Waxing at home (waxing) — how to make, full instructions reviews

In order to get rid of unwanted vegetation, it is sufficient to obtain instructions and a little practice.

And instead of waxing in the salon on the money saved, you could enroll in such a procedure, which had long dreamed of, but which seemed inaccessible for a number of reasons, and you will not be able to do at home.

Usage instructions

In order to remove the hair yourself, you need to acquire the necessary equipment and supplies. To determine what you will need for the procedure, you first need to decide what areas of the body you intend to remove unwanted vegetation.

Depending on the depth of location of hair, thickness of skin, skin sensitivity to pain and her propensity to irritation there are two main types of areas of hair removal:

  • in highly sensitive areas where the skin is thin and prone to bruises, apply hot wax: this is the person, the area of armpits, the bikini area;
  • the rest of the skin is quite possible to use warm wax.

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For hair removal with warm wax you will need:

  • special lotion to prepare the skin for epilation;
  • warm wax cartridges with roller;
  • special help melting wax faster to warm the wax in the cartridge;
  • special cloth strips for waxing hair removal services;
  • cream or oil after epilation;
  • a tool for removing wax from skin and work surfaces.

For hair removal with hot wax you will need to have:

  • lotion to prepare for the procedure;
  • talc or baby powder;
  • solid beeswax in slabs, granules or banks;
  • help melting wax faster hot wax-sure with thermostat, with removable bowl to fit like wax plates and wax in banks;
  • wooden spatulas;
  • cream or oil after epilation;
  • a tool for removing wax from skin and work surfaces.

Before the procedure, and even better to buy the necessary accessories needed to install a no contraindications for waxing:

  1. Varicose veins in the area of the intended procedure, rosacea, rosacea – these places are better avoided, especially if you are going to use hot wax.
  2. Diabetes mellitus in decompensation, as in these patients a reduced regenerative ability of the skin and the immune system, which can at the most minor injury can result in severe purulent-inflammatory disease.
  3. Exacerbation of herpes, warts, warts and papillomas – the procedure is best to postpone as a possible dissemination (spreading) of the infection that caused the emergence of these formations on the skin.
  4. It is not necessary to remove hair growing from moles, likewise seriously injure moles and other growths on the skin.
  5. Bacterial and fungal diseases of the skin.
  6. Not long enough to remove the wax the hair.
  7. Allergic to the wax and any components added to it to improve the properties;
  8. Fresh, intense tan is not a 100% contraindication, but tanning before waxing is not recommended, as double damage to the skin can respond to the expressed irritation, which may persist longer than usual, peeling, increased ingrown hairs.
  9. It is not necessary to remove facial hair, if in less than a month before hair removal you carried out any traumatic procedures, like peels, laser and other treatments, after which the skin needs special care and a long recovery period.

Preparation and application

First, you need to prepare your skin for the procedure:

  1. It is better to choose treatments for a relaxing evening in the first week after menstruation: most people’s biological rhythms are arranged so that the observance of these two conditions allows to go through the procedure very easily.
  2. Before the procedure, the skin must be in the steam bath and wipe dry: well heat expands the pores and the hair is then removed much easier.
  3. If you are planning hair removal in the armpits or the bikini area, it is possible for one or two hours to apply the cream «EMLA» and close it from the top with cling film, it was under such a bandage is achieved the most complete pain relief waxing.
  4. If in the bikini area even «EMLA» does not help, then you can enter the subcutaneous 2% lidocaine solution in a checkerboard pattern at a distance of 2.5-3 cm between injections; it should be remembered that the drug is administered with an insulin syringe just into the skin of the perineum, to enter in the mucous membranes of the drug is not worth it.
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Hair removal with hot wax

  • applied to the skin prepare a lotion for hair removal, then leather powder oneself talc or baby powder;
  • the hot wax is applied with a wooden spatula to small areas of skin with hair in direction of hair growth and carefully, with pressure, is applied to the skin;
  • when the wax hardens, it is removed by a sharp movement against the hair growth;
  • if immediately after removal of the wax squeeze place depilation, the pain is not so acute;
  • on the skin there may be droplets of blood from the mouths of the hair follicles is a normal reaction to the hair removal;
  • when the whole skin will be cleared of hair, on skin cooling gel is applied after hair removal.

The use of wax in cartridges

  • the skin applied to prepare a special lotion;
  • heated wax is applied to the first fabric strip to clear the roller from the cold wax, which can be painful to pull the skin;
  • when you’re sure that the movie delivers the warmed wax, begin applying the wax on the skin;
  • the wax is applied on hair growth;
  • to the wax before its hardening, place a fabric strip, wide proglazhivanie movements with the push stick the strip to the wax;
  • the sharp movement of the strip off against the hair growth;
  • the remaining individual hairs are removed with tweezers;
  • applied to the skin cooling lotion or healing spray.

