Ultrasonic peeling — reviews, contraindications, home, prices, photos before and after

It is aimed at cleansing the upper layers of the epidermis, remove acne, and excess subcutaneous fat. The basis of this procedure is the ultrasound wave with precise settings and parameters are not below twenty-eight Hertz.

Under the influence of this wave and the following occurs:

  • peeled Horny layer of the skin;
  • massage skin;
  • improve metabolic processes, the flow of lymph and blood circulation;
  • resorption of adhesions;
  • successful loosening of the connective tissue.

Under ultrasound peeling means a special procedure, which provides hardware cleaning person under the influence of high frequency vibrations.

This type of peel refers to the surface, the physical peeling, as it provides rejection of dead layer of cells for the light break ties between cells of the stratum corneum.

Using ultrasound, the skin produced three effects.

  1. It cleanses the skin, removes dead layer of cells.
  2. The active ingredients have the ability of deep penetration into the dermal layers.
  3. The massage of the skin, which leads to the stimulation of collagen.

The essence of the procedure


  1. Before beginning the procedure, the patient’s skin is cleaned and treated with a special gel.
  2. On the whole processed surface of mineral water.
  3. Skin treatment is made by a special nozzle through which is supplied the ultrasound. In this peeling effect is caused by the fact that the wave «splits» already dead cells and impurities. The skin under the nozzle is heated to a temperature of 40-45C, which allows the blood vessels to expand and thus to more oxygen.
  4. Apply an antibacterial mask dry.
  5. Apply a soothing cream that suits the skin type of the patient.
  6. In some cases, at the end of the procedure darsonvalization.

The procedure is performed in a strict sequence: from the lateral areas of the face to the center against the lines of massage. Avoided upper eye area, lips and the thyroid gland.

Each of the sections can be processed up to four times. In General, it should not last more than fifteen minutes under normal skin and no more than five minutes for sensitive skin.

The depth of the impact, ultrasonic peeling is divided into several categories:

  • surface – effect within the stratum corneum of the epidermis;
  • mid – affects the epidermis and reach the capillary dermis;
  • deep – involves the reticular dermis.

The frequency

Depending on skin type and the problems that are being pursued, including from five to fifteen treatments within seven to fourteen days.

If the patient has dry skin, the best option is quarterly conducting peeling.

If the patient has oily skin, the best results can be achieved using the totality of ultrasonic peeling and mechanical cleaning of the face.


The undeniable advantages of ultrasonic peeling are the following factors:

  • no pain during the procedure;
  • the absence of injuries;
  • the lack of inflammation, redness (the skin may be pinking up by now, but not blush);
  • quickly perceptible result (the effect is noticeable after the first or second session);
  • no need steaming the face before the procedure;
  • no risk to the health of the patient (if the procedure was conducted in a technically correct format);
  • the possibility of peeling in any season, even summer. During the procedure, there is no destruction of living cells, so there is not sensitive to UV light.

Video: facial cleansing with ultrasound


You can achieve the following results:

  • the skin becomes elastic and silky;
  • significantly narrow and clean pores;
  • the visual effect of rejuvenation;
  • enhanced by filling the skin with moisture and nutrients;
  • improves skin color, evens the overall tone;
  • smoothes shallow wrinkles;
  • decrease swelling under the eyes;
  • the skin becomes less prone to rashes;
  • stimulates the growth of new[ cells.


Indications are the following factors:

  • acne, post-acne;
  • the presence of oily skin;
  • scars, ruts;
  • pores;
  • unhealthy complexion.

With oily skin, the procedure should be done several times a month, but in normal – once a month.


Contraindications to the peeling are the following diseases:

  • malignant neoplasms;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • colds, respiratory catarrh, fever, fever;
  • acute skin diseases (e.g., dermatosis);
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • epilepsy;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • exacerbation of any chronic disease.


The disadvantages include the following factors:

  • a short visual effect (from four months to a year depending on skin type and characteristics of the organism);
  • the presence of a large number of contraindications;
  • reducing the comfort of the procedure due to the unpleasant sounds coming from the machine during peeling.

