way and affects the body fat damaging cells burst and turn into the emulsion.

The best effect of the method of cavitation is achieved in people with normal weight having excess fat in some places. Important and skin elasticity – the higher it is, the better the results will be. If the patient’s skin has a flabby appearance and the skin droops, it may require a separate surgery to remove her excess. Advantage is the effect of tightening the skin. That is why such type of liposuction is ideal to remove fat on thighs, face and abdomen.

During the procedure, it is possible to avoid large blood loss, which is so characteristic of classical methods and avoid the formation of irregularities: holes, mounds, and subsequently scarring.


There are two methods:

  • traditional;
  • non-invasive.

In the first case, the destroyed fat cells are sucked out through small incisions on the patient’s body. The second does not violate the integrity of the skin and the destroyed fat cells are excreted through the lymphatic or venous system of the body.


Before the procedure, the specialist needs to simulate the shape of the patient and to mark areas with the most large accumulation of fat. Depending on the volume of fat removed, the surgery is performed either under General anesthesia or under local anesthesia.

In the hypodermis acts a special ultrasound that destroys the subcutaneous fat layer. He subsequently pulled through a thin titanium cannulas connected to a vacuum pump.

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This method is the most popular and new. It is characterized by the fact that when carrying out liposuction is not violated the integrity of the skin that carries a number of advantages: first, it reduces the risks that arise in the postoperative period (no risk of abscesses, inflammation, scarring), and secondly, reduces the period of recovery.

Is performed without anesthesia and does not leave bruises and has very little recovery period. The essence of the technique is that the fat cells destroyed by ultrasound and eliminated from the body through the venous or lymphatic system, and decompose into less complex chemicals.

They do not involve a large number, so it is only suitable for removing small amounts of fat or grease removal in several stages. In one session the patient displays no more than 500 milliliters of fat, which takes from half to three hours. Accordingly, for the removal of large fat deposits, will need at least three sessions.

Non-invasive liposuction is often combined with other techniques that contribute to the improvement of General body contour, for example, lymphatic drainage or massage. The effect of such a procedure will only be visible in one month, destroyed when the fabric is completely leaves the body.

Her removal new fat tissue does not occur, however, the General increase in the mass of a person, the results of the procedure will not be saved. Therefore, after non-invasive liposuction, you should follow the principles of proper nutrition (i.e., reduce the amount of sweet, starchy foods, fatty foods).

Method Ultrashape

Ultrashape method based on the use of a special apparatus – Ultrashape. It creates a powerful ultrasound beam that destroys fat cells. Scanning system in a special way distributes the energy, thereby, keeping the surrounding tissue intact. The destroyed cells are excreted in a natural way, the procedure does not cause irritation or discomfort.

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The impact zone is determined by special devices included in the equipment of the machine. They are divided into three types:

  • small – up to 400 pulses, where the surface area is 125 sq cm;
  • medium – up to 700 pulses, where the area of influence is equal to 220 sq. cm;
  • big – up to 1000 pulses, where the area of influence is equal to 315 sq cm

Specialists recommend from three to eight treatments every three to four weeks.

Indisputable advantage of such apparatus consists in the fact that it eliminates the need for anesthesia, which although relieves pain, but nevertheless, has negative effects on the human body as a whole. The result of applying the Ultrashape system is the reduction of adipose tissue up to five hundred milliliters per procedure.

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The main indications for ultrasonic liposuction is the desire of the patient. In good clinics, the patient will tell you he fits this procedure or it would not make sense.

Agreeing to ultrasonic liposuction, it is necessary to remember that it is not a means to combat obesity, moreover, with this method, it is impossible to transform the whole figure.

Best of all it is suitable for local accumulations of fat, the formation of which is associated with heredity or Constitution of man.

We must also understand that in doing liposuction, and continuing to lead a sedentary lifestyle with no dietary restrictions, keep it the results will be almost impossible.


Before you start you need to pass a number of tests that are designed to protect the patient and protect its health. Here is their list:

  • General analysis of blood;
  • urinalysis;
  • biochemical analysis of blood;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • the HIV / AIDS, hepatitis b and C;
  • pleurogramma lungs;
  • consultation of the therapist.


Contraindications for the following factors:

  • severe chronic disease;
  • diseases of cardiovascular system and kidneys;
  • cancer and neoplasms;
  • fever, fever;
  • osteoporosis;
  • of blood clotting;
  • the presence of implants;
  • pacemaker;
  • SARS and respiratory diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • the herpes active;
  • diabetes in decompensated form;
  • mental disorders;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • changes of the skin in the area of anticipated impact;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • immune system disorders (due to diabetes or hormonal drugs).


There are two types of ultrasonic liposuction: internal and external. Internal involves direct and immediate impact of energy on the subcutaneous structure of fat by a metal rod that is inserted through an incision in the skin of the patient.

External liposuction involves the indirect effect of ultrasound on subcutaneous fat using the overlay special device on the skin surface.


This is a very effective method to eliminate fatty tissue, but this procedure has its drawbacks — it is possible after some complications.

