Vzroslie hair — how to get rid vzroslie hair how to fight and remove


To the formation of ingrown hairs can result in two main processes.

  • Changing the shape of the hair follicle, and especially his mouth.

The main reason for the changes in the structure of the hair follicle is the technique of breaking hair removal. According to the rules of shaving is necessary against their growth, delete, paste or wax strictly for or against the direction of hair growth.

If during depilation not to observe this simple rule, you can easily damage the follicles, after which their gleams of the lines become convoluted.

The hair of these follicles are growing or at a very slight angle to the skin, gradually vrasta back or start to grow inside the skin, twisting spiral.

  • The overgrowing of the mouth of the hair follicle dead skin cells.

Another process is the overgrowing of the mouth of the follicle layers of keratinized epidermis, causing the hair can not reach the skin surface. Compounding this process is inflammation, which the mouth of the follicle narrows even more.

More pronounced ingrown hair causes hormonal changes that affects women in the first half of the menstrual cycle, when hormonal imbalance in a number of endocrine diseases, wearing tight clothing and underwear made from synthetic materials. Often grow in dark stiff hair in individuals with thick skin.

Compounding is the process of ingrown hairs inflammation, which develops in the hair follicles and the surrounding tissues. The reason is the presence of a foreign body, which becomes in-grown hairs.

The severity may be different from the formation of red spots over the area of ingrown hair, before the formation of this abscess, which can ripen over several months and require opening by surgery.

How to remove ingrown hair

There are several methods of disposal.

Regular use of scrubs

Method is ideal for those who regularly sees themselves ingrown hairs. But these hairs superficial and do not cause pronounced inflammation with formation of pus. Typically, such hair visible under a thin layer of skin and it can easily pry off with a fingernail or a needle.

But in order not to inflict self abrasion, which then will heal brown spots, and not to take the infection, it is better to abandon violent ways of removing ingrown hairs and use peeling means.


  • first time to use a scrub on the second or third day after waxing, if the redness is past;
  • then, you should skrabet the skin approximately 3 times a week;
  • each time before using the exfoliant should take a warm shower, and even better to soak in a warm bath to steam the skin as follows;
  • after the scrub you need to use a moisturizer.
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The use of drugs for deep exfoliation

If the scrubs don’t help or little help, you can use products containing salicylic acid or enzymes. This can be a drug for the treatment of acne or cosmetic means for deep skin cleansing.

There are also funds from ingrown hairs after waxing with the type of enzymes papain and bromelain. They can be used for ingrown hair on legs and in the external bikini. An additional effect of these funds – delay in the regrowth of hair after their removal.

How to use exfoliating products:

  • do not use salicylic acid which you can buy in the pharmacy without dilution, will be the chemical burn;
  • cosmetic or therapeutic agent with the exfoliants can be applied to the entire surface of the skin, and can spot if ingrown hairs single;
  • apply exfoliating products can only treat existing problems, to prevent, you can only use specially intended for this tool;
  • funds with papain and bromelain necessarily should be applied immediately after hair removal, until the mouth of the hair follicles is not closed, then the effect of these means will be the maximum.

Removal of ingrown hairs surgically

If scrubs and exfoliants do not help, you can try to get the ingrown hair with a tweezer or needle. Themselves to do such things should only be the case if the ingrown hair is no purulent inflammation. Otherwise, you can introduce infection into the blood stream and serious complications. Any purulent foci, even if it’s just ingrown hairs, open the surgeon.

To be manipulated need armed with antiseptic and a sterile needle from the syringe, not to introduce infection.

Once you treat the skin with antiseptic, a needle is needed to capture the loop of ingrown hair or one of his spirals, growing under the skin, and pull the free end to the surface.

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For this purpose you can use the thin tweezers, but it should be pre-treated with antiseptic and after the removal too.

If ingrown hairs you see suppuration or induration, it is better to consult a surgeon. It so happens that the seals out is the number of pus, what happens when deep boils.

In this case, the doctor can even put a special drainage below the wound was completely clear and healed with a thin scar. If the abscess has not yet formed, before the autopsy surgeon can recommend local treatment.

How to reduce the risk of ingrowth

It is noticed that different people’s hair grow into the skin with different frequency and intensity. If you are seriously concerned about this problem, it is not necessary to completely abandon the care of their bodies, it is necessary to choose such method of getting rid of vegetation that will reduce the risk of ingrown hairs to a minimum.

And here’s how you can do this:

  • if you are doing the waxing yourself, ask to the master in the cabin, at least for a few more procedures: if the number of ingrown hairs is reduced, take into consideration technique of hair removal of the master, the results of which you are satisfied;
  • it is not necessary to change the wax for sugaring, if the procedure will execute the same master, it is not in consumables and in the technique of hair removal;
  • if you’ve tried shaving, waxing and ingrown hair problem is still there, make laser hair removal: this method of hair removal will save you from permanent ingrowth.

That would be absolutely useless in terms of deliverance

  • If your hair grow, you need to change the method of removal.

It is not necessary to hope that the problem will solve itself. You should not listen to forumchanok, who believe that the start to use a scrub and all problems will be solved. If the scrub does not work, then you need to look for alternative options of getting rid of unwanted vegetation.

For example, if the cause of ingrown hairs is any method of hair removal, it is possible to abandon them in favor of razor or hair removal laser, hair removal and other long-term methods of getting rid of hair.

  • Do not use depilatory creams to eliminate ingrown hairs.
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Creams for hair removal can dissolve the hair shaft located above the skin, but ingrown hairs they handle not.

  • Do not try to squeeze the ingrown hair.

If it is covered by a thick layer of the skin, then squeeze it will not work. Hair and so puts pressure on the fabric, if this pressure was not enough, you need to use other methods.

In addition, the conversion pressure can cause damage to the hair follicle and scar formation, and cause ingrown hairs for even more depth.

As you can see, to solve this problem is possible. The other thing is that often for getting rid of unpleasant tubercles and foci of inflammation it is necessary to change their habits and to try something new.