Depilacija cold wax

Cold wax is usually used where there is no opportunity to conduct a full procedure of hair removal wax is heated, for example, in the trip. Cold wax usually comes in a tube or in a jar.

It is a little heated right in the package in hot water, then the wax is applied on the skin, the top is closed with paper or woven stripes for depilation. The strip is smoothed on the skin and off the hair growth. Skin treatment before and after the procedure as when using warm or hot wax.

Important rules for procedure of waxing at home, which will help reduce the irritation:

  1. Do not apply wax on the skin repeatedly, a maximum of two times, three only in the case if the skin can tolerate, such procedures, the remaining hair is better to remove with tweezers.
  2. If you want to apply the wax on the skin second or third time, it is best to powder the skin with talcum powder, it improves grip the hair with wax will protect the skin from injury.
  3. Be careful to apply the wax strictly in the direction of hair growth, and remove strictly against: it often happens that in neighboring areas of the skin growth direction may vary in this case it is better to use small strips of warm wax or small «pellet» of hot wax to each tufts of hair were removed with respect to the direction of growth.
  4. Find fabric strips: strips that are used too much, not adhere with each subsequent layer of wax on the skin, because hair worse are removed, the skin is sticky.
  5. The skin every time before hair removal needs very well and tightly locking the second arm, then pain almost will not, and will not injury the skin.
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Waxing at home on different body areas


Most often the wax on the face is carried out epilation of hairs on the upper lip and chin. It is best to use hot wax. Before you remove the antennae, it is necessary to determine the direction of the hair growth: usually, they grow from the middle lip to the corner of the mouth.

Because the hot wax, the temperature of which it is better to check first on the hand, is applied with a spatula in the direction from the middle lip to the corner in both directions. Removed the wax from the corner of the mouth towards the nose sharp movement.


The direction of hair growth on his hands must determine each person individually. This files most often on the Palmar surface of the forearm the hair grows in the direction of the brush, because warm wax is applied from the elbow to the wrist and a fabric strip wax is removed with a flick of the wrist towards the elbow.

Hair on the dorsum of the forearm most often grow in the direction from the thumb to the little finger. Because to apply the wax and remove hair need to be subject to such direction of their growth.

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The skin of the feet

On the tibia front and lateral surfaces of the hair most often grows from the top down. Because the wax roller is applied in the direction from the knee to the ankle, removes the cloth strip in the opposite direction. In the area of the calf muscle hair most people grow from the outer surface of the tibia to the inner that you need to follow and use during the procedure of hair removal.

The hips determine the direction of the hair growth, you need to carefully and thoroughly capture the skin when removing hair, otherwise it’s painful and there is a risk of bruising.


Hair in the armpits can grow in one direction, and can fold to two sides of the median folds of the armpits. Hair removed with hot wax with respect to the direction of hair growth each of the zones in the armpit. If there is enough experience, it is best to enlist the aid of an assistant, to remove the hair and not to instruct myself bruises.

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Deep bikini

The removal of hair from private parts is a skill that needs an assistant, so how to make hair removal classic bikini is realistic, but to make a deep or a total bikini with the capture of the buttock cords task for most unaffordable.

There are two reasons:

  • the direction of hair growth in different parts of the perineum can be highly individual, and therefore to apply the wax and remove it on their own will be at least difficult, as not in all directions a person can make quite a dramatic breakthrough;
  • before hair removal to fix the skin that is not always possible to do it yourself.

Removes hair from the crotch with hot wax.

Recipes for cooking

First option: You will need 100g of beeswax, 200 g of rosin and 50 g cosmetic paraffin. All components should be melt in a water bath and stir until smooth. Before use, the composition must be cooled to 40 OC.

The second option is more complicated: you Have to take Carnauba wax 360 grams, bee’s wax 130 g, glycerol 7 ml and 2-3 drops of any essential oil. Best tea tree oil due to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. All the ingredients except the glycerin and essential oil melted in a water bath and mixed.

Glycerin and essential oil is best added to cool the mixture before applying. Prepared wax for hair removal can be stored in the refrigerator, warming the required amount before each treatment.

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How to remove inflammation after hair removal?

The simplest and most affordable means is a spray or cream «Panthenol». If panthenol no, it will go a cream with calendula, chamomile or aloe.

If not, then can any cream or vegetable oil mixed with a couple drops of tea tree or aloe juice and apply this composition on the skin.

Any of these tools will help you a lot to get rid of red dots in place of remote hair.

Than to wash off the wax?

  • usually the wax from the skin well removed with a special cream or lotion after waxing;
  • if no lotion, that is fine, any fat cream or sunflower/olive oil;
  • the least effective method is an attempt to wash away the wax residue with soap and water: water needs to be used as hot as possible, which will contribute to skin dryness and irritation persists.

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