Ways breast enlargement methods, folk remedies, natural, effective

A big bust is an inherent characteristic of natural feminine beauty that is highly valued male sex.

Unfortunately, not all girls nature has endowed this advantage, so they try to find the most effective method that will help to increase their Breasts.

Let’s consider each of these methods in more detail.

Safe methods

A natural way to increase Breasts involves the use of harmless (safe for health) methods.

They can be applied to women of almost all ages, but since pregnancy they have significant contraindications.

Such methods include:

  • increase breast with exercise;
  • through diet and using special products;
  • visual (visual) ways of breast enlargement.


Physical exercise is a very effective breast enlargement methods because thanks to them you can pump up the chest muscles and give the Breasts more elastic.

In addition, another advantage of this method is that to perform these exercises is possible at home.

The most effective exercises for breast enlargement are:

  1. «Bench-to-door»:
  • stand up straight in a doorway and lean back to one of the walls;
  • to lean on the wall on the other side;
  • push the front door as if you want to move the wall;
  • repeat the exercise for five minutes daily.
  1. «The yoga posture»:
  • sit upright and fold the legs in a yoga pose;
  • lean back against the wall;
  • palms folded in front of him and slightly pull the hands bent in elbows;
  • strongly press your palms together and hold yourself in this position for twenty seconds;
  • repeat the exercise three sets of each twice a day.
  1. «Push-UPS standing»:
  • to lean palms about a high table so that his hands were at chest level;
  • slowly do three push-UPS, using not only hand muscles but also the muscles of the chest;
  • repeat the exercise for two approaches on a daily basis.
  1. «Athlete»:
  • take two dumbbells with a weight of one kilogram (at home they can be replaced with bottles of water);
  • stand still and raise the dumbbells up, slowly clenching and unclenching his hands at the elbow joint;
  • repeat five times with each hand;
  • then you need to make the same movement, but not up and down, and to and from oneself;
  • repeat the exercise five approaches every day.

In addition, to increase the chest will help swimming, gymnastics, and even jumping rope. Importantly, the data load was a regular, because only then the chest muscles begin to «work» and disappoint.

Vegetables and fruits

Due to the high content of nutrients some foods can really contribute to a small increase in a breast.

Best and will do the job:

  1. The reception of black tea with milk.
  2. Intake of turmeric with hot water, milk or honey. You can also make a kind of cocktail made of honey, turmeric and milk. It is recommended to drink one hour before a meal.
  3. To consume a large amount of cabbage. It can be light salads, bake, stew with other vegetables, or just eat them boiled.

Important to know: to achieve the best effect, this kind of cabbage is best consumed without adding salt. You can also make fresh cabbage juice and drink them on an empty stomach.

Despite the effectiveness of this technique, it should be remembered that people with diseases of the stomach or other parts of the digestive tract to this product not worth it, because by itself, cabbage is an indigestible product.

  1. You can eat bread made with white flour. It will enrich the body with carbohydrates and other nutrients that will promote muscle growth, however, this method has significant and negative: the bread «recovering» not only breast but also other parts of the body (thighs, buttocks, stomach, etc.).
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Another fairly common recipe that is now actively spreading in networks is the consumption of beer or decoction of hops.

While scientists have not figured out the final connection between breast augmentation and use of products from hops, so doctors do not recommend testing this technique on yourself.

In addition, in the cones of hops contain hormones, so when they are used in a woman’s body can occur in a hormonal disorder.

Besides, beer dependence has not been canceled, and it certainly will not promote the growth of mammary glands.


With the help of special stylistic techniques you can do to increase your breast size 1-2 that could become a lifeboat with tiny Breasts.

More than that, the visual technique is the safest for women’s health, as it does not involve any fundamental changes in physiology.

So, proven methods visual breast augmentation with clothes and accessories are:

  1. Proper selection of a bra is the Foundation of visual breast augmentation. It is best in this case to use linen with inset push-up, as this foam liner will raise the breast up and seemingly making it more elastic and lush.
  2. All sorts of bulky pads on the clothes (ruffles, pleats, drapery items, etc.) will also help to visually give more volume chest. Importantly, the decorative particles was placed vertically, otherwise they are visually «divide» the woman on two narrow parts.
  3. Clothing in large stripes with sharp color contrasts is considered win-win when a small bust. It is also important to consider the location of the stripes – they should only be horizontal.

As for the style and type of clothing, there is no particular limitation in the strip can be dress, dressy blouse or casual shirt.

  1. The observance of the contrasts in clothing will also help to slightly adjust the shape. For example, dark bottom (skirt or pants) will conceal a couple of extra inches on the hips, and light beige or white top (blouse, shirt) will visually increase the chest area.
  2. The lack of symptoms a woman’s Breasts should not wear too open clothes. Instead, it is better to focus on other parts of the body, for example, on the back (fully open), around the neck or on the legs. This rule often use the famous actress who by nature are thin and have small Breasts.
  3. It is very important to carry major accessories that will draw all attention to himself. Instead, the smart move is to wear a small pendant on a thin chain. It will look elegant and will not leave the chest without proper attention.
  4. You should prefer clothes made of soft fabrics that are positioned close to the fragile figure and Breasts. From sweaters and blouses with V-neck should be abandoned. Instead, it is better to buy clothes with a semi-circular or scoop-neck.

Video: surgery

The operational ways of breast enlargement

Operating methods for breast augmentation are the most rapid and radical. With their help, in just one surgical procedure can increase your breast size.

