VASER liposuction (VASER) — what is it, reviews, prices, photos before and after

The technique uses high-frequency sound waves that pass through a tube inserted under the skin of the patient, and destroy the fat deposition. Destroyed fat tissue is then removed with a special malotravmiruth system and suction tubes.

Preparing and conducting

Before surgery, the patient needs to undergo a standard set of tests to exclude the presence of diseases that are present in the contraindications. Also conducted a counseling interview with a plastic surgeon, which is planned overall work plan and discusses the desired result.

The technology involves the use of Vaser ultrasound, which is the most safe for the human body. On the surface of the skin made small punctures through which cannulated.

With the help of ultrasound tissue fat is «melted» and then output to the outside. After surgery remain little traces that are fast enough and don’t leave behind scars.

At the request of the patient together with liposuction may be performed lipolifting, that is, increased cheekbones, lips or Breasts.

The rehabilitation period

The Vaser technology allows you to eliminate the fat without damaging the blood vessels and large trauma.

Accordingly, the rehabilitation period is short, and after a few days, the patient can return to normal rhythm of life.

After four or five weeks light swelling and edema subsides and the person gets the desired result.

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If you compare this technology with conventional liposuction, you find the following undeniable advantages:

  1. The lack of need for General anesthesia.
  2. The operation in minimum time.
  3. The minimum amount of scarring, bruising after surgery.
  4. Lightnig effect.
  5. The clarity prediction (the doctor always understands what kind of result can be reached, by making a particular step).
  6. The opportunity to evaluate the results of the work during the operation.
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Indications are the following factors:

  • the presence of the folds of the belly fat;
  • excess fat on back and waist;
  • the extra volume of the buttocks and thighs;
  • the excess fat on the inside of the hands.

Technology used for:

  • for lip augmentation and cheeks;
  • buttocks and Breasts;
  • for the formation of the press.


There are the following contraindications:

  1. Chronic diseases of internal organs (coronary heart disease, circulatory failure, etc.).
  2. High blood pressure.
  3. Varicose veins accompanied by complications like thrombophlebitis or thrombosis.
  4. Diabetes in decompensated form.
  5. Malignancy.
  6. Viral and infectious diseases (SARS, flu).
  7. Diseases of the immune system (autoimmune disease).
  8. Poor blood clotting.
  9. Of mental illness (alcoholism, drug addiction, in particular).
  10. Connective tissue diseases (systemic lupus, rheumatism).
  11. Neurological disorders.
  12. Menstrual cycle.
  13. Pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects and recommendations

As side effects you may experience the following sensations:

  • discomfort;
  • numbness of the treated area;
  • a small swelling;
  • reduced sensitivity.

All of these sensations are normal and pass within a few days without outside intervention.

After surgery, doctors recommend the following:

  • stop Smoking and alcoholic drinks (for a month);
  • to unsubscribe from visiting saunas, swimming pools, sun decks (for a month);
  • avoid direct sunlight (for 3-4 weeks);
  • to avoid eating salty, fatty and fried foods;
  • to reduce the consumption of salt, caffeine;
  • to take prescription drugs;
  • to avoid colds and infectious diseases;
  • to avoid physical activity (the first month), later to engage in light fitness.


The average cost is 25,000 rubles. However, note that in addition to the separate procedure will be paid consultations with other doctors (in addition to the plastic surgeon).

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Procedure Price
Vaser-liposuction from 25 000 RUB.

Frequently asked questions

How long to recover?

Due to atraumatically impact, the surrounding fat tissue is not damaged. Accordingly, the vessels and nerves of the patient does not suffer and the rehabilitation period is reduced to one or two days. If the surgery was uncomplicated and successful, the patient can go home after two to five hours.

How dangerous it is? Maybe you should choose more traditional and time-tested methods?

Vaser liposuction is a very safe procedure. As for the more traditional methods of combating excessive fat, they also good, all depends on the situation: for example, deleting a large amount of fat, traditional liposuction offers many advantages, but it also is the most traumatic of all types of liposuction.

Can you lose weight with its help?

Any type of liposuction is not intended to lose weight, but to change the contours of the body or face. Vaser liposuction is not struggling with obesity or excessive weight of the patient, it only smooths the contours, giving them a more harmonious and beautiful proportion.

How long is the surgery?

From a half to three hours, depending on area and complexity of the procedure.

How long does the effect?

It depends on the individual characteristics of the human body and way of life. If you follow all the recommendations prescribed by the doctor at the rehab period and to have an active lifestyle, then the result will be stable for many years.

Can there be serious complications?

Serious complications of vaser liposuction can not be. Possible minor side effects that go away on their own.

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Do liposuction covered by insurance?

Since this is cosmetic procedure insurance it is not covered.

Before and after Vaser liposuction