Wax depilation — types, comparison, instructions for use, reviews

And since the problem of getting rid of body hair is so acute, that, accordingly, manufacturers of means for hair removal have tried to consider the needs of women and has created a large number of varieties of wax for different hair and different skin types.

Why most women and men prefer the wax:

  • wax not only removes unwanted vegetation, it also captures dead skin cells, promotes skin renewal;
  • in most waxes for depilation includes special additives that soften and nourish the skin, making it silky;
  • waxing gives long lasting effect, and if you use an additional and sprays to slow down hair growth, then the following procedure, you can forget for up to 5-6 weeks;
  • waxing is easy, it can be bought at almost any store, doing waxing at any salon;
  • this is a relatively cheap way to get rid of hair;
  • after multiple hair removal waxing and permanent injury to the follicles becomes thinner and softer;
  • if you go back the fashion for all things natural, including natural hairiness of the body, some time after the procedure, hair on the body is fully restored.

Video: video instruction on depilatory wax cartridges

Types of waxes

Waxes for hair removal differ in several criteria. The main one is the melting point of the wax. Is directly proportional to her the ease of hair removal, and the ability of heat to reduce pain. She is inversely proportional to the usability of the wax a person without experience and the necessary tools.

So, the melting point of the waxes are divided into:

  • Cold wax;
  • Warm wax;
  • The hot wax.

Cold is good because it does not need any devices for heating.

Basically, it is sold as a ready wax strips or jar (tube).

Finished strip should be warm between your palms, separate, stick to the skin with hair and tear sharp movement against the hair growth.

Cold wax in a tube or jar to be heated in hands, to the battery, or in a glass of hot water, applied to the skin, tape strip on top of paper or nonwoven material, to tear a strip with wax and hair from the skin.

This wax is good to use in case of emergency: on the road, in hotel, any place where there are no conditions to carry out a full hair removal procedure.

Warm wax is usually in a special cassette with a roller, less often in banks, requires preheating before use. For heating of wax required a special cassette to help melting wax faster or water bath. Heated to a state of viscous honey, it is applied on the skin with a roller or a special spatula (if the wax is in the Bank), is removed using paper or non-woven strips.

Warm the wax in the banks is usually a plastic homogeneous mass, such as here:

Vit (now you can even rinse with water). But the producers never cease to amaze us, and the beauty of the Image presented on the Russian market a warm wax is granular, which not only solves the problem of unwanted hair, but also one of its kind, aesthetically pleasing, and it is quite possible to pass off bath salts, if you don’t want home to know about your hairiness.

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Hot wax is the most favorite for professional masters waxing. Comes in blocks, tablets, plates and granules. Requires a warm-up from 37 to 40 to 50-55oC with, depending on the composition. To heat need special help melting wax faster, microwave or water bath.

It is applied on the skin with a spatula or trowel. Is removed after hardening without the use of strips, in itself, it forms a plastic thin flatbread that is not stretched and not torn and holds the hair.Therefore it is also called film wax for depilation: it is the cooling of the skin forms a dense film, which is removed in one piece.

It allows the hot wax to remove hair as painlessly as possible, the skin pores open and the hair is removed much easier.

Usually in order to use film wax at home, or you need to attend a course, or ask a friend specialist waxing to give you a practical lesson. Working with him is easy, but usually its removal without the use of strips retail sale raises many questions.

Granules hot wax, you can find the following manufacturers:

  1. Beauty image.
  2. Depilflax.

In banks wax usually comes with a special pen, that was easy to get to the Bank of to help melting wax faster or the water bath. In tiles wax really needs to be hidden from children, as he is too similar to chocolate. Also hot wax can be in briquettes and tablets.

There is no much difference between the waxes in banks, tablets or granules no. The use of a particular form of packing of wax depends on the amount of work that you plan to conduct a single procedure.

If you are about to remove a mustache above the upper lip, you will be enough a few granules if you remove the hair on the chest, back and legs your loved one, then it is better to heat up a jar of wax and one to keep in reserve.