By far the most popular method for breast enlargement is mammoplasty.

It provides for the establishment under the pectoral muscle artificial implant, which may be of different shape, size and filling.

When the agreement for the breast implants it is important to know about its indications and contraindications, to prevent the development of complications.

Indications for this surgery are:

  • the asymmetry of the breast;
  • underdeveloped mammary glands;
  • earlier adalee one breast due to the discovery of cancer in her education;
  • loss of elasticity of the breast associated with age or pregnancy;
  • expressed plane of the breast.
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Contraindications for breast implants are:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • patient age of eighteen;
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • HIV infection;
  • hepatitis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • kidney failure;
  • the presence of severe chronic diseases;
  • the presence of acute respiratory or infectious diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • the period of menstruation in women.

Some time before the operation, the patient should choose the type of implant that will be embedded in her chest.

It has its own peculiarities and subtleties, from the choice of which will depend on the outcome.

The implants may be round, anatomical or teardrop-shaped.

Their features:

  • anatomical implants makes the breast the most natural;
  • provide round beautiful breast shape and look great in the bust area, plus they retain their shape, unlike the anatomical, which may eventually shift to the side;
  • teardrop implants are most like natural Breasts.

Type of filling the implant are:

  • gel (keep their shape for a long time);
  • silicone;
  • salt (are soft);
  • filled with saline solution (even after a breakup will not cause the woman any harm).

Type shell release:

  • smooth implants (higher survival rates, but often torn);
  • textured implants (more stable, but can cause wrinkling on the skin due to constant friction of tissues).

In recent years, breast implants is increasingly gaining popularity among women of all ages. The reason is that it is most quickly it may give the desired breast size and also its shape.

Despite this, as with any surgery, breast augmentation has its pros and cons.

The benefits of mammoplasty are:

  1. increase self-esteem and self-confidence through improved appearance;
  2. the increased focus on men;
  3. addressing the problems of small Breasts;
  4. no problems with the possibility of breast-feeding (due to the fact that the implant is inserted deeply under the muscle, there is no obstacle to full breastfeeding).

Disadvantages are:

  • the risk of infection;
  • the risk of losing sensation in the nipples;
  • the appearance of the scar on the skin;
  • the need to use anesthesia, which displays negatively on the cardiovascular system;
  • rejection by the body of the implant, which will respond to a high temperature and inflammation (in this case, it will need a re-operation to remove the implant);
  • the inability of mammography, which increases the risk of late diagnosis of breast cancer;
  • a long rehabilitation period, which provides many painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.


Medical breast augmentation involves taking tablets and applying special creams that contain female hormones.

The advantage of this method is that even possible without surgery to increase breast size by 1-2.

Minus – the woman can seriously disrupt your hormonal balance that will lead to the deterioration of many body systems.

In addition, it is important to know that when taking wrong doses of such medicines in women may develop the opposite effect — excessive body hair growth to the development of cancer.

It should also be said that when you use breast creams really increases, but not for long, because such a remedy must be applied constantly.

Moreover, the mammary glands themselves to «grow», but only swell due to edema, so do not expect to drugs with a similar action prolonged effect.


Vacuum methods to increase the bust provides for the establishment on the chest special POPs, which, as the authors of this method, you can increase the breast size.

As practice shows, this method is not disappointing.

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In addition, it threatens the development of many complications, among which should be noted that the tension of the Breasts, the development of mastitis and rupture of capillaries.

Folk remedies

The most effective popular ways for breast augmentation are:

  1. Chest wrap with blue clay. Previously this clay needs to be diluted in olive oil to a creamy consistency. The top should wrap the chest with a plastic bag and warm towel. Duration – 1 hour. Be repeated three times a week.
  2. Massage of the chest muscles. It should be done with the use of oils (olive, peach, grape seed or coconut). This procedure improves blood circulation to the chest muscles that will contribute to their increase.
  3. Very effective are iodine mesh, which should be applied to the upper part of the breast using ear sticks.
  4. The implementation of packs of mustard is recommended only after consulting a doctor.

Another proven method for entrainment of the breast is considered a sexual activity woman.

The reason is that the time of sexual intercourse mammaries receives a huge amount of female hormones. This leads to breast enlargement.


It is impossible to tell which of the above methods is most effective, as they are all effective.

Of special note are people’s techniques because they were tested more than one dozen years.

It is worth remembering that, despite the desire to enlarge the Breasts, it is important to first appreciate yourself and your health.

Useful tips

In order not to harm yourself in the pursuit of the perfect forms, should follow these tips:

  1. Before using creams or pills for breast growth it is very important to consult a doctor, as in most cases, a particular drug may do more harm than good.
  2. People who have chronic disease or poor health is contraindicated to take various pills and use dubious means to increase the mammary glands.
  3. When deciding to exercise for breast augmentation this should be done gradually, as excessive exercise can cause pain in untrained muscles.
  4. Before performing mammoplasty should always consult with a physician, cardiologist and endocrinologist. We need this in order to be able to identify contraindications to surgery.

Also women are advised to take a pregnancy test, so as not to harm the fetus surgery.

  1. Before breast implants, it is important to talk to the surgeon who will carry out the operation. A woman should definitely be aware of the risks, expected outcome and possible complications.

All of the above ways to increase the bust have their pros and cons. For someone to be a more effective massage, and someone will help, the use of cabbage.

One thing is important: despite strong opinion about the love of men to curvy women, in most cases, men first of all appreciate the beauty of the soul of women.