Wax or sugaring — which is better, reviews, comparison

In the end of this promotion shugaring on the market from many there is not quite the right idea about hair removal with sugar, and expectations about treatments are often overstated. Hence the frequent frustrations and a large number of myths about sugar waxing, which walk on the Internet.

Legends and myths

  • Unwanted hair is removed with the sugar paste for hair growth, because hair is removed in anaphase, enabling you to do the procedure less frequent compared to waxing.

Let’s just see what anaphase (anagen phase) is a period during the life of the hair, when it is actively growing. If you do the procedure first, then hair follicles are removed all the hair, the core of which is located above the surface of the skin regardless, pull them in the direction of hair growth or against it. Over time, after a series of procedures is the synchronization of the growth of hair, because most hair will be removed in anaphase, but again, this will not be the exceptional contribution of wax or sugar paste.

  • Removal of unwanted hair by sugaring is completely safe, does not cause allergies, as the sugar paste only natural ingredients.

In fact, in the paste composition may include water, sugar and lemon juice. Like anything chemical, but an Allergy to citrus is not such a rarity.

In the paste may include water, glucose, and fructose. Then Yes, this is the most secure combination of components. The manufacturer may add to the composition of any fragrances, dyes, thickeners, preservatives. The most secure option is essential oils. But any of these components can be an adverse reaction of the skin in the form of Allergy or dermatitis.

Because it is not necessary to speak indiscriminately about all the sugar pastes is that they are absolutely safe. You need to watch the composition of each specific product.

  • Shugaring procedure is absolutely painless.

What’s worse, sugaring or a wax? Well, there’s looking to compare. Some moms who have recently given birth all compared to the pain in childbirth. Then Yes, sugaring is not painful.

If you compare sugaring with waxing, hair removal epilator or tweezers, the difference can be. And the difference can be noticeable. But the pain during the procedure affects a lot of factors, therefore the use of wax or caramel is often not decisive of them.

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Pain during the procedure depends on:

  • from the initial sensitivity of the individual to pain;
  • from the phase of the menstrual cycle in women: there are days when it does not hurt and there are days when you need to collect will in a fist and use the «Amlou» to survive the procedure;
  • from daily cycles or biorhythms: in the evening the pain moved much easier than in the morning, etc.;
  • the mood with which you came for the procedure, postponed the day of stress or Vice versa pleasant moments: emotional exhaustion may increase the soreness of hair removal process;
  • from expectations and attitude towards the process: I was walking and thinking what will it hurt very, very, really well, I felt something, but not so much;
  • from alcohol, use of drugs containing pain killers, tranquilizers, antidepressants, etc.
  • from related procedures that you’ve done before hair removal (steaming, scrubbing);
  • temperature means undergoing hair removal: warm wax or caramel allow to carry out the procedure with less pain;
  • the skill of the person performing the procedure…
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As you can see, the role of the sugar paste and wax in the endurance of pain during hair removal is minimal.

  • Sugar paste coats each hair, penetrates deep into the hair follicle, therefore the hair when sugaring does not break off.

In fact, the sugar paste is too dense to penetrate the hair follicle deeper wax. Breaking of hair of epilation is dependent on the stiffness of the rods themselves, the hair and the correctness of the manipulation master.

If the procedure is performed improperly (pull the wax or sugar «cake» is not parallel to the skin, and up, pull my hair enough sharp movement, to use a pellet that is too large for this type of hair, etc.), it is broken the hair is guaranteed. They will grow back in the first days after the procedure, «penechki», which will be used to shoot up and grow like after shaving.

Because if you chose your master, from whom you’ve been doing the procedure and happy with the result, it is not necessary to change it just because someone is better.

  • Sugaring is a great way to get rid of ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs – or a result of the characteristics of the skin and hair of the person, or the result of improper techniques of hair removal in which the hair break off in the mouth of the hair follicle below skin level.

