Valeria Lukyanova before and after surgery, Barbie girl (Amatue 21)

In a network some information about her past, but enough about what she was doing now. This girl named Valeria Lukyanova. She was born in Tiraspol on 23 August 1985. Have Amatue21, as calls herself Valeria, has a brother who lives with his mother in Russia and his father was living at her home.

Also have a girls Barbie has a husband, but he was not Ken, and Odessa businessman working in the construction industry. His name is Dmitry Skrebov. Evil tongues write that she lives and fulfills all his whims for the money husband.

Valeria graduated from high school, but admitted that he paid for the grades on some subjects, because they did not consider them important and necessary in life. There is information that she graduated as well, and the school of music but graduated from the Lee Institute? It remains a mystery.

Now Amatue hardly leaves the house, communicating with the press through the Internet and Skype itself prohibits photography. She is fond of music, singing, writing poetry and songs in the style of new age, gains inner harmony through meditation, traveling. Valeria a solo album. It also holds seminars on out of body practices.

Barbie girl considers himself an energy-being from the Pleiades constellation, which acquired human body.

According to her, she remembers all his past lives as incarnated as a priest in Atlantis and pre-Columbian America. She was preparing for the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar December 21 2012, but said that it will not, and will begin a new cycle, the era of love, knowledge, freedom.

At the age of 14, Valeria tried to commit suicide because of a boy, was fond of vampirism and was in the sect «Red dragon». Now it is more attracted to the spirituality of Hinduism. Valery says that he personally communed with God while he was in the astral.

In 2007 Lukyanova won the title «Miss diamond crown of Ukraine». She also appeared on television on channels «Russia-1» and «channel» in 2012 and 2013.

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What operations did Amatue

Looking at her appearance suspect. How many plastic surgeries she did to look like? According to the girl, it increased his chest only to make it proportional to your body. Today its options are impressive, and will make the envy of even a very slender girl.

Breasts Valeria 88 cm waist — 48cm, hips — 88 cm clothing Size — 34, Shoe size — 35, and the weight ranges from 42 to 45 lbs. With growth there are some disputes.

The girl says that her height is 175 cm, But some Internet sources say that it adds 13 cm in height, then to pull my legs in photoshop. So supposedly does not allow taking pictures of themselves in live.

One thing is clear — it is an unnatural beauty. Although she tries to draw people’s attention to their qualities and their creativity, the most worried about her unusual appearance.

A lot of assumptions about what still surgery, she was moved, here are the main ones:

  • removal of lower ribs;
  • plastic cheekbones;
  • cheiloplasty;
  • breast augmentation;
  • blepharoplasty — surgery to change eye shape;
  • rhinoplasty — surgery to reshape the nose;

It is assumed that all these operations cost tens of thousands of dollars. Naturally, all these operations, if they were paid to her husband.

Video: Photos Of Valerie Lukyanova

Lukyanova pictures of Valeria before and after surgery

Photos before plastic

Valeria Lukyanova before surgery was an ordinary girl. According to her, appearance plays an important role in her life. All people have a physical body, but her appearance makes her listen. She does not deny that her image is that of a doll. She believes that her face and space, she was close to the topic of perfection, that’s what she wants. So Amatue looked before plastic. Quite a pretty girl, some say she ruined my appearance.

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Photos after plastic surgery

It is not clear whether doing Amatue these operations, or it is the result of makeup, which she designs and makes herself. Looking at her unnaturally thin waist, there is a lot of controversy: she removed ribs or not, to achieve such a result, or consequences of training, diet and work?

Itself Valery says that it is all good heredity and a raw food diet, which adheres to the girl.

Later she expects to go to the water, and then to the power of natural energy provedenie. Valeria goes for a workout in the gym 3 times a week. Looking at pictures of her mother in youth and most Amatue, we can assume that she wasn’t lying, it’s really good heredity and diet.

The only operation that does not deny Lukyanova — breast augmentation. And foolish with her would be to do it, because the result is very noticeable.

Looking at it, plastic surgeons in one voice told that she has done rhinoplasty. Indeed, her nose was noticeably thinner. Either it’s tons of make-up, or operation. And yet, she Amatue never tired of repeating that her looks are her work, not the work of surgeons.

But she is not against plastic surgeries, because he believes that if the appearance does not bring satisfaction inside him disharmony and leaves important life energy.

Video: confession

It looks like a girl now

Some psychologists believe that Lukyanova exaggerated form of narcissism combined with dysmorphobia.

After plastic surgery Valeria believes that she is the goddess, sent to Earth to improve the world. She has many fans in social networks, but it is terrible that some people looked at her, want to do the same thing and itself.