Water-jet liposuction — what is it, reviews, prices, videos, pictures, before and after

The main advantage of this technique is its low invasiveness and absence of serious complications. These two factors explain the increased popularity of water-jet liposuction.

The essence of the procedure

It is used for a special solution consisting of a specific set of substances that affect:

  • the condition of the blood vessels of the patient. The drug narrows them, thereby protecting them from damage;
  • pain (provides an anesthetic effect);
  • the fat cells (kills them).

As a rule, the above formulation includes the following ingredients:

  • the epinephrine;
  • prilocain;
  • ropivacaine;
  • the sodium bicarbonate.

The procedure is also used camera Body Jet, which delivers the solution into the subcutaneous layers of the patient under a lot of pressure.

The strong stream easily breaks razryhlenie fatty tissue, while not damaging elastic blood vessels and connective tissue – it is extendible and allows the cannula to move without interference.

To achieve the desired effect, the doctor sets the required angle and number of injections in one second. After that, the fat is separated from connective tissue and excreted from the body by means of a vacuum pump.

The principle technique of this method of liposuction is the fact that all movements of the suction tubes are made in the skin parallel direction. The operation ends without installing drainages, with easy cosmetic weld overlay.

Another feature of water-jet liposuction is contrast used in the procedure the cannula. Inside it hosted not one (as in the case of classical), and two straws. Is fed through one jet of fluid, which separates the fat cells, and the other is sucking this fat. This cannula is inserted through a microscopic incision in the navel. This is done to ensure that in future there remained no trace of the surgery. Cannulas of different diameters have different «productivity», that is, they depend on the location of the treated area and the amount of fat that you want to delete. After the incision is made, it expands to the desired size. Camera Body Jet allows the use of different cannulas ranging from 3.8 mm to 4.8 mm. Respectively, the more fat, the greater the diameter needs to be the cannula.

The monitor apparatus Body Jet allows you to control the quantity of supplied solution and the jets.

Subsequently, after the operation does not leave any irregularities and edema, which may prevent the surgeon to properly assess the quality of their work.

During the procedure, the surgeon fully controls the entire process, as well as pressure, angle of application of the jet and everything else. Thus, the physician is able to model the body contour of the patient.

The features and benefits

This is one of the most modern methods of dealing with excessive subcutaneous fat and no doubt, it has its own characteristics and obvious advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Low invasiveness, which has already been mentioned. Water-jet liposuction does not damage the lymph vessels and internal organs. This factor allows the use of this technique in remote places: on the blades, back and arms.
  2. Gives the ability to pump out about six litres of fat (by the way, the same laser liposuction allows to remove at one time is not more than 500 ml).
  3. There is no need to use General anesthesia, which affects the entire human body. As used in the procedure the cannula are very small in size, they do not cause visible pain or discomfort.
  4. No swelling, which normally does not allow the physician to assess the result of the work in «real time.»
  5. The lack of irregularities and bumps on the skin.

The rehabilitation period

After the operation the patient almost immediately to go home, as after it there is no swelling, no rupture of blood vessels.

The procedure does not pose a threat to life and human health, has no serious side effects, so after a few hours the doctor releases the patient’s home and the next day you can return to your normal lifestyle.

Video: How is the procedure


After liposuction specialists makes the following recommendations, which should definitely adhere to:

  1. To avoid heavy physical exertion during the month.
  2. To wear compression underwear.
  3. Diet, eat less fried, salty and greasy.
  4. To limit the consumption of caffeine.
  5. To give up Smoking and alcohol for a month after the procedure.

After getting rid of extra fat, the patient is advised to follow proper diet and do some light sports or fitness to avoid the formation of new fat in another place.

The treatment area

Water-jet liposuction allows to handle the following areas of the body:

  • the stomach and waist area;
  • back;
  • legs, thighs;
  • arms, shoulders;
  • the face, neck, chest area;
  • buttocks.

The types of fat and their features

Location of fat and metabolism, it is divided into several types:

  • subcutaneous;
  • podfartilo (deep);
  • visceral (internal).

Subcutaneous fat is normal and exists in all areas of the body.

Its presence ensures normal functioning of the organism, however, as our body is different «hoarding», it is three times more than necessary to ensure the functioning of the brain, cardiovascular system, etc.

In turn, the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue depends on nutrition, lifestyle and genetic features. Is it possible to work in the process of liposuction and only if there is no diagnosis of «obesity».


The main indication for liposuction are local deposits of adipose tissue. Most often they occur in zones, «traps», such as the back, abdomen and hips.

Under the generalized form of the fat in it (as well as any other of its kind) may only be used as a Supplement in combination with conservative treatment, as the removal of a large amount of adipose tissue never leads to an overall loss of mass.

In the case of liposuction we are talking about changes to the body contour, so the best candidates for this procedure are thin people with a small amount of localized fat deposits in one or several places.


Water-jet liposuction is not a threat to life and health of the patient, however, as with any other procedure, has its contraindications.

So, it can not be done with the following diseases:

  1. Diabetes in decompensated form.
  2. Malignant neoplasms.
  3. Colds and viral diseases.
  4. Chronic diseases of internal organs.
  5. The presence of a pacemaker.
  6. Pregnancy and lactation.
  7. Autoimmune diseases.
  8. HIV, hepatitis b,C.
  9. Systemic lupus.
  10. Of blood clotting.

Video: fat Removal machine Body Jet

Side effects and possible complications

This is the operative method of intervention in the patient’s body, so it has the following side effects:

  1. Anemia.
  2. Hematoma.
  3. Grey.

One possible complication is fat embolism, but only in the case if liposuction was combined with abdominoplasty.

In General, water-jet liposuction has been practiced for quite a while, and no serious complications were recorded in any patient, so it can be considered one of the best ways to purchase the beautiful contours of the body without risk to health.


The cost of procedures using the Body Jet (4 zones) is about 100,000 rubles. You also need to consider the costs of medicines that can be prescribed by a doctor before or after surgery, tests, etc.

The name of the procedure Price in RUB.
Water-jet liposuction on the unit Body-Jet — 4 zones 100 000
Additional area on the unit Body-Jet 30 000

Frequently asked questions

How safe is the procedure?

Over many years of operation, no serious complaints from the patients. Every day around the world carry out hundreds of successful procedures of this nature.

What is its main difference from a laser or classical?

In fact these types of liposuction have the same goal, but the methods of achieving it are different. In the classical approach uses the cannula cuts (the procedure itself is traumatic enough), and laser use laser energy. The classic method allows you to remove up to five litres of fat, laser – 500 ml water-Jet also combines innovative achievements and large amount of fat which you can remove, without fear of consequences.

Is it possible to do it with obesity?

No, you can not do that. It can be used only in conjunction with treatment prescribed by your doctor.

How fast fat cells will be restored?

The removed fat cells do not regenerate, but the remaining cells have the ability to expand in size and, thus, allow a person’s weight and adjust the contours of his body. In order to avoid this, you need to follow proper diet and do light exercise.

Photo before and after water-jet liposuction

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