If the hair grow after shaving, if the hair grows after removing the wax, if a single hair grow just by themselves (it happens), if the hair grow even after regular use of scrub and moisturizing cream, then sugaring your problem will not solve.

This is due to the fact that the sugar paste can’t change our physiology. In this case, solve the problem in any of the methods of permanent hair removal, hair removal diode laser or enzymatic hair removal.

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If you first noticed ingrown hair after treatments cooks, there are two possible reasons:

  • the procedure is performed technically correctly;
  • the procedure is performed correctly but the hair thickness and speed of growth were less due to the injury of the hair follicle.

Because then the best tactic would be watching and searching your «own» master.

  • During the procedure there is no risk of burns.

In fact, the sugar paste is heated only to a temperature of 37-40 OS, because the only thing you can feel when it is applied to the body, it is warm and pleasant. That is, if we’re talking about procedure salon where preparations are heated in a special apparatus which can continuously maintain the desired temperature.

In the home can be unpleasant surprises. For example, is fraught with burns, the method of reheating the caramel in the microwave. Feature microwave ovens that heat the Central part of the product become hotter than the outer.

Because when you heat up from a large jar of sugar paste, the upper layers may be only slightly warm, but inside she can be very hot. For the prevention of burns in such cases it is better to type pasta from pan with a metal spatula or spoon and check the temperature of each portion on the palm.

To monitor costs and the paste, which is heated in a water bath. If you remove the pasta from the water bath before beginning the procedure, then there is no risk. But if you keep the pasta in hot water all the time while remove their body hair, toothpaste might as well overheat. Because the sample of each portion of pasta on the temperature required.

  • There is a special paste for shugaring, which you can perform hair removal, even in those with diabetes.

This paste really is. Another thing is that diabetes in itself is not a contraindication for either of sugaring or wax. Its application on the skin does not cause high blood sugar levels.

A contraindication is a condition of the body for long flowing decompensated diabetes, as a result of reduced activity of the immune system and significantly suffers from the skin’s ability to recover after traumatic procedures. Then the procedure is not performed due to the risk of serious inflammatory processes because of minor superficial skin injuries, such as sladinki or light scratches.

Then contraindicated and sugar hair removal, and wax, and any other manipulation, except those that are vital.

Sugar paste is an excellent preventive tool in the development of inflammatory processes on the skin after the procedure shugaring.

In fact, concentrated sugar syrup is a great preservative. Exactly the same as the wax or pine resin, which are formulated for waxing.

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Because no special advantages it has. And to wash it off the skin carefully, as a weak sugar solution on the contrary is a perfect environment for bacterial growth.

  • Sugaring is less traumatic for the skin, after sugar hair removal no irritation and redness.

Sugar paste is well captures and fixes the hair but also sticks to the skin and partially removes the top dead layers of the epidermis. The more times you stick a sugar pellet to the skin, the more layers you peel. And hair shaft cannot be removed without damage to the follicle.


If the hair is sitting deep in the skin, then sugaring just as likely to appear bloody dew, when the blood speaks from the mouths of the damaged hair follicles. Wax works also.

Therefore, for sugaring, and when waxing it is advisable to powder the skin with talcum powder to lessen the grip of the drug for hair removal with skin, and carry out hair removal on one place no more than 2-3 times.

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  • Sugar paste due to its natural composition skin care.

Certainly does not harm. But in any case ends the procedure shugaring applying to the skin with special lotion after depilation, which has a calming, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.

It is not necessary to make a choice between wax or sugaring. It is better to determine for yourself what you expect from the procedure. If you like the smell of wax and pine resin, you’ll like waxing, if you love the smell of caramel, sugaring.

If you hate to wash off the wax from the skin after hair removal, sugaring make the final stage of the hair removal easier and more pleasant. If you want to have smooth legs without the unwanted vegetation, find your master and let him choose the method of hair removal, which he does best.

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