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About the inventor and the invention

The instrument was invented by Roger Khouri, who is a Briton by birth, and works as a plastic surgeon in the United States. Called his invention Dr. houri Brava system (Brava).

Initially the system was invented for the treatment of infected wounds and other diseases of soft tissues. But very soon the Brava system has been used to increase the bust.

On what is the effect

The inventor himself claims that vacuum for breast simulates the conditions that exist in the child’s body: bones grow and lengthen, pulling the remaining tissue, the remaining tissue is also growing.

Really short on time wearing the device may not cause increase of the breast due to the increase in the number of cells and connective tissue elements.

In order to obtain this effect, at least in minimal form, it is necessary to carry the vacuum bra a minimum of 600 hours. The doctor, Hori notes that in some women the results can come faster, and others slower.

Everything is much easier. The vacuum creates a negative pressure in the bowl. The first area of low pressure directs the arterial blood. Gradually, due to the overflow of blood vessels, the vascular wall begin to miss the liquid part of blood (plasma) into the tissue. Because the volume after the procedure actually create the blood and edema, which can persists up to several days, gradually decreasing.

How to use

Home appliance resembles the shape of the bra, which has two cups for Breasts and a device that creates a vacuum. To achieve such a device must be worn on the chest at least 10 hours. You can wear all night.

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How safe is it

There are reports that the Brava system has been approved by the FDA (Office of quality supervision food and drug administration in the USA). But there is no message about what the studies were conducted in order to obtain the approval of the Management. And there is no information about what the real results are obtained by the device.

The doctor, Hori confidently declares that the device is safe, and permanent or one-time use of the device does not increase the risk of development of benign and malignant diseases of the breast.

Usually statements made by the developer of security and all properties of the device do not matter if serious not confirmed by multicenter studies. Because not the fact that everything is actually so safe. First, prolonged swelling, which gradually subsides, causing hyperextension and the gradual loss of skin tone, because it increases the risk of stretch marks and sagging Breasts.

Second, the duration of the effect according to some scientists, is caused by the stagnation of blood in the glandular lobules mammary glands that glandular tissue unnatural. What it will result in the systematic use of vacuum to the breast is unknown. Thirdly, often there are gaps of small vessels, which can lead to hematomas. Often it is because of them a chest pain after the procedure.

Breast enlargement by using vacuum massage

There are ways to enlarge breast with vacuum massage. For this purpose, vacuum massagers, all brands, and sometimes ordinary glass jars.

How it works

Sellers miracle massagers usually start to talk about what massage peripapillary zone increases the production of estrogen that promotes natural breast growth.

In fact, such a mechanism in the human body physicians are not described, and we again deal only with the artificial formation of edema in the bust area.


  • massage is not carried out those who are less than 18 or greater than 35 years;
  • massage is contraindicated nulliparous;
  • diseases of the veins, tendency to thrombosis;
  • Oncology;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • the presence of inflammatory cells in the skin;
  • breast;
  • diseases of the blood.

What really can and can not vacuum massage

  • Strengthening the pectoral muscles.

Vacuum massage does not affect muscle tone the chest, as it does not affect the muscles that are hidden under a layer of fat and glandular tissue. To strengthen the muscles of the chest need, or exercise, or apparatus for conducting myostimulation, which causes muscles to contract under the action of electric pulses.

  • The breast augmentation.

Yes it will. You can even try to increase bust size more than one size. But in this case, increases the risk of side effects such massage. Breasts drop significantly during the first day, the remaining amount goes back in a week.

  • Improved blood flow.

Usually even write that improves supply of breast tissue with oxygen, accelerates regeneration and rejuvenation.

What really?

In fact, in the first place in the low pressure area rushes arterial blood. As the vessels are filled with blood, blood plasma moves from blood vessels into the tissue. Formed swelling. In contrast to arterial vessel walls of veins are much thinner and softer, and easily compressed by swollen tissues. Impaired lymph drainage from breast tissue.

This situation increases the probability of formation of microthrombi, which will impair the circulation of blood through the vessels in the future, injured the walls of the veins, which then can become inflamed. And metabolism and the supply of oxygen is sharply violated, and in the long term.

In such circumstances, no rejuvenation is impossible. But increases the likelihood of stretch marks, loss of skin elasticity. And with regular use of massage may develop vascular fragility, appear vascular mesh on the skin of the breast.

How is the procedure

Use for massages cans is a procedure of desperation, as the strength of dilution air to control under the glass very difficult. If we undertake to do massage, it is better to use the vacuum tumbler, the strength of the suction can be adjusted.

Before the procedure, the skin should apply oil or cream to massage for a better sliding of the device or jars on the skin. To massage follows the lines from the sternum to the armpits. You should start with 5-minute procedure, gradually increasing the massage time up to 15 minutes. The number of procedures on a course of 10-15.

The consequences

  • bruising;
  • the fragility of blood vessels;
  • the expansion of the capillaries of the skin, which can be persistent and will not pass with time;
  • the expansion and emergence of tortuosity of the saphenous veins on the Breasts;
  • loss of breast shape and sagging.

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