Vertical or horizontal Solarium — what better what to choose, reviews

How it works

There are several indicators that directly affect the intensity of the sun and the number of minutes/sessions that you will need to spend in the tanning bed to get a result:

  • types of radiation of the lamps and their percentage;
  • lamp power;
  • pressure lamps;
  • the number of hours worked by the lamps;
  • view of the Solarium.

Types of radiation

  • Ultraviolet A (UVA).

Ultraviolet rays And are the most gently, triggering the production of melanin in the skin.

  • Ultraviolet light (UVB).

More aggressive radiation that causes the redness of the skin preceding the appearance of a rich tan.

  • The ultraviolet (UVС).

This type of radiation should not be tanning, because their skin is with a high probability of leading to cancer.

The percentage

Normal values for Solarium: ‘UVA – 97-99%, UVB – 1-3%. UVС rays coming from the Sun, blocks the ozone layer. UVС rays from the lamps (if you use lamps of high pressure) should be blocked special glass used for the production of these lamps.

Lamp power

It is from power depends on how quickly you can tan under a tanning lamp. For comparison, bulbs for mini-Solarium have a capacity of about 100 Watts, because the average session duration is 20-40 minutes, and get a rich chocolate tan without bronzers will not work.

Lamp for industrial (salon) tanning salons have a capacity of 160-180 Watts, because in this the tanning bed shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes.

More powerful radiation is the difference new bulbs. But those lamps that have worked for many hours and their resources are almost depleted, give a less intense radiation.

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Therefore, if in the Solarium, where you go for some time, changed bulbs, you should reduce the session time by half, otherwise there is a high risk of burns.

If so drastically reduce the time spent in the tanning bed not want, you can ask at reception for tanning how to tan safely with the new lamps.

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The value of the device

It is believed that the radiation, which give a vertically arranged lamp, more intense. Because sessions in the vertical Solarium is recommended to do two times shorter than in the horizontal.

There are differences and the quality of the sun in different decks. At vertical tans stronger upper body. And to avoid white spots in the axillary areas, you need the entire session or at least most of it to keep his hands lifted up.

In horizontal you can relax and lie down, but there is a risk of light spots in places where the skin is accustomed to the glass, for example, in the blades. Better upright tan that’s legs.

Given this difference in the intensity of the tan top or Vice versa lower part of the body, some regular visitors to tanning salons use different ways to align the color of the skin:

  • you can alternate sessions in the vertical and horizontal solariums;
  • smooth tone body can help the different intensity of the impact of sunscreens (eg sun vertical tanning for body you can use regular cream, and foot tingle-effect);
  • will also help you to get a more intense tan legs in a vertical Solarium mirrored bottom.
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In the horizontal Solarium there is another drawback: it must be disinfected after each client, because during the session the client placed the glass on the entire body.

There are those who take a special disinfectants, there are those who ask the administrator to treat the surface immediately before the procedure. In any case, the issue of hygiene is important to most visitors.

How to sunbathe

The rules of tanning do not differ for sun decks of vertical and horizontal forms. Everywhere you need to use a cap, protective goggles, clear skin before the procedure and cosmetics, remove jewelry, apply sunscreen. Regardless of the form in a new salon you must ask the administrator what the lamp power is set, how long do these lamps work, and how much it costs to spend time, so as not to scorch.

Also it is not necessary in the new sunroom to extend a session (to be added after the first 10 minutes, even 5 or 10). It is better to see what the reaction of the skin and only the second or third treatments «off max».

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A comparison of the prices

In most Russian cities the prices for 1 minute in the tanning bed start with 10 rubles. The maximum price of 20 rubles. Moreover, a clear dependence of the rates of Solarium (horizontal, vertical, turbo) no. 10 rubles – if you buy a certain number of minutes in a subscription. If the procedure is one-time, one minute can cost up to 15 rubles.

In Moscow, on the contrary, there is a clear graduation of prices depending on what is installed in Solarium tanning Studio. The moment in the upright will cost about 10 rubles to 15 rubles horizontal, turbo – 20 rubles. The value is also and permeability of the salon: the more popular is the interior is, consequently, expensive procedure.

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Reviews about vertical tanning