Vertical mastopexy (breast lifting) — photo, reviews, price

To seriously address the issues associated with performing operations on the chest, began only in the 19th century and in the 20th century became a separate reduction mastopexy (breast reduction) which was to remove excess glandular and adipose tissue, and breast lift (breast lift), which escalas only excess skin. And only closer to the beginning of the 21st century surgery for breast lift have become full-fledged plastic surgery, which are very popular among women of any age.

The omission of the mammary glands

The mastoptosis is the result of loss of breast skin elasticity. With ptosis of the breast is flattened, the nipple and areola begin to shift down.

Ptosis of the breast can be:

  • the true (glandular), when together with the soft tissue of the breast moves down and the nipple-areola complex,
  • about when the nipple remains the same, but the Breasts are flattened due to the sagging increases the lower pole of the breast below the nipple.

On the severity emit:

  • minimal ptosis: the nipple is shifted to the level of skin folds under the Breasts;
  • moderate ptosis: the nipple is shifted by 1-3 cm below skin folds;
  • pronounced ptosis: the nipple moves lower skin fold located on the lower pole of the breast (pointing down).

The vertical breast lift is effective in cases of marked ptosis, culdesac required to lift more than 2 cm.

What problems can be corrected by surgery

  • the offset nipple and areola down;
  • the discrepancy of the actual breast and skin that surrounds it;
  • gradual replacement of glandular tissue to fat, which to the touch is not so elastic;
  • stretching of the ligaments of the breast during lactation and breast-feeding;
  • the appearance of stretch marks;
  • the asymmetry of the Breasts.


  • Women after the breastfeeding period who are unhappy with the loss of elasticity of the breast skin.

Usually, during lactation the breast can greatly increase in size. The skin is significantly stretched. If skin elasticity is inadequate to come back, the Breasts SAG, formed by definition of women’s «ears of a Spaniel».

  • Women after significant weight loss.

Especially pronounced can be ptosis in that case, if during the life of the woman several times to lose weight, and then gained weight.

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  • Women aged.

With age, skin elasticity decreases, which can affect the appearance of the breast.

In all the above cases mastopexy is performed with preserved or reduced elasticity of the skin and normal or slightly reduced volume of the chest.

If the breast volume is large, then we go into techniques of reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction), and if very small then it often is conducted simultaneously with the implantation.


  • Planning of pregnancy and breastfeeding in the future. After completion of lactation may again be scheduled ptosis, which again will require correction.
  • Unstable body weight. Surgery is indicated only when the body weight was normalized and further changes are anticipated. Otherwise, again, you may develop sagging Breasts.
  • Focal fibrous changes, cysts in the mammary glands in the case if they are numerous and require ongoing monitoring and treatment.
  • Scars in the chest and mammary glands.
  • Endocrinological diseases in which develop hormonal disturbances.
  • Decompensated diabetes mellitus.
  • Diseases of the blood and a violation of svertyvaemosti blood.
  • The tendency to form hypertrophic or keloid scars.Usually after vertical mastopexy on the lower pole of the breast remains rough vertical scar. If we add to this the predilection of the organism to excessive development of connective tissue, then enjoy the result of plastic surgery with a rough vertical scar will be only in clothes.
  • Common diseases of the body: cardiovascular, internal organs, infectious, cancer.
  • The end of lactation in less than a year before the surgery.

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Before surgery is necessary to pass the examination. In the list of required procedures include:

  • General analysis of blood and urine;
  • biochemical blood test to confirm normal functioning of the liver and kidneys;
  • a blood test for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis b and hepatitis C;
  • ECG;
  • fluorography;
  • the examination of the physician;
  • mammography or breast ultrasound;
  • consultation of the anesthesiologist.

About 10 days before surgery to stop taking drugs that can affect blood clotting (their list will give you the doctor).

With the purpose of prophylaxis of purulent complications and exacerbation of herpes infection prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics and antiviral drugs.

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The day before operation should be limited to light Breakfast and drink. On the day of surgery to eat and drink is impossible.

As a vertical mastopexy

In the medical environment surgery vertical mastopexy named after the authors of the method Benelli-Lollipop. Performed under General anesthesia and at the time it may take from a half to three hours. The incision on the breast gland is carried out vertically from the nipple down to the crease of skin under the breast and around the nipple. The nipple rises above to the extent necessary. The excess skin below the level of the nipple are removed. The edges of the wound are reduced and sutured.


Immediately after surgery, the patient is recommended to wear a compression garment all day and night during the month. Thanks to the soft massage and support provided by the compression garment, significantly reduced postoperative swelling, less severe pains in the region of the postoperative wound, the easier the recovery. Due to the fact that the operation is performed under General anesthesia, the first day the patient spends in the hospital, in the intensive care unit.

If the first day went well, the second woman is discharged home. At home to alleviate the possible pain recommended pain medication tablets. You may need antibiotics as a preventive measure.

In General, the recovery period is much easier than after my surgery for breast augmentation, but even in spite of this, the first two weeks will have to follow the doctor’s recommendations:

  • to limit physical activity, do not lift weights, play sports;
  • to refuse to visit the baths, saunas and Solarium;

The stitches will be removed 10-14 days after the surgery. Until that time they must times a day lubricated with an antiseptic solution.

Postoperative swelling can come 3-4 months after the operation, and therefore the final results can only be assessed after this time.

Possible complications

  • prolonged swelling;
  • postoperative pain during the first few days after surgery;
  • suppuration surgical site;
  • the development of seroma or bleeding;
  • the appearance of hematomas on the skin in the area of any incisions;
  • the development of a purulent infectious process in the breast tissue.
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Side effects

  • Rough vertical scar.

Remains almost all cases. A year after the operation, when the vertical seam is fully ripe, it can try to «buff out» with a laser or microdermabrasion. But the origin of the scar will be very noticeable.

  • Instability results.

Usually after 5-7 years the Breasts after the surgery falls on the same level. The owners of the miniature of the chest at a slower rate.those who have the bust size is large, it will be faster. Any hormonal changes, changes in body weight, will only accelerate this process.

  • The decreased sensitivity of the breast skin, the nipple.

This condition may be temporary and gradually disappear after 2-6 months after surgery and may remain forever.


  • eliminates the sagging and laxity of the breast;
  • due to the redistribution of the soft tissues, you can get the visual effect of breast enlargement;
  • eliminated physical discomfort and psychological feelings about the imperfections of their own bust;
  • returns attractiveness to the opposite sex.

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The cost

Service Price in RUB.
Vertical mastopexy all inclusive 50000

The cost of the operation all inclusive included a surgeon, performing tests and examinations, the cost of anesthesia and gauze dressings required the drugs used in the clinic, directly perform the operation.

Additionally the patient will need to acquire painkillers and drugs that the doctor prescribed for admission before surgery and in the postoperative period.

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