Vacuum massage against cellulite – the salon, buy, home, price.

I’m sure everyone knows what cellulite. It is characterized by stagnation in adipose tissue and its degeneration. Previously it was thought that the orange peel only known fully, but the recent changes in the fat layer discover even thin people.

The difficulty of the flow of lymph, the skin becomes flabby, droop, it appears the bumps, dents, and fat cells become clogged, the skin hardens. All these troubles are very good at helping the procedure called vacuum massage.

What is it?

Vacuum massage – is the impact on the muscles, nerves, vessels, connective tissue, in which the result of microcirculation, increases blood flow to these organs and increases metabolism.

For the first time this method began to be used in Eastern medicine in Ancient China and Rome, it was considered that the procedure normalizes vital energy, increases strength of the body, and cupping massage creates pressure differences on the surface of the skin and subcutaneous fat layer.

Acupressure points have a greater amount of blood, tissue are better supplied with nutrients and oxygen, and harmful to the body faster excreted.

In cosmetology procedure for disposal:

  • from orange peel for cellulite;
  • of the stretch marks;
  • when loose and sagging skin;
  • if you have dry and flaky skin;
  • to remove scars, scarring;
  • when overweight;
  • to restore facial contours;
  • for lifting body or certain areas;
  • for the overall health.

The method has found application in therapy and neurology:

  • the metabolic disorders;
  • insomnia;
  • headache;
  • stress and fatigue;
  • bronchitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • colds and the flu;
  • various neuralgia;
  • arthritis, plexitis;
  • muscle pain.

Anti-cellulite vacuum massage is perfect for girls and women, accustomed to care for themselves, as well as those who used to do it passively. Contacting the salon, inert beauty will be in the expert hands of the masseurs.

The events in the cabin

Massage cellulite according to how it is made, is divided into different types.

  1. Manual method: in the classical way by using cans. For this purpose the banks have different diameters. Handled areas of the body where lymph nodes are located. It speeds up lymphatic flow, removes excess water from the body, reduces swelling.
  2. Roller-vacuum massage. Is carried out using nozzles, in which the integrated pump. The most popular today. The impact occurs in two modes: pulsed and continuous. The form of a roller and vacuum power are determined individually.

Hardware vacuum massage cellulite conducted into the cabin, thanks to the alternation of pressure and suction air acts on the selected area of the body, and the pressure drop is working on the deep layer of the skin. The therapist first warms up the body with the hands. It’s pretty painful, but after 6-7 sessions, the fat begins to leave.

This is because the outflow of lymph and blood vessels, improves intercellular fluid, containing products of metabolism, is better excreted from the body, she squeezed, and then excreted from the body in a natural way.

What areas can be applied?

Gentle ways of treatments are used to massage the face, neck and chest.

If we talk about cellulite, greatest effect is seen in:

  • buttocks,
  • the outer surface of the thighs,
  • and stomach.

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Time limit for holding the cans is the whole period of menstruation, increased body temperature, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

Permanent bans are as follows:

  • hypersensitivity of the skin;
  • all vascular diseases – varicose veins of lower extremities, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, increased vascular fragility;
  • irregularities in the blood clotting;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • allergies of various etiology;

  • gynecological problems;
  • high blood pressure;
  • kidney disease acute and subacute stage;
  • diseases of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas;
  • Oncology;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • bleeding and exhaustion of the body;
  • skin diseases – eczema, psoriasis and others.
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Moreover, one should apply the method for skin lesions: abrasions, scratches, open wounds, burns.

How to prepare the skin?

In order that the procedure was pleasant, less painful, effective, do not harm, the skin should be prepared: it needs to be clean and warm.

This is best done while soaking in the tub for 10 minutes, allowed to stand under a hot shower. Shower jet is directed from the bottom up, from the feet to the shoulders.

If the procedure will be carried out on a small area of the body can rubbing it with coarse cloth or a massage hands. During water procedures well cleanse the skin using the scrub. For scrub suit any cosmetic bought in a perfume shop.

Professional scrub can replace the folk recipe:

  • natural ground coffee + liquid soap or gel, you can use the coffee grounds left after drinking a Cup;
  • scrub eggshell – eggshell rinse, dry, grind in a coffee grinder, store in a dry container. Before using also mixed with shower gel;
  • any nuts – the shell and the nut to grind the coffee grinder, use also;
  • oatmeal is good for oily skin;
  • food & sea salt, baking soda and salt should be large, well removes impurities, cleansing the pores.

After treatment with scrub the leather is treated with oil. Not to massage on unprepared skin, it will cause pain, leave bruises, the skin will become swollen.

You can use special anti-cellulite cream or another cosmetic remedy. Professionals mix the cream with massage oil if you apply a cream, it absorbed quickly, banks will not glide over the skin.

Oil massage can be done by hand, for 10 ml of base oil takes a few drops of essential.

For the basics you can use any oil of plant origin:

  • cedar – saturates the cells with oxygen, improves blood flow;
  • coconut and removes toxins;
  • geranium oil – removes excess water, tightens the skin;
  • juniper berry oil: increases metabolism, reduces swelling;
  • olive and others.

Oil should be similar in compatibility, dishes where they mix with oil – dry and clean.

Periodically it is necessary to change the composition of the oils, as the skin gets used and the effects of the components decreases, however, this depends on frequency of use.

How to make vacuum massage cellulite at home?

Not everyone can afford to go to the salon, this method is expensive, and one can not do here, so many women doing massage yourself at home. For this purpose, banks which are sold in any drugstore.

Housing conditions the procedure can be done using different cans.

