Vitamins for dry skin – what is missing, body, face, hands, the body needs

What is the impact on the skin

There are three main causes of dryness:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • incorrectly matched care;
  • the lack of nutrients in the body.

In all cases, the skin can suffer from lack of vitamins from food. The main components that should be present in the diet regularly are vitamins a, b, C, E. In order about each of them.

Vitamin A

This component is also called Retinol. Exists in two variations:

  1. Ready vitamin.
  2. Provitamin (carotene). Vegetable source that is doing with the products, is converted to the desired substance.

Daily rate of vitamin A in the diet of women is 700 micrograms, pregnant – 770 mcg (applied in the situation of need with care, since the excess is harmful to the fetus), nursing – 1300 mg.

Products that contain Retinol:

  • carrots;
  • spinach;
  • parsley;
  • melon;
  • apples;
  • apricots;
  • grapes;
  • melon;
  • beef liver;
  • milk;
  • the yolks of egg;
  • butter.

Necessary for quality work of all systems, as well as for healthy skin and hair. Starts the process of the growth of new cells, thus renewing the dermis. A positive effect on the hormonal background of women.

The deficit of the substance provokes the premature aging of the skin are destroyed by its protective properties, there is peeling.

Vitamin B

Substances in this group have a positive effect on the growth of new cells, including epidermis.

When the diet lacks this vitamin, the problem starts with the skin, nails, hair.

Some of the group (e.g. B1) can be synthesized in the human gut.

The group of b vitamins takes part in all metabolic processes of the body, so this component is vital.


  • apricots;
  • tomatoes;
  • sweet pepper;
  • fish;
  • algae;
  • beans;
  • nuts.

When a single component is missing, the food is nothing pathological with the skin will not happen, however, if you neglect these products regularly, can be a problem.

Vitamin C

The people is called ascorbic acid. Involved in cell regeneration, helps to restore damaged tissues, improves metabolic processes. Registered as a food additive E300.

Is an excellent antioxidant of harmful substances in the body. Daily dose average is 100 mcg.

Foods that are sources of component:

  • citrus;
  • kiwi;
  • black currant;
  • wild rose;
  • all leafy vegetables;
  • offal (liver, kidneys);
  • potatoes.

Vitamin C, successfully fights infection, promotes rapid healing of skin wounds, beneficial for the skin of the face, hands and body.

Ascorbic acid is a powerful allergen, the use of which is recommended to discuss with the allergist in order to avoid side effects.

Vitamin E

In medicine is called Tocopherol. Is the «female» vitamin necessary the weaker sex regularly. Obligatorily cosmetologists at the increased dryness of the dermis.

Widely used in cosmetics, as therapeutic agent. The daily dose for women is 500 micrograms.

Displays the body of toxins, normalizes water — salt balance, moisturizes. It is used as one of the main components in cosmetic products for dry skin, prevention of wrinkles.

What food contains:

  • unrefined plant oil;
  • chicken eggs;
  • nuts;
  • cereals;
  • dairy products.

Beauticians strongly recommend to include in the diet of Tocopherol as a mandatory component. It is useful for women’s health and beauty.

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The vitamins contained in the foods in excess, will not bring adequate benefits, but harm definitely.

However, a balanced diet will help dry the skin to maintain its functions without aesthetic prejudice:

  1. The presence in food of all necessary skin vitamins will help to speed up the metabolic processes of the main external body.
  2. Will help in the speedy healing of minor wounds associated with dryness.
  3. Give the dermis elasticity and nourish it.
  4. Improve the aesthetic component of the skin.

Attention! To choose the most suitable type complex will not be superfluous to consult a beautician. He appreciates her condition and help you choose the most balanced diet and will prescribe vitamins for dry skin.

Signs of vitamin deficiency

The epidermis is primarily talk about the lack or insufficient consumption of nutrients.

Symptoms of beriberi:

  • Loss of elasticity and turgor, peeling, itching, dryness.
  • May cause inflammation of acne.
  • The formation of age spots.
  • Hair loss, poor growth of nail plates.
  • The appearance of facial wrinkles.

The appearance of the above signs, the health of the skin should be addressed as early as possible. This will help to avoid serious aesthetic problems.

How to use vitamins for dry skin

Definitely need to use vitamins for dry skin face and body. This is not superfluous to go to the beautician, who will pick up the most necessary tools and diet in the specific case.

To deal with the problem it should be comprehensively, dividing the forces into three components:

  • diet
  • vitamin complexes,
  • mask.

To balance the power

For the health of the skin you must eat enough food containing the necessary vitamins. Should enrich their diet with vegetables and fruit, healthy vegetable fats, cereals and products of animal origin.

Impact on the problem from the inside will not quick, but quality results. It needs to be maintained throughout life, and it ensures that the skin will respond with gratitude, with a healthy and radiant appearance.

Pharmacy complexes

In pharmacies you can find many fortified supplements that are made in the best way to influence the health of the skin. This medicine is best to use the autumn and winter, when natural sources of nutrients are significantly reduced.

The course is recommended to drink not more than a month. Then be sure to make a break for the season.

Attention! Selection of drugs for treatment must be discussed with a specialist, since the excess vitamins will harm, not bringing benefit.


For an integrated fight as well shown face masks. To supply dry skin enough to do them 1-2 times per week, provided the regularity of procedures.

With vitamin E

You need to take:

  • vial of vitamin;
  • cheese;
  • vegetable oil.

Mix a vial of Tocopherol with a couple of spoons of cottage cheese or sour cream, add to the mix a tablespoon of any vegetable oil. Apply on face for 15-20 minutes.

Vitamin C

You need to take:

  • vial of vitamin;
  • banana;
  • oatmeal.

Brew oatmeal with boiling water. Vial ascorbic acid to mix with the fruit to add to porridge.

You can also nourish the skin with any vitamin, mixing it with butter, oatmeal, banana or sour cream.

The appearance of redness, itching, allergic reactions – the procedure to stop and more n use this mask.

Professional advice

Dermatologists are confident that dry skin needs regular care is stronger than other types. This is due to its poor protective properties and a tendency to premature aging.

For the prevention of facial wrinkles it is necessary to observe some rules:

  1. To protect the skin from exposure to external stimuli. Frost, sun, wind, sea water – are not friends dry of the epidermis.
  2. Regularly use moisturizing cosmetics.
  3. Don’t overdry skin with running water from the tap. For washing better to use distilled water.
  4. Do not wash too often. Enough morning and evening, and if there is visible contamination.
  5. Use body means that are designed for this skin type.
  6. Regularly visit the beautician.

Dry skin is the most vulnerable and sensitive. Daily care must include gentle cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition. With proper skincare, it is guaranteed to reciprocate, delighting in the beauty and health of its happy possessor.

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