Ultrasonic peeling at home

Such cleaning is possible at home, if you buy a special machine that is able to perform a whole set of functions:

  • peeling in the power saving mode;
  • micro-massage the skin and muscles;
  • toning subcutaneous muscles and the skin;
  • cleaning of the skin through the pores.

Such functions includes French machine Kus-2000 Gezatone. It makes it possible to perform almost the same procedures as in the salon, but with considerable savings in Finance.

In addition, the device works great in combination with many cosmetic products, greatly enhancing and prolonging their effect.

As regards requirements for the use of the apparatus, they do not. You will be quite familiar with the accompanying manual, and buy a special gel for an ultrasonic peeling. With him the effect of the procedure will be much higher, although it is worth noting that it’s still going to differ from salon.

Video: Ultrasonic cleaning at home


Phonophoresis is the effect on the organism simultaneously with ultrasound and the drug substance. The latter, often presented in the form of an emulsion, drug solution or ointment.

For mains use glycerin, lanolin or vegetable oil. They provide a release of nutrients and their migration into the skin with phonophoresis.

After the procedure, contact the environment, with the medicine retained on the body or face of the patient, and exposure is carried out in the labile mode at the ultrasound intensity of 0.6 W/cm2.

The duration does not exceed fifteen minutes, and the phases of its implementation include approximately the same as the procedure of ultrasonic peeling. They differ only in the fact that during phonophoresis, the patient receives a special drug that through the skin, enters the body and then spreads throughout the body.

The result of the procedure largely depends on correctly selected drugs. For example, for anti-aging therapy suitable amino acids and antioxidants, and with the problems of a young skin, that is acne and oily Shine are the most effective drugs zinc and sulphur aloe Vera and chamomile which have anti-inflammatory and soothing action.

Video: How the procedure of ultraphonophoresis


Prices in Moscow are very different and vary in area from 600 rubles to 6000 rubles for one procedure. This variation depends on many factors such as variety of medical devices, gels, additional tools, masks and salon.

Here is a rough rates that offer the most popular salons of Moscow:

Salons in Moscow   Price in RUB.
«Ethical»   3 300
«Doctor Plastic»   4 000
«Medical»   2 400
«Alliance of Beauty and Health»   6 000
«Von Plaisir»   3 200
«Royal Lux Clinic»   1 500
«The Hippocratic Oath»   850
«Royal Spa»   1 800
«Cellulait»   1 500
«ConstantА-beauty»   2 500
«Sun Vil» blue, pink, green)   2 600
«The Academy hair removal»   1 600
Versal-M   800
«Beauty Of Infinity»   1200
«Zig Zag»   1 200
«Celebrity»   3 000

Frequently asked questions

How long is the rehabilitation period?

The period of rehabilitation, as such, after this type of peel is missing. The fact that ultrasound does not damage living cells, therefore, need for recovery no.

Is it possible to be under the sun after the procedure?

You can, after the procedure, the patient’s skin is not as susceptible to ultraviolet radiation, as after most other peels.

What age can I carry out?

Can be carried out with eighteen years of age, however, most often this procedure by women of more Mature age.

How painful is the procedure?

This is a painless procedure. Moreover, even discomfort the patient is experiencing.

Will face after peeling swollen?

Traces after the procedure remains. The best you can be – a slightly pinkish hue, which will be held in the next few hours. As for swelling, it is completely excluded.

How fast will the effect?

Result from the procedure is visible immediately. After the procedure, the face looks refreshed and rejuvenated. To consolidate the effect or complete elimination of problems, you should be spending from one to fifteen treatments.

How long this effect will last?

From four months to a year.

How often do you carry out the procedure?

On average, it can be done once a month. Exactly this can be determined only specialist. So, people with oily skin it is better to do a peeling more often than people with dry or sensitive skin.

On what body areas can be affected by ultrasound?

To carry out the peeling can be almost anywhere on the body. Often it is used in the upper chest and back.

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