Ways breast lift


The causes of ptosis

To develop ptosis may be different, depending on which of the processes (reduction of glandular and adipose tissue or skin stretching) prevails:

  • true: the nipple with areola are shifted below the folds of skin under the Breasts;
  • ferrous: the nipple remains in place and the thoracic gland of normal size much slack;
  • about (pseudopod): the nipple is normal, the breast gland is reduced in size, its lower parts lose volume, the skin is stretched.

Because all methods of lifting the breast can be divided into:

  • methods in which to improve breast shape and remove the excess skin: mastopexy;
  • methods that compensate for the missing volume of glandular tissue: filler Macrolane, lipomodelling, the use of implants;
  • combined methods, which occurs and increase in volume of the chest and removal of excess skin combined mastopexy and endoprosthesis replacement of milk glands.

Depending on the degree of sagging of the breast it is divided into degrees from first to third.

Depending on the degree virginmobileusa surgeons can recommend to their patients different methods of correction of cosmetic defect.

In the case of minimal ptosis of the woman shown thread, lipomodulina, filler. In some cases it is possible to use implants of small size. Mastopexy in this case is not shown, as in the case of ptosis with minimal cosmetic effect of the breast lift will be tainted by the appearance of scars.

If the severity of mastoptosis average, approach to the choice of correction technique must be given the leading cause, which led to the sagging of the breast:

  • stretched skin: mastopexy;
  • decrease in glandular and/or adipose tissue breast cancer: the hip, the filler, lipomodulina;
  • both reasons are involved: the hip, the combination of mastopexy and endoprotezirovanie.

In severe ptosis, mastopexy is performed. If the patient wants not only to lift but also to increase Breasts, it is possible to conduct combined operations. Here shown is not 100% reliable. Plastic surgeons take into account for the selection of a method of correction of ptosis with a larger number of parameters, the wishes of the client and possible contraindications to surgery, because in each case, a decision which takes into account all of the above.

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Threads for breast lift

Strongly tighten the chest using threads will not work. They can be used in the following cases.

  1. As a preventive measure and only in cases of incipient ptosis of the breast is small in size (no more than 2), when only began flattening of the breast above the nipple.
  2. As a preventive measure after surgery, mastopexy, in cases where the bust size is less than 2 minutes.

Threads can be used not absorbable and absorbable sutures, which are composed of polylactic acid. In some cases, can be used Golden threads, which are essentially thin gold wire.

Not resolving exert a purely mechanical action on the fabric. Absorbable to the extent of its dispersal is isolated in the surrounding tissue of biologically active substances that stimulate the metabolism and renewal of the cellular composition of the skin. Because they provide both mechanical and revitalizing action.

Injected strands in ambulatory under local anesthesia or under the influence of light anesthesia. They are located under the skin of the breast therefore, to cover in concentric circles.

The outer circle is additionally fixed to the clavicle. The recovery period proceeds without any problems and restrictions. The only thing required from the patient is to treat the punctured skin antiseptics and observe the growing swelling at the injection site threads.

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Now you can find offers from clinics in tightening threads of the chest and the second and third size. But no one can guarantee that the effect of this tightening will continue for at least six months, and certainly will not return the money.

Filler Macrolane

The introduction of the filler allows you to slightly raise the Breasts by creating additional volume. Now for breast augmentation approved for use and is recognized as absolutely safe, only one filler based on hyaluronic acid. Is Macrolane.

Should not agree to the use of synthetic or semi-synthetic fillers, which on the one hand longer retain the volume, but on the other hand cause fibrosis of tissues and unsafe for the body.

Introduction performed in an outpatient setting. In most cases anesthesia is not required or is conducted in local anesthesia. After the procedure it is advisable to refrain from procedures that can speed up the resorption of the filler (heat treatments like steam baths, saunas, sunbathing in the hot sun).

Repeated injection procedures are carried out every 6-10 months to maintain the result.


Transplantation of adipose tissue is of the essence of the realization of the dream of all women about how to move the fat from those places where it’s not needed in the chest. The introduction of its own fat into the tissue of the breast precisely the same way as the filler, allows you to lift the chest due to additional volume.

Compared to threads and a filler, lipomodeling is a major operation. To introduce fat into the breast is not difficult. Much harder to take adipose tissue where it is in excess (liposuction). Liposuction is performed in hospital under General anesthesia.

In order for the transplanted fat tissue survived, you need to carefully remove it, to separate living cells from damaged, carefully transplant it to the new location.

How viable is the transplanted fat cells depends on how many will survive and will remain in the chest. Typically, the percentage of cells that die and resolves, is 40 to 60%.

Postoperative period passes without significant problems and complications. In order to increase the number of fat cells caught on a number of European and Russian surgeons recommend the use of the vacuum system Brava, which reduces the pressure of the skin on transplantirovannam adipose tissue and accelerates the formation of blood vessels.

Endoprosthesis replacement of mammary glands

Usually it is chosen by those women who want to get a stable result. Unlike lipomodulina, yarns and the introduction of Macroline prosthesis does not lose its original form and provides a long-lasting effect.

