Vaginoplasty (vaginal) — what it is, prices, reviews, photos before and after

The origins of the problem

In the pelvis in women are several important organs that define her well-being and comfort of daily life. This is the rectum, vagina, and ureters.

The correct location of the organs is determined by the presence of ligaments, muscle tone of the pelvic diaphragm (a muscle layer that cover the exit from the pelvis), diaphragm.

Impaired function of any organs inevitably leads to the violation of the correct work of others.

  1. For example, chronic constipation can change the position of the uterus and vagina and contribute to their persistent prolapse. And excessive widening of the vagina can cause incontinence when sneezing or laughing, incontinence of gases in the intestines and other unpleasant symptoms that can greatly reduce the social adaptation of women.
  2. Violation of normal size and tone the vaginal walls in itself leads to a weakening of sexual sensations in both partners, lack of orgasm in women.
  3. Violations in the sexual sphere lead to low self-esteem women, the appearance of discord in family life, separation from a loved one or divorce.

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Over time with extended the walls of the vagina is the prolapse and prolapse of the genital organs of a woman.

That’s why it’s a complex operation, during execution of which is necessary not only to narrow the vagina, but also to restore the normal disposition of organs, tone the pelvic floor muscles.

The reasons because of which women go for it

  • Congenital features of the structure of the genital organs.

Examples of such features may be complete atresia of vagina virgin hymen or the lack of communication between the uterus and the vagina. In both cases, there is no way for the outflow of menstrual blood that requires surgical intervention. Also quite common is the doubling of the bodies (two vaginas, two uterus) or complete absence of the vagina. In the absence of on his re-recreate from the body’s own tissues.

  • Injuries of the vagina and of the perineum during childbirth.

After birth, it is performed by plastic surgeons most often. The condition of the vagina and the pelvic floor muscles is influenced by a number of factors:

  • preparing mothers for childbirth;
  • the size of the fetus, especially of the baby’s head;
  • the weakness of labor or Vice versa rapid delivery;
  • the quality of episiotomy (special incision in the perineum, through which you can avoid significant discontinuities and the formation of large scars for Mann, these are);
  • the quality of the suturing of soft tissue ruptures of the vagina and perineum in the room.

Mostly women turning to plastic surgeons, concerned about three major issues:

  1. The first is the excess volume of the vagina, which is not reduced and does not accept its original shape after childbirth in a long time.
  2. The second is reduction of the lumen of the vagina and change his position because of scars.
  3. The third is the formation of fistulae, passages between the rectum and the vagina or the ureters and vagina, which are formed in deep lacerations of the perineum. Such complications can arise in women if the obstetrician has no technique of episiotomy or applying it in cases when it is necessary.
  • Age-related changes that lead to prolapse of the genital organs.

With age the elasticity of the ligaments, the muscle tone of the perineum is reduced. This can lead to uterine prolapse. In this case, you may receive:

  • the sensation of having a foreign body in the vagina;
  • the ability to feel the cervix in the vagina;
  • uterine prolapse with significant tension in abdominal muscles.

Basic ways of operation

Vaginoplasty can be performed as an independent operation, and can be combined with:

  • plasty of the labia minora (the shortening, sculptural unequal elongation of the labia);
  • paraneoplastic (General rejuvenation of the perineum);
  • liposuction of the Mons pubis and labia majora;
  • the hymen reconstruction procedure (hymen restoration);
  • increase of the clitoris, the g-spot with the help of fillers.
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The use of own tissues

This type of intervention involves the excision of excess tissue and the wound edges, whereby the lumen of the body decreases. According to this principle is plastic, the front wall, narrowing of the vagina, strengthening the pelvic diaphragm.

To reduce the size of the vagina is removed only over the mucous membrane. Muscles during surgery not cut and not removed. The muscle layer is sutured in such a way as to collect and record the tissue in the crease. Fold over the stapled edge of the mucous membrane.