A wax can be:

  • universal: this is hot wax, which can be used both on the face and on the body, including the bikini area;
  • for the arms, legs, chest and back: here used, as a rule, warm wax, but you can use a hot in the case of rigid, deeply seated hair, or cold, if the need to remove the hair caught you in the wrong place;
  • for face: it can be used warm wax in the cartridge with a special narrow roller, or hot wax for the face;
  • wax for hair removal bikini: it’s always hot wax.

It may be that the hot wax became known as «Brazilian wax for hair removal» because in the past they did Brazilian bikini waxing.

  • According to the skin type and the color of the wax there are products for sensitive, dry, normal skin. For sensitive is usually pink wax, but this is largely dependent on the manufacturer.
  • The composition of the wax can be mixed with pine resin to contain additives essential oils, a valuable base oils, extracts of various plants.
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Video: hot wax Depilation

How to use it?

The method of using any wax, but a cold, is significantly different depending on whether you use to help melting wax faster, or heat up the wax in the microwave.

If you use to help melting wax faster, your job is much simplified, as you only need to watch the temperature to which to heat the wax of a producer, to set the desired temperature and leave to warm up.

Once he warms up to the desired temperature, to help melting wax faster or beeps, or it will turn off light bulb (it depends on the specific model). You’ll know it’s warmed enough to be liquid, but not so much that there is a risk of a burn.

As modern coverlets integrated temperature sensor, the wax is heated to the desired temperature all the time, what is the procedure.

If you choose to heat the wax in the microwave, you need to put the wax to warm up for 1-3 minutes depending on the amount of wax and the power unit.

Then you need to stir the contents of the jar and apply a small amount of wax on the skin of the wrist. If the wax is not sufficiently liquid, it should heat up in 10-15 seconds several times, each time through the sample at hand, until you get the fluid is not very hot wax.

If the procedure drags on, you will have from time to time to heat and do the temperature test on the hand to avoid burns if the wax overheats.

The melting of the wax in a water bath held about as well as in the microwave with the only difference that stir the wax and to do the temperature test on the hand without removing the wax from the heat.

Before you begin the procedure, you must cover all work surfaces with disposable wipes, so how do I clean the wax then hard.

Before applying to the skin smeared with a special degreasing lotion. The wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction with a rapid movement. Immediately after the procedure the skin is better to apply the gel that slows hair growth, and then a soothing oil or cream.

Is there an alternative to the professional products for before and after waxing?

Gel for the treatment of the skin before waxing disinfects the skin cools due to the content of menthol and camphor that has anti-inflammatory effect.

The gel optionally can be replaced by any degreasing agent and talc (baby powder). These funds can be bought cheaper and the reason to use them you will have longer.

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A big disadvantage of trade often means that they go in tanks of large volume. Large volume alone would be difficult to use before the expiry date, if you use the tool once every three to four weeks.

Oil after depilation allows to remove wax residue from the skin, softens the skin and accelerates its recovery after the procedure.

Composition oil for hair removal is no different from the baby oils or other cosmetic oils for the skin. Replace it with any moisturizer or body lotion.

Shampoo for slowing down hair growth need to try for yourself, as some have it gives a pronounced effect and increases the time to next procedure, others may produce no effect at all. Also, according to various gel can affect the speed of hair growth in different parts of the body.

Means to slow down hair growth does not replace. But you need to make sure that the tool really works, before buying it next time.

Lotion for ingrown hairs most often contains in its composition of salicylic acid or other exfoliating ingredients. The use of this lotion is much easier tolerated by the skin compared to the scrub, it is more preferable for continuous use.

To replace such funds likely will not work. But their constant use can greatly assist for you to skin care after waxing and to get rid of the problem of ingrown hairs.

Than to wash the wax for hair removal?

The easiest way to remove wax residues from surfaces is to use a special tool, which is usually sold in departments and stores for hair removal. These tools remove the wax in one touch, leaves no oily sheen or residue, but the only drawback often is a rather sharp smell.

From the skin the wax is removed:

  • lotion after wax depilation;
  • any vegetable oil: it can be a special caring oil, like Shea or almond, or regular sunflower or olive oil;
  • fat cream for the body or for the hands;
  • with soap and water.

If the removal of the wax after the procedure for you a real problem, then you can use a special warm oil Vit in banks, which is washed off with water.

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