Waxing deep bikini (waxing) — done, reviews, photos before and after, video

Waxing bikini area is the most affordable way of getting rid of unwanted vegetation, which gives a long lasting effect and is suitable for almost anyone.

There are two rough classification of hair removal bikini wax depending on the depth of processing max. Each of the centers is usually to decide which one to use.

Extended classification:

  • outer bikini – hair is removed on the line provided;
  • deep bikini – hair is removed from the pubic area and the skin of the inner thighs;
  • total bikini hair removal with the pubic area, inner thighs, external genital organs;
  • hair removal buttock cords – usually is in addition to any of the treatments listed above.

Shorter version:

  • classic bikini hair removal line is provided;
  • deep bikini hair removal from all over the region of the perineum.

Work involves different cost of service, so always not be amiss to clarify what is meant by this or that procedure name in the price list of a beauty salon.

In this article, the definition of «deep waxing of intimate areas with wax» means a procedure that removes all hair in the bikini area. It is often performed simultaneously with the patterning or trimmed.

In this case, without removing the hair for a long time is not enough, as the daily use of the razor, or use a special cream every two to three days problematic: a picture or a haircut will not look good on the background of the «bristle», and when an independent hair removal, bikini-design can be easily damaged.


  • fresh tan or carrying out any procedures in the place of the alleged waxing, which require the recovery time of the skin;
  • aggravation of of genital herpes with the appearance of the characteristic rash, bacterial or fungal diseases of the skin in the crotch area;
  • damage to the integrity of the skin at the site of the proposed procedures;
  • not enough long hair, which may not zahvatchitsa wax;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • any disease that causes chills, fever;
  • allergic to wax, bee products, pollen, resin, pine.


Before procedure it is necessary to refrain from prolonged sun exposure or tanning without using a swimsuit or swimming trunks, as the waxing and the tan is traumatic for the skin treatments. When combined recovery time of the skin can be significantly delayed in time.

If you go to the procedure for the first time, not superfluous to inquire about the salon and the master to which you recorded. As the experience of the wizard depends on your comfort during hair removal and your safety.

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Mandatory procedure must be performed on cosmetic couch, covered with disposable sheets, disposable wooden spatula. It is desirable that the wax in to help melting wax faster laid with you, in a clean empty bowl for melting wax. The master must use disposable gloves and do the procedure at the same time only one client.

Do not expect that you will be able to spend. If pubis and inner thighs can still be processed independently, the area of the labia and the crease between the buttocks it is better to trust the master.


There are enough drug-free methods to make the procedure less painful:

  • to the procedure it is better to come with a good mood, relaxed, as stress, fatigue leads to the excitation of the nervous system and can reduce the pain threshold, or reaction to pain overly emotional;
  • the alkalinity of the internal environment allows to increase the pain threshold; for this, a few days before the procedure, better go to milk-vegetable diet and replace coffee and alcohol alkaline mineral water;
  • to plan the procedure better in the evening in the first week after menstruation, because in these periods, the tolerance of painful procedures increased;
  • before the procedure it is helpful to steam the skin in hot tub, the sauna or with a compress of towels soaked in hot water, because under the action of heat expands the pores and the hair removal is much easier with less pain;
  • hair removal to perform well at the beginning of deep breath, then pain is not perceived so sharply.

Of medicines, you can use a pill of ibuprofen, indomethacin or tempalgin inside the cream «EMLA» under occlusive dressing at least 1 hour before the procedure.

Video: hair Removal — deep bikini

How is the procedure

Usually before the first session of the consultation of the physician dermato-cosmetologist, which detects the presence of indications and contraindications. If there are no contraindications, the doctor answers all your questions and gives recommendations for the preparation to the procedure and skin care after hair removal.

Before the procedure it is advisable to take a shower or use wet wipes for intimate hygiene. If you want to do waxing classic bikini, then used a disposable Thong. If you are running deep bikini, then you need to undress completely.

The procedure during menstruation is allowed, but you need to discuss this point with my wizard and use a tampon.

With the master to start, you must specify the desired intimate haircut and the area where you want it located. Then he will apply a special label where the boundaries of hair, and only then proceed to hair removal. All the rules the bikini wax is performed with hot wax.

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The wax is melted and heated to a temperature of 55-60 ° C. Such temperature allows the hot wax to heat the skin in the place of hair removal and firmly grab hair. Skin is applied a special lotion to prepare for waxing and talcum powder to protect skin.

Apply wax to the hair with a wooden spatula, the wax with which pressure is applied to the skin. Definitely need to ensure that it is applied in the direction of hair growth.

In different parts of the intimate area hair can grow in different directions, and therefore to remove them is with respect to the direction of growth. When the wax hardens, it is removed with a rapid movement.

When all the hair is removed, skin is applied a special cooling cream that helps to reduce discomfort after the procedure and to relieve irritation of the skin.

Intimate hair is formed by the tweezer, make a drawing, if necessary, also rhinestones or sequins.

If the need to adjust the smoothness of the intimate zone have appeared in the journey, business trip or any other situation, when a salon visit is not available, the line of underwear and pubic hair to remove the regrown hair with cold wax. It is usually sold in tubes or jars, as well as in the form of strips for hair removal.

Before applying this wax is warmed in the hands or in hot water and apply as directed. In order to use the wax tube, it is necessary to purchase a special fabric strips.

Video: Waxing the intimate areas of women

Skin care after the session

In the first days after the procedure is not recommended rubbing the skin at the site of hair removal, as it can increase the irritation and prolong the recovery period of the skin. It is better to come to the procedure in the evening in the spacious linen from natural materials with a minimum of parts and joints.

You should not take a hot bath, sauna or bath, as thermal treatments may cause increased irritation of the skin in areas of hair removed. Then the red dots may disappear much further.

For faster skin recovery you can use the special healing creams such as «boron-plus» or ointments calendula.

You can use the scrub only on the third or fourth day after treatment to prevent ingrown hairs. After the scrub is necessary to apply to the skin moisturizer.

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The consequences

  1. Pain during the procedure, the discomfort after it.
  2. Burn skin if the wax is heated stronger than necessary.
  3. Damage to skin by repeated application of the wax to the skin in the same place. The two-applying wax in the same place at Talca, sometimes three. But it is better to clean the skin with tweezers.
  4. Skin irritation in the form of red dots in the place of hair removal. Varies the time required for the disappearance of the irritation, which can be from several hours to several days.
  5. The pustules on the skin at the site of the mouth of the hair follicle often appear after wearing synthetic underwear, excessive sweating in the first few days after the procedure.
  6. Quick start of hair growth after the procedure is the result of improper hair removal, when they are not to be uprooted by the roots and break off at the base.
  7. Ingrown hair is the result of improper techniques of hair removal when the hair is removed is not strictly against the hair growth, or the sharpness and precision of movement, which removed the hair, insufficient, damaged hair follicle and its position in the skin changes. From this hair follicle begin to grow up, as usual, and at an acute angle to the skin, frequently under the skin.
  8. Hematoma in the removal place hair in loose skin when tearing off the wax with the hair.


Procedure The cost in rubles
Classic bikini 700-4000
Glubokoe bikini 1600-4500

The before and after photos of hair removal wax, deep bikini

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