Plastic with prolapse in older women can be performed only with suturing of the width of the vagina, and may be supplemented by fixation of the uterus to the pelvic bones or complete removal of the uterus in case of its loss.

With the use of implants

For fixation of the vaginal walls with a significant prolapse or loss may be a special mesh. Mesh does not resolve with time, grows connective tissue and thereby provides good results of the operation, which persist for many years.


The first stage

The consultation of a plastic surgeon. Compulsory physical examination on the gynecological chair, the doctor got objective information about the condition of the tissues of the vagina and perineum.

During the consultation, your surgeon may suggest a few solutions to the problems of the patient, which are the application of various techniques of intervention.

For example, you may oshibatsa the vagina, and it is possible to remove severe scarring and narrow the entrance to the vagina. The choice of a specific technique will determine the final result needed by a particular woman.

Some clinics can even be used a special album with the genitalia of different shapes and sizes. On this album, a woman can choose the optimal size of their own vagina, which will be for her and her partner most comfortable.

In some cases, in order to resolve the existing problems surgery is not needed. Not enough can be injections of hyaluronic acid. Contour of the external genitalia and the vagina is carried out with special preparations, such as Hyalax Base.

The second stage

You need to undergo a series of examinations:

  • smears from the vaginal flora;
  • tests for STIs, and viral hepatitis;
  • General and biochemical blood tests, urinalysis;
  • x-rays of the chest;
  • ECG.

The list of examinations may be extended depending on the health status of the patient and volume of the proposed operation.

The third stage

Mandatory before surgery is the anesthesiologist, as the operation is performed under General anesthesia.

The fourth stage

In about two weeks it is necessary to refuse from Smoking and alcohol so as not to provoke the formation of adhesions and have no complications from the anesthesia.

A week before the surgery doctors prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotics and antiviral drugs, to avoid septic complications and recurrence of viral infections, such as genital herpes, shingles, etc.

The day before surgery, a light Breakfast and drink water throughout the day. On the day of surgery eating and drinking is strongly not recommended.


You should consider the fact that the operation is complicated and large in volume, is performed under General anesthesia, therefore treat the survey should be implemented with all seriousness.

Be sure to tell your doctor about all medicines that you are taking, diseases acute and chronic, are available at the moment complaints. It is better to postpone the surgery and necessary treatment than to risk health in pursuit of beauty.

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Contraindications to anesthesia

  • The respiratory system.

General anaesthesia is not carried out in cases when the patient is diagnosed with acute bronchitis or pneumonia, chronic bronchitis with a significant obstruction, bronchial asthma in the period of exacerbation, pleuritis.

  • From the cardiovascular system.

The anesthesiologist has the right to refuse the conduct of the anesthesia to the patient in that case, if you have severe heart failure, manifested by shortness of breath with slight exertion, arterial gipotenzia with frequent crises, serious disturbances of heart rhythm and conduction.

  • From the nervous system.

The operation is not carried out in the presence of acute neurological disorders, epilepsy and increased convulsive readiness. Any mental illness deemed a contraindication.

  • From the immune system.

Vaccination, which was held less than two weeks before the surgery, the presence of polyvalent Allergy, intolerance to a number of drugs are regarded as unfavourable factors that can affect the outcome of the operation.

When it is impossible to carry out the operation

  • the presence of infectious diseases, including STIs, tuberculosis of any localization, blood infections, seasonal ORI;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • violation of blood coagulation and anticoagulants;
  • cancer;
  • the tendency to develop hypertrophic scars;
  • a number of acute and chronic diseases of internal organs, cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • acute inflammatory processes in the body.

What is the procedure

The patient can be assigned to come to the clinic the day of surgery. For non-resident patients the number of clinics will offer tests at the place of residence or to come and pass the required list of examinations for two or three days before surgery.

Is the plastic vagina in the operating room, which is equipped with everything necessary for carrying out the anesthesia.

For pain can be applied inhalation or intravenous anesthesia and epidural anesthesia combined with sedation medication. The surgery itself takes about 1-1. 5 hours. After the operation the patient was transferred to the intensive care unit to monitor her condition and health.

