Vacuum liposuction — what is it, reviews, videos, prices, photos before and after

The rest of the fat cells created by the body «in reserve» in case of emergency situations. That is they are deposited in the most problematic areas.

Vacuum liposuction is the oldest method of removing subcutaneous fat. This is a fairly traumatic procedure, which entails blood loss, the appearance of hematomas and bruises. However, in this method, there are advantages – the results of its work, the surgeon can assess the process, not after the procedure.

The essence of the procedure

The bottom line is this: the doctor makes an incision on the patient’s skin and then inserts a corrugated cannula, which further produces the destruction of fat cells.

Subsequently, they are sucked out with a vacuum pump. This method is also found in other modifications, the so-called «syringe», where you need more precision in mind a small treatment area. Syringe method is removed not more than 200 ml of fat.

Vacuum liposuction is divided into two types:

  • dry;
  • wet (tumescent).

Tumescent liposuction differs from dry only in that area, which is going to influence the surgeon, pre-oblivaetsya local anesthetic. In the problem area is introduced Klein’s solution, which contains epinephrine, lidocaine and saline. It allows you to do without additional anesthetics, moreover, the solution turns fat cells into a liquid emulsion, which can be easily pumped through a thin cannula. Homecentral the advantage of liposuction is that blood vessels remain intact, moreover the blood loss of the patient is minimal.


Its benefits are as follows:

  • used during surgery, lidocaine is not only a painkiller, but bacteriostatic and anesthetic, which is struggling with all sorts of pathogens;
  • the clarity of the actions of the surgeon, which during the swelling of tissues, better see all the defects, thereby reducing the risk of subsequent corrective procedure;
  • lidocaine is excreted from the body together with pumped fat, in turn, epinephrine increases the speed of blood flow and thereby reduces the absorption of lidocaine liver, preventing its overload;
  • the anesthesia lasts for almost a day, so the possibility of repeated injections with painkillers, are excluded.

Areas of liposuction

Excess fat can appear in any person, regardless of age or gender, but in the latter case, the location of the so-called fat traps can be different. For example, in men, most often, fat is stored on the inside of the thighs, the loins, sides, back, belly and chin area. They have another feature – the skin is thicker than the women. Accordingly, the rehabilitation period after liposuction in men is longer than in girls.

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The most problematic areas for women are thighs, abdomen, buttocks and face. However, to date possible:

  • vacuum liposuction of the hips;
  • liposuction in the waist area;
  • vacuum liposuction of the abdomen;
  • liposuction of the face and chin;
  • liposuction in the buttocks, knees and shins;
  • liposuction in the shoulders and back.


For such a major surgery, such as liposuction, pre-and careful approach. Doctors give the following recommendations:

  • quit Smoking two weeks before surgery;
  • do not drink alcoholic beverages during the month before the procedure;
  • to exclude the use of anticoagulants (blood thinners can cause serious bleeding);
  • on an individual basis to exclude the admission of medicinal drugs by a physician named;
  • can get two sets of compression underwear, which will have to carry the whole next month after the surgery.


The main indication for liposuction is a patient has localized fat deposits that violate the contours of his figures. Most often, women suffer from excess fat in the hips and men in the waist area.

Perhaps this explains the much increased popularity of the cosmetic surgery amongst both the sexes.

Another indication is previously performed tummy tuck surgery or other cosmetic.

Best liposuction helps those patients who are well developed physically and whose skin has a high elasticity. Most often, these are people up to thirty years, with excessive subcutaneous fat is not more than nine pounds.


Vacuum liposuction is fairly traumatic procedure, therefore, has a number of contraindications, including the following:

  1. Malignancy.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Fever, colds, SARS.
  4. Severe chronic diseases of internal organs (heart, kidneys, liver).
  5. Pregnancy and lactation.
  6. Viral diseases.
  7. AIDS, hepatitis B,C.
  8. Systemic lupus.

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Side effects and complications

Liposuction is a complex operation, so do not underestimate it. Side effects and complications can occur not only due to the wrong actions of the surgeon, but by coincidence.