Among the possible negative consequences are the following:

  1. Blood clots in the blood vessels. The whole procedure is based on heating the fat cells, but with this heat and the blood vessels in adjacent tissues, which, respectively, can lead to the formation of blood clots.
  2. Among the possible side effects is the risk of damage to the peripheral nervous system. Some patients experienced numbness of certain body parts associated with nerve damage.
  3. The influence of ultrasound can cause damage to normal tissues and internal organs.
  4. Dehydration of the tissues. When you break the cells decreases the cell volume of fluid, then the extracellular fluid, and then fluid from the blood stream. This reaction is compensatory – it tries to provide a liquid the human brain, which is necessary to remove toxins and dead cells.
  5. Destruction of tissue. The ultrasound penetrates the tissues and destroys them. While the impact on the same area of skin is the process of heating, which can lead to degradation of the protein, that is, to burn.
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What effect can be expected

Result of ultrasonic liposuction is a fat removal to one and a half litres, which corresponds to up to twelve centimeters in circumference. A non-invasive method involves the removal of not more than half a liter, therefore, suggests a phased approach. Overall, the effect of the procedure, namely, tightening skin and reducing subcutaneous fat, be visible almost immediately – after about a month.

After the procedure

Fat cells have one feature – their number is strictly limited. Since eighteen years, the new cells cease to be formed, and the external completeness is a sign of increase and expand existing ones.

Thus, the conclusion is that the person who made ultrasonic liposuction and do not follow the diet, leading sedentary life, runs the risk again of gaining weight. To save the results, you must exercise and adhere to physician-recommended diet.

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The rehabilitation period

Ultrasonic liposuction is quite safe and much less traumatic than the classic, but it still has the period of rehabilitation. It is fairly quick and painless and largely depends on the amount of fat removed. Since this type of liposuction the fat is removed a little, and the rehabilitation period is short.

To make it even easier and shorter, patients are given the following recommendations:

  1. Consume plenty of water – at least two liters per day.
  2. Eliminating the strong physical exertion.
  3. To combine liposuction with other cosmetic procedures: massage, lymphatic drainage, etc.
  4. Diet.
  5. To wear special underwear that is intended to complete the work to change the contours of the body.


The price for ultrasonic liposuction are low, but given the fact that the number of procedures can reach six to eight, as a result, obtained a considerable sum. For example, the cost of liposuction of the face in one procedure, the average is about 5000 rubles. The abdomen is around 8000 rubles, etc.

Here are the approximate prices for the different areas of impact:

Zone The cost in rubles
380 pulses 7000
460 pulses 8000
580 pulses 10500
720 pulses 13000
900 pulses 16000
340 pulses 6000
500 pulses 9000
750 pulses 13500
950 pulses 17000
Outer thighs  
400 pulses 7000
550 pulses 10000

Frequently asked questions

What non-invasive liposuction is better than a classic?

The main advantage of ultrasonic liposuction is several factors: first, it does not cause bodily harm, second, it is a more secure method (there is no risk of complications), and third, it reduces the rehabilitation period to a minimum.

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/ Bag method is a painful procedure?

Yes, the procedure is painless. On the patient’s skin is not made incisions as in the case of the classical approach, so anesthetic is not required.

How long does it take?

Most often, one to three hours.

As you will see the first result?

Ultrasonic liposuction requires a phased approach, but often the result is visible already after the first procedure.

Are there any traces after non-invasive liposuction?

No, no trace of it remains.

How much you need to wear a compression garment?

Most often it is worn during the month, after all the procedures, but a more accurate time intervals may indicate a doctor.

Can return to former weight after?

Liposuction, ultrasonic, and traditional, is not a panacea for excess weight. It all depends on the lifestyle and care of the patient. If a person leads a sedentary life and puts restrictions in the diet, the result will be long.

Is it possible, when weight gain will lead to putting off the transition of fat in other areas of the body?

This opinion is misleading. After non-invasive liposuction, weight gain will be proportional and in order to do to prevent this, it is enough to perform simple physical exercises.

What can be combined?

With a variety of treatments, for example massage or lymphatic drainage. However doctor’s consultation is still required, because in this case requires an individual approach.

Photo ultrasonic liposuction before and after


Alexander, Khabarovsk. Decided on liposuction not once, but overweight interfere in everything and not the first year. Friends advised non-invasive liposuction, and I was pleased with the result. After the procedure I felt fine, back at work almost immediately. Is really notice that extra weight I had, I did only one treatment, but the result is visible to this day, a year later. Perhaps it was also due to the fact that I do sports and keep myself in shape. Now, with an increase in 192 cm, weight is 95 kg.

Alina, Volgograd. I did ultrasound surgery in the stomach area. Very pleased with the result, but in principle, I followed all the recommendations, I guess, so no bad consequences for themselves I discovered. The skin tightened, waist decreased, no humps and bumps are not formed. In General, the only «drawback» is that with the wrong diet the weight comes back, so I regularly go to the gym, and that is, the night has been long forgotten, because the return to old forms of do not want!