The postoperative period

Feature of any plastic surgery of the genitals is that the postoperative period requires strict adherence to a large number of constraints. Depends on the end result of the intervention, the development of a number of adverse consequences.

  • The locomotor activity.

The first 3-5 days it is necessary to observe strict bed rest. It is better to spend time in the hospital. To be discharged home after day surgery should only be the case if your Pets are fairly independent and can take care of you properly.

Approximately a month after surgery doesn’t cost much to walk and impossible to sit. Within two months after surgery should limit their physical activity significantly: only a small handbag in hand, no heavy lifting, physical work around the house, sports.

For at least 1 year after surgery, weight of objects handled, must not exceed 5 kg. This is a great reason to begin to feel like a woman and let others take care of themselves.

  • Diet.

In the first days is recommended to refrain from eating. You can only drink water or fruit drinks. Within two months, you should pick up for yourself a list of products so that they:

  1. Do not provoke gas, bloating, as it increases intra-abdominal pressure and worsen the conditions of functioning of organs of small pelvis;
  2. Facilitated regular and timely bowel movements: constipation can greatly worsen the conditions of recovery of the vagina after the intervention.
  • Treatment of postoperative wounds.

The stitches from the vaginal mucosa should not be removed, as this is usually used absorbable thread. Seams with the crotch removed in 7-10 days. In the first week sutures will have to be treated with a solution antiseptics.

  • Sex.

Within two months after the vaginoplasty from sex will have to give. During the second month banned only vaginal contact. In the first four weeks adverse consequences of even normal sexual arousal, as this happens the blood flow to the genitals that may increase postoperative swelling and cause eruption and suture.

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The consequences

  • Swelling.

Edema usually appears in the first two weeks. Fully swelling are the average for two months.

  • Pain.

Pain in the lower abdomen can resolve fairly quickly, in about two to three weeks. In most cases, the pain is moderately intense, because for them the relief you may need painkillers. In cases when the body of the uterus during surgery were fixed to the bones of the pelvis, pain can become chronic due to the constant irritation of the periosteum hanging from her body.

  • Hematoma.

Subcutaneous bruises usually disappear on their own without treatment.

You should pay attention to the hematoma volume and presence of pain at the site of the operating sections. If the hematoma volume is increasing rapidly and is accompanied by intense unbearable pain, you should immediately consult a doctor. Pelvic organs abundantly krovosnabjaemah, because the opened bleeding can cause significant blood loss.

  • Scarring.

If the body is inclined to react to damage by intense proliferation of connective tissue, can develop severe scarring in the perineum and the mucous membrane of the vagina.

Vaginoplasty before delivery

Plastic vagina nulliparous women rarely do and only for medical reasons.

It is worth considering the fact that after vaginal birth, the procedure should be repeated. Similarly, those women who are already doing a vaginoplasty after the first birth will have to plan another surgery after the second or third birth.

The application of laser

In Moscow, a number of clinics have already appeared special laser systems for the manipulation of the genital area. The technique of laser vaginal tightening can be interesting for those who feel a decrease in muscle tone of the vagina and/or perineum, wants to reduce the volume of the vagina, but does not have sufficient grounds for surgery.

Its mechanism of action on skin and mucous membranes of the genital organs is very simple. Controlled laser radiation causes a local thermal damage of the connective tissue structures, in particular fibers of collagen and elastin.

In response to the damaged connective fibers shrink. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in cultivated tissues. Damage also results in activation of regenerative processes in tissues, thereby rejuvenates the cellular structure of the skin and mucous membranes.

The procedure lasts about 20 minutes. The only limitation that must be observed after treatments is to refrain from sex for 72 hours.


Name of service Cost in RUB.
vaginal from 80000 to 160000

The final cost will depend on the volume of transactions, amount of related services that have to be paid separately, status and location of the clinic. Wanttoknow price only directly on the consultation when the doctor will see the volume of the forthcoming intervention.

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