Vertical mammoplasty — popped a stitch after that it

What is

The goal of modern plastic surgery on the breast is:

  • the maximum improvement of methods of changing the volume of the breast;
  • her braces with a good aesthetic result;
  • how can a smaller percentage of complications in the postoperative period.

Before the doctor faces a number of problems:

  1. to achieve the aesthetic shape of the breast as a result of the operation;
  2. make the minimum amount of scarring;
  3. and also by the long time save.

For this there is a modern, popular in America and Europe the technique of breast reduction through the method of vertical reduction mammoplasty (vertical mastopexy).

Vertical mammoplasty, also called the method of the Benelli-Lollipop.

Using this method during the operation are removed:

  1. the excess glandular tissue, skin;
  2. the nipple-alveolar area of the chest artificially shifted to the correct position.

During the surgery, an incision of tissue is made from the areola to the base of the breast along the vertical Meridian, but not along a horizontal line in the fold under the breast.

Sutures after healing virtually invisible.


This operation has several advantages:

  • retained sensitivity of the nipple and natural breast form;
  • the operation is short;
  • a small percentage of complications.

Good results are observed when reducing the breast no more than 800 grams of tissue.

This surgery is indicated in mild cases of sagging Breasts, when natural breast size is small.

At the present time this type of surgery is a very popular technique breast lift by virtue of its universality:

  • the method allows to obtain positive results in patients with varying degrees of sagging Breasts;
  • excess stretched skin;
  • different ratios in the tissue of the breast glandular and adipose tissue.

After surgery, mammoplasty, there remains the possibility of breastfeeding.


Breast lift is a complicated operation, but, nevertheless, there are reasons in which it is shown, often because it affects the quality of life of the patient, as well as her health.

The main indications for carrying out this type of operation:

  1. loss of firmness and elasticity of the breast is influenced by age-related changes;
  2. rapid weight loss, when while maintaining the volume of the breast nipples down very low, almost to the level of the fold under the breast;
  3. sagging Breasts and loss of volume after childbirth and breastfeeding;
  4. the preservation of the volume of the gland with loss of elasticity and a significant degree of stretching of the skin;
  5. inadequate volume of the breast by stretching the skin;
  6. the asymmetry of the mammary glands
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Photos before and after surgery

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There are also a number of contraindications to the surgery about the correction of the breast:

  1. exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  2. infectious diseases;
  3. pathology of the endocrine system;
  4. cancer;
  5. diabetes mellitus;
  6. infringement of process of coagulability of blood;
  7. expressed fibrocystic breast pathology;
  8. multiple scars in the breast;
  9. recent (less than a year ago) lactation;
  10. venereal disease;
  11. pregnancy;
  12. surgery for the correction of the mammary glands do adults only.

Important! A breast lift should be done only with the full confidence of absence of pregnancy and the refusal of its planning. Otherwise, the lifting effect will be completely nullified.

Video: Vertical incision

How to make vertical mammoplasty

  • The operation is performed under General anesthesia.
  • The duration of the intervention 2-3 hours.
  • During the operation of the vertical mammoplasty, in addition to the incision around the areola, the doctor makes a vertical incision down to the fold under the breast.
  • During the operation, the cut skin flap and the nipple is moved much higher.
  • The nipple and areola are not involved in the operation, cut only the skin around them.
  • To mammary gland remains movable, the surgeon can separate or remove tissue on the perimeter of the incision using the laser.
  • Doctor while dissecting the adipose tissue and make the facelift glands, reduces the areola.

This surgery is used when there is significant sagging (ptosis) of the breast, as a simple removal of excess skin between the circular sections gives the desired aesthetic effect, the chest will just be more flat.

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By means of an additional vertical incision and remove excess skin in the lower parts and chest takes a natural teardrop shape.

Modern methods of suturing give the possibility that vertical scars are almost invisible.

What to do if you popped a stitch after operation

In case of discrepancies between the seam after operation vertical mammoplasty should immediately consult the doctor who will eliminate the problem.

Sometimes the surgeon decides to re-stitches.

If you experience any inflammation is drainage, that is, the seams are not applied across the wound.

The plot is an open wound left to heal (this is the so-called secondary tension).

The wound is treated with antiseptic preparation, if necessary, need to bandage again.

The patient assigned medication detoxification that is necessary, if the wound festers.


The vertical mammoplasty the possibility of complications is very low, but it still exists.

Among the possible early complications include the following:

  1. postoperative bleeding;
  2. inflammation and suppuration of the surgical site;
  3. the weak sensitivity of the nipples and the area in the seam area;
  4. hematoma and bruising, swelling tissue.

When professionally done vertical mammoplasty, and compliance with patient of all recommendations of the doctor for rehabilitation, early effects of surgical intervention are without a trace within a few weeks.

To adverse late effects include:

  • education pigmentatia seam;
  • protruding above the surface of the weld scar;
  • the asymmetry of the Breasts;
  • unsatisfactory shape of the breast;
  • re-sagging of the breast.

Re-sagging mammary glands, in principle, can not be called a complication since it is associated with the effect of gravity on the soft tissues of the gland.

This result can also cause sharp changes in the total weight.

In such cases re-lift the breast or make the installation of prostheses to correct sagging Breasts.

If successful, the flow of transactions, these complications are very rare and usually they are associated with individual feature of the body of the patient.

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It is therefore important prior to surgery vertical mammoplasty to conduct a full examination.

Useful tips

  1. conducted after vertical mammoplasty must strictly follow all doctor appointments to avoid complications;
  2. you need to choose the right compression garment and wear it, it will support the Breasts;
  3. in the first six months after surgery to avoid physical overload and thermal procedures, to avoid staying under direct sunlight;
  4. not recommended during the first three weeks after surgery to travel by air;
  5. if a patient is planned a significant reduction in weight, this should be done before surgery because severe fluctuations in weight may have a negative impact on the result of the operation;
  6. at least 15 days before surgery to stop taking hormonal birth control drugs, and drugs that reduce blood clotting. It is also advisable to stop Smoking;
  7. the performance of the performed operation will be visible only after 3-4 months when I come down the swelling;
  8. don’t expect that the result of the operation will continue for life. Mammary glands over time will again change shape. The duration of survival the results of the operation depend on the characteristics of the organism.
  9. also don’t expect complete disappearance of scars: over time, they become almost not visible, but last a lifetime;
  10. operation of vertical mammoplasty requires significant financial investments. Before deciding on surgery should be consulted in several clinics, read reviews, see photos results of operations.