So, after vacuum liposuction following possible complications:

  1. Skin imperfections (dips, bumps).
  2. Bruises, bruises, bruises (they appear in all patients and eventually pass on their own). In most cases they are formed around the incision site and go through ten to fourteen days.
  3. Swelling. They are also a characteristic feature of vacuum liposuction, and pass on their own after some time.
  4. Numbness of the skin.
  5. Muscle pain often pronounced.
  6. The formation of scars.
  7. Infection caused by bacterial contamination after surgery.
  8. Internal bleeding.

Such serious complications are rare, however, to exclude their appearance at one hundred percent, impossible. The optimal solution is to choose a trusted surgeon with years of experience and dozens of successful operations.

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The duration of the rehabilitation period depends on the quantity of remote fat volume. First time patients, there is fever, edema, indurations of the operated area, as well as pain. Perhaps the emergence of asymmetric and bumpy surface in the area of aspiration.

Over the next months, we recommend wearing compression underwear to lift and reduce the skin surface in the operated area. For several months after the procedure, not advice heavy physical exertion. The final result of liposuction can be seen after approximately three months.

To maximize the result of the restoration, the first month after liposuction should include physiotherapy and medication designed to remove puffiness and eliminate pathogenic flora.

After three to six months, final results will be seen, in most cases, satisfactory. At this time, patients are recommended light exercises and diet restrictions (a healthy diet).

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The result in men

Contrary to popular belief that appearance are concerned only with women, statistics says the opposite. Men also very often resort to cosmetic procedures in an attempt to make your appearance more attractive. So, liposuction is popular among men no less than among women.

The most common areas of fat deposits are the back and stomach. Vacuum removes particular fat cells – adipocytes, which are different from the conventional larger sizes. Adipocytes of hormone-dependent and are located exclusively within the zones-traps. Therefore, after the removal of fat traps in the affected areas is also gone.

The recovery period

Among the procedures recommended after liposuction are the following:

  1. Microcurrent massage to stimulate lymph flow.
  2. Stimulation, to improve circulation of fluids in the body and accelerating metabolic processes.
  3. Darsonvalization. The procedure is designed to help with skin lesions and promotes rapid healing of scars. Also relieves pain and improves skin tone.
  4. Ultrasonic therapy. Stimulates the regeneration and nourishes the tissues.
  5. Mesotherapy. Enhances the protective function of the skin and eliminates swelling.

Prices vacuum liposuction

Prices vary depending on top of the clinic, expertise of the people and region of the country. On average, the price for one zone reaches 15000-17000 roubles.

Liposuction zones The cost in rubles
Anterior chest wall: 10000
Anterior abdominal wall (belly): 14000
Lumbar region: 10200
Inguinal region: 10000
Loboc: 6000
Back: 25000
Liposuction adminoptions region («neck hump»): 9000
Mudjahedin region: 10200
Gluteal region: 14000
Armpit: 10000
The shoulder area: 18000
Outer thigh: 11000
Liposuction inner thighs: 11000
Front of thighs: 11000
The back of the thighs: 11000
The area of the knee joint: 6000
Liposuction of the lower legs: 50000
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Frequently asked questions

How many kilos can you lose weight?

Liposuction is not aimed at slimming and body contouring. To lose weight through liposuction cannot, however, stand to lose a few sizes, it is possible.

Is it possible to hold it with obesity?

No, doing this is strictly forbidden. The obesity is a contraindication to the use of this procedure.

How soon after surgery you can return to an active lifestyle?

After one or two months.

How severe will the pain after the procedure?

Most often they are expressed slightly, more like the pain from the bruises.

Is it possible recover deleted earlier fat?

No, it is impossible. Every man genetically laid a certain number of fat cells and removing it via liposuction, they can’t go back, but this does not mean that it is impossible to deform the resulting contour shapes. Fat cells tend to grow and expand in their volumes, therefore, without observance of the recommended diet and lack of exercise, «reset» multiple sizes can easily return.

What happens to excess skin on the place where was carried out the liposuction?

If the patient’s skin is elastic, then the problems should arise. In younger patients such difficulties usually arise. In the case if the elasticity is reduced and there are stretch marks, you should use a special kind of liposuction – laser combo. After this procedure, the patient is prescribed to wear a special underwear and a set of procedures aimed at reducing the skin.

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