• the availability and ease of application of wax, and at home;
  • the hair is removed quickly;
  • long-lasting effect;
  • over time, the constant trauma to the follicles leads to a weakening of hair growth, the hair becomes thinner, lighter and softer.


  • improper removal of wax in direction of hair growth may be increased ingrown hairs, the hair can not break free, and to break off near the border with the skin, then giving a quick new growth;
  • the gradual tearing off of the wax without sudden jerk makes hair removal very painful;
  • skin irritation after hair removal may persist for up to three days;
  • may be allergic to the wax in persons who are allergic to bee products and pollen, allergic to any components added to the wax to improve its properties;
  • it is impossible to get rid of the hair, removing them with wax;
  • inaccurate the procedure the skin may remain pieces of wax, which is removed with difficulty;
  • there is a risk of damage to the skin, especially the delicate thin skin in the crotch and face with the formation of bruises, if not a sufficient fixation of the skin;
  • the wax removes the vellus hair, which over time can degenerate into dark and hard; this problem is particularly relevant when conducting hair removal on the face.

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The wax, depending on the method of application can be warm and hot.

  • Warm (soft)

Usually located in a special cassette, requires little heating and applied to the skin using the roller.

It is used to remove unwanted hair from the skin of the arms, legs, stomach, back.

The procedure can take place in the salon, and you can do at home if you have a special to help melting wax faster for wax cassettes.

Warm wax is poorly removed from the skin and surfaces of furniture, because it requires the use of special solvents or special lotions for the skin to remove excess wax after the procedure.

  • Hot (hard)

Often sold in packages molded pieces and require melting before use in a special to help melting wax faster for hard wax.

Heated usually to a temperature of 55-60Co, and then applied to the skin with a wooden spatula. Used for removing unwanted hair in underarm, bikini, face.

  • Cold

Does not require heating before use, but its use usually requires more time for the procedure, and makes it more painful because the cold has no effect of steaming on the skin.

Areas of the body to remove

  • areas requiring the use of hot wax: face, the area of the armpits and crotch;
  • the area where the skin is less sensitive, and where you can apply warm wax for hair removal: skin of arms, legs, stomach, chest, back.


In order to reduce the soreness, you should observe some simple rules:

  • you must follow your feelings when conducting hair removal on different days of the menstrual cycle and to choose the most suitable period: usually the most painful procedure before and during menstruation, the easiest hair removal is transferred in the first week after menstruation;
  • night pain is less than in the morning;
  • should explore the influence of coffee and alcohol on pain sensitivity: if after a Cup of the skin or alcohol tolerated the procedure harder, then drinks before the hair removal should be abandoned;
  • heat eases discomfort during the procedure, because it will be useful to steam the skin in hot bath or use packs of towels soaked in hot water; for this reason, it is not necessary to anesthetize the area where you want hair removal, ice;
  • the choice of the master, which already has experience of carrying out similar procedures, also significantly affect the intensity of pain: the sharper and clearer motion while removing hair, the less painful will be the procedure;
  • if the pain is too intense, perform hair removal only at the beginning of deep breath, it will help to move the procedure easier;
  • 20-30 minutes before the procedure, you can take painkillers such as tempalgin, indomethacin, Ketoprofen, which will reduce the sensitivity to pain;
  • if you have a low pain threshold, and none of the solutions above do not help, it is possible locally, under is impervious to moisture and air bandage applied to the skin lidocaine spray or cream «EMLA» at least 1 hour before the procedure.
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  • varicose veins in the area where you plan to waxing;
  • skin lesions in the site of the alleged use of wax;
  • pregnancy;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • benign neoplasms of the skin, such as moles, from which the hair grows to touch undesirable;
  • papillomas, condylomas, which is when injury can give the spread of that virus infection;
  • herpes rash;
  • any impact on the skin prior to the procedure two to three weeks, which can reduce the skin’s ability to recover, for example, intensive tan, use peels and series of treatments;
  • any disease accompanied by chills and fever;
  • unstable mood, being in a state of stress, as excessive stimulation of the nervous system may make the procedure too painful.

How to do home

If you choose to carry out waxing at home by yourself, it is recommended to use for heating the wax is a steam bath, and special help melting wax faster.

As it can heat the wax to a predetermined temperature and to maintain the wax warm for a long time. This will save you from the risk of burns or suffer from tension to the hair when you try to apply to the skin warmed up enough wax.