What are banks for home use?

  1. Glass jars. Rarely used massage made by means of them painful. However, after the session healthy the effect is immediately noticeable. In addition, they are easy to clean.
  2. Banks of rubber. The most frequently used at home, they are the cheapest, painless. Their disadvantage is that they absorb odors, which can not be removed with washing. Quickly come into disrepair.
  3. The banks of the silicone. Comfortable, safe, eco-friendly. The procedure is performed with two hands, it is enough to buy two cans.
  4. The banks of the latex. Soft, pliable, have a long service life, more expensive cans of silicone. Sold set, different size for different body parts.
  5. Suction cups with a pump. Effective and most expensive. Have the pressure regulator, you can focus on your feelings.
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Choose banks to conduct the session in the home is necessary based on the purpose of the procedure. For the back, chest, and thighs will fit great for the face, neck banks with a smaller diameter.

The technique of the home

The procedure itself home session has its advantages and disadvantages.

To set up an ordinary glass jar on the body, you will need a forceps with cotton wool soaked in alcohol, like a conventional lighter with a long tip.

With fire air is removed from the cavity of the banks for a few seconds and the Bank applied to the body.

Herself to put the glass jar is not very convenient – it is painful and dangerous (you can burn the skin). You need to ask the help of relatives, or to purchase vacuum massager. In this apparatus regulates the pressure inside the jar, the session becomes less painful.

After the establishment of banks begin with smooth, slow movements to move the jar across the surface of the skin in the direction of the current of venous blood and lymph, that is, from the periphery to the center of the legs and arms, stomach from my navel to my side.

Each zone massage, swiping the device 3-4 times on these lines.

To remove the jar, hold the skin around it until the air won’t get inside, then the Bank comes unstuck easily. After the procedure the skin applied to conventional or anti-cellulite cream, it is recommended that at least some time to be warm, so as not to SuperCool the skin.


After the vacuum session the skin needs to rest and recover, so the procedure is not suitable for daily use. Better to take her 1-2 times a week for two months, then a break of a few months, then you can again repeat. Duration of the course consists of 10-15 procedures.

The desired result will appear, if you follow simple rules.

  1. One area should be massaged no more than 10 minutes, at the initial stage – no more than 5 minutes. The increase in time can contribute to bruising.
  2. Massage is best done in combination with herbal bath, steam bath and sauna for a more effective result.
  3. For beginners it is better to use silicone banks, they are less painful, the degree of vacuum in the air is not very big.
  4. Cannot be applied to the inner surface of the elbow, knees, hips, and breast in the cardiac region, on the spine, groin and kidney area. Here are located large blood vessels and lymph nodes.

  5. The massage is performed from the periphery to the center, on the abdomen in a clockwise direction.
  6. To do in the evening before sleep to give rest to the skin, athletes immediately after training.

Side effects

It is believed that vacuum massage is perfectly safe, but it is better before use to visit the doctor’s office. Some women and girls after the procedure, there is a deterioration of health, there is weakness in the limbs, General fatigue, sleepiness, but after a short period of time there is improvement.

The main side effect is bruising and seals in the skin after the session.

This happens in people with very sensitive skin. If you reduce the session lifetime to 4 or 5 minutes, bruising may not be at all, or their number will decrease.

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When the session is conducted by an experienced professional, any side effects are virtually eliminated, but if the bruise is obtained when carrying out a home massage, you can use anti-inflammatory and resolving ointments.

There is an opinion that cupping therapy promotes the appearance of spider veins on the skin, as it destroys the capillaries. It is worth noting that these stars appear even in those who never did a vacuum session.

Vascular mesh they already had, just because of the swelling it could not be seen when the swelling was gone, the net catches the eye.

Is it possible to do massage for the stars, better to consult a vascular surgeon. If you do not do the procedure under strong pressure and for a long time, the appearance of new stars may not come.

When to expect results?

Instant results can be expected. The procedure will be more effective if done regularly in combination with massage oils, cellulite cream, diet and sports.

Can I buy massager?

Device for massage, you can buy in the pharmacy kiosks. His choice of the crucial moment, as there are plenty of them. Which massager is right and also the most convenient dependent on individual preferences.

In fact it is the same vacuum cans, modified in massagers. When purchasing draws attention to power, mass, the presence of the suction regulator.

  1. Vacuum body massager Gezatone VACU Beauty – there are three nozzles of different diameters, the handle that allows you to use it alone for massage under the buttocks, there is a reset button pressure 4 suction mode, on the battery, when fully charged, enough for 2-3 sessions, cost about 2000 rubles.
  2. Anti-cellulite massager, Cellules MD is a little cheaper, is applied to the sides, buttocks, hands, feet, eliminates body fat, makes the muscles elastic. With one head, has a stand (890 rubles).
  3. Vacuum anti-cellulite massager EXTRA SLIM Ommassage VK-100 – weight 600g, with one nozzle, the regulator has, on the stand, well-made housing, the price of 1450 rubles.

The massagers on the effectiveness of better cans, not tired hands, regulated by the pressure force. The apparatus is easy to use, not damage the skin if used correctly.

The average cost of the procedure

For whom does not fit the torment of the house with bottles, creams, massagers, you can visit the salon. An experienced therapist will tell all and do it right. Well to use the services of the salon after giving birth to reduce fat and get rid of stretch marks.

The price of the procedure depends on the region and the salon. If you buy one ticket for the whole course will cost less than paying for one treatment.

On average 10 sessions are approximately 6 to 7 thousand rubles. A one-time session 900 rubles.

Photo: Before and after