Video: How to do waxing at home

Hair removal from the skin of the arms, legs, abdomen, back

  1. For hair removal you will need to warm the wax in the cassette to help melting wax faster or steam bath, special hair removal strips, spray for the skin before waxing, spray waxing.
  2. The tape with wax is heated to the desired temperature (the wax should be fluid, but the touch needs to stay warm).
  3. Applied to the skin preparing the spray, distribute it and massage gently and allow to dry.
  4. A first roller is carried out once or twice on the cloth to the remains of the cold wax on the roller is not pulling the skin. Then the wax roller is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth.
  5. The cloth or strip depilatory wax is applied to the skin several times intensely smooth, so the wax would stick properly to the strip.
  6. Remove the strip of wax with the sharp movement against the hair growth. Movement that is removed the cloth will have to work, as not every can first time to do this so clearly and sharply, as required by the rules of the procedure.
  7. After hair removal wax residue is removed with a cleaning cloth and a special spray or lotion after waxing.
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Hair removal on the face, underarms, bikini area

Here we use hot wax which is applied to the skin with a wooden spatula. Give the wax time to harden, and then removed the wax «damn» together with the hair in one sharp movement. Again, apply the wax in direction of hair growth and remove against the hair growth. Before applying wax on the skin you can apply a talc that will not allow the wax to stick to the skin and protect the skin from possible burns. After hair removal is applied to the skin cooling lotion.

During pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a 100% contraindication for hair removal wax. Then you need to focus on individual reaction to the procedure most women. If before pregnancy waxing does not cause much discomfort, the pregnancy is progressing well, it is possible to carry out the waxing.

If pain is too intense, you should temporarily switch to using a razor because the pain may provoke uterine contractions and circulatory disorders of the fetus.

The consequences

  • Skin burns may occur when using hot wax, which is heated more than was necessary for the procedure.
  • Ingrown hairs after waxing are quite common complication that will help the frequent use of scrub and moisturizing cream.
  • Allergic to the wax
  • Pimples after waxing often appear when carrying out waxing the upper lip, as the sebaceous glands usually open at the mouth of the hair follicle and removing the hair free flow of sebaceous secretion may be violated. Because it is important in the first few days not to be missed treatments like saunas or baths, and to postpone exercise, in order not to provoke excessive sweat and sebum secretion.
  • Irritation on the skin, unfortunately, is a constant companion of the procedure of hair removal. It passes on its own within a few hours or days. You can reduce the severity of skin irritation by applying special creams or ointments, for example, ointment with calendula.


Hair removal wax on the areas Cost in RUB.
the underarms 500-2500
face 500-1100
upper lip 300-1500
chin 300-1000
for the eyebrows 350-1200
classic bikini 700-4000
deep bikini 1600-4500
legs completely 1300-4500
Shin 800-3000
the arms fully 800-3500
hip 800-3500
forearm 1200-2000
shoulders 400-1500

Photo before and after waxing

Frequently asked questions

Which is better, waxing or sugaring?

In fact, everything depends on the master who performs the procedure. If the wizard is the professional, hair removal by any of the methods will be effective and practically painless.

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How long does one depilation?

Very individual. Normally, the following procedure should be performed when the hair will grow back in 5-6 mm. this Happens usually for 3-6 weeks.

How long does the redness?

Different. Some red dots in place of remote hair can disappear in an hour, and someone irritation will come 3-5 days after the procedure.

Is there a home waxing underarms?

There are women who can carry out such a procedure at home, but not having sufficient experience, it is better not to try to do the waxing your underarms yourself. It is better to seek help to home or to a friend.

In the salon intimate waxing places waxing is performed with anesthesia?

Salons generally do not have permits for injection, because usually the procedure is performed without the use of painkillers. Your beautician can advise you to buy a cream «EMLA» and put it before the procedure.

What distinguishes the kind of hot?

Warm and hot wax are used on different parts of the body. Where the skin is more movable, tender, sensitive to pain, are recommended hot.

What is the optimal hair length for waxing?

This is usually 5-6 mm. Such hair is readily taken up by the wax and can be removed easily.


Ksenia: I Bought cold wax. Decided that it’s a great idea: no need to mess with the microwave and water bath. But it turned out to be a bummer. Spread is very bad, stick, striped, tear off strip, all the hair and remain on the skin. Have been reading the recommendations in the net, warmed it under running water, in a glass of boiling water. Spreadable better, the effect is the same. But anesthesia is not required.

Lena: All my life, I use warm wax. It is so convenient to enroll will not have to run anywhere is not necessary. The hair industry is removed at a convenient time for me. Can’t imagine what you, girls, in salons do when the waxing is easy and simple to do.

Karina: have several months to go to the same master. Previously, once the hands were removed and considered attention to arm hair pampering. And then she tried to remove. Really good, but it is somehow illogical looks, when the legs are bald, bikini too …well, you understand, but the hands are hairy.