Usually lifting in contrast to surgery for breast augmentation uses implants of small volume, which is enough only to «fill» which stretches the skin or to compensate for the reduced volume of tissue of the breast.

The endoprosthesis of the breast is performed under General anesthesia and usually takes about an hour.

Cuts for the production of the prosthesis are:

  • around the nipple;
  • in the skin fold under the breast;
  • in the axilla.

Be placed the implant can:

  • in the soft tissues of the gland;
  • under the chest muscles;
  • partially under the muscle and partly in the soft tissue.
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Any of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages and can be used when indicated.

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In addition to classic ways also is endoscopic prosthesis of the mammary glands, which gives better results in terms of prevention of displacement or rotation of the implants, bleeding, and so on.

The period of rehabilitation after endoprosthesis replacement of mammary glands is severe and requires compliance with certain restrictions, wearing compression underwear.

Mastopexy and its types

Operation on lifting of the breast is called mastopexy. At present there are a number of ways to conduct mastopexy.

First of all, all types of operations for breast lift can be divided into:

  • classical methods (also called traditional);
  • endoscopy, which allows to reduce the amount of scarring.

Can also be combined with augmentation (increasing) of the implants, ie, with the installation of mammary implants. Be conducted both operations can at the same time. This so-called one-stage aesthetic breast surgery, in two stages, first, when is a breast lift and then 4-6 months before implants can be placed.


The main types of mastopexy traditional three:

  • circumareolar;
  • vertical;
  • anchor.

These are different ways in places of cuts and, accordingly, localized scarring, and indications for use, including initial size and shape of the breast, possibility to give the mammary glands of the patient the shape that she wants.


Periareolar the goal of mastopexy is to remove excess skin in the form of a ring around the nipple and sew the remaining skin to the skin around the nipple. This allows you to tighten the breast, move the nipple higher and to avoid a large number of scars, which are much more noticeable on smooth skin than on the pigmented skin of the areola.


  • Preparation of the breast for the incision.

To do this, even before the operation, the surgeon puts on skin-specific markup.

The markings visible in the photo of two brown concentric circles around the nipple.

  • Making incisions.

The incision runs along the edge of the areola and at some distance from it.

The distance between the slits determines what amount of skin is removed. Accordingly, from this distance depends on how many will be tightened chest.

  • Removal of excess skin

The skin between the incisions is removed in the form of a ring.

  • The suturing.

First of all the so-called guides are superimposed seams, which determine the position of the nipple and the symmetry koskov from both sides.

Then to the skin of the areola is stitched the remaining skin.

The results in the before and after photos


Allows much to lift the breast and improve its shape. The main drawback is the vertical scars that go from under the breast to the nipple.

The stages of

  • Cuts.

Rezrez skin for holding a vertical mastopexy is conducted from top to around the nipple, through the areola, and the bottom down parallel to the folds of skin under the breast. If you want to spend neznachitelnym chest, the cuts may converge beneath the nipple, as shown in figure 3. If you want to significantly raise the nipple, then an incision is performed far above the areola, where the nipple-areola complex want to move.

  • Removing excess glandular tissue.

An optional step, but it can be carried out in cases where the patient is more concerned with the future shape of the breast than the possibility to preserve the possibility of breastfeeding.

  • Removal of excess skin and suturing.
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The entire skin between the incisions is removed. In this case, if necessary, can be reduced diameter of the areola. The edges of the wound are reduced and sewn.

The results in the before and after photos

As you can see, the vertical mastopexy gives good results with introduction of the implant, and without it. The effect of visual increase in breast size gives a redistribution of soft tissue, conducted during the operation.


Used in marked ptosis of the breast and pseudophase. Of all the ways breast lift, the anchor technique is the most traumatic and leaves the most scarring.


This method is usually applied to the simultaneous decrease or increase in breast size. In case of reduction by means of endoscopic equipment through punctures of the skin removes excess soft tissue of the breast.

If you intend to increase breast, through punctures of the skin is prepared a bed for placing the implant.

The main stages

  • Performing punctures of the skin.

Punctures of the skin for insertion of camera and instruments are held in area skin folds under the breast and in the axilla.

  • The introduction of the liquid.

In order to provide the surgeon an overview, you need to in front of the camera was a certain space. This is a space with water, which is injected under the skin at the location of the punctures. The water pushes the fabric and creates a cavity in which to manipulate instruments. Also the water pressure vessels are clamped and the bleeding becomes much weaker.

  • Separation of the tissues of the breast.

Breast gland is separated first from the chest, and then from the skin that covers the breast from the outside. Part of the glandular and fatty tissue is removed in a sector, the edges of the breast are sewn together.

  • The introduction of the implant.

If during the operation expected to be carried out breast augmentation is performed the implantation.

  • The suturing.

Internal stitches breast fixed to chest wall and skin. After extracting the tools sutured to the skin.

Combined surgery and endoprosthesis of the breast

Currently, plastic surgeons going on about their clients and are increasingly carried out in one stage surgery facelift and breast augmentation.

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On the one hand, one anesthesia, one recovery period, the result can be obtained much faster. On the other hand, increases the risk of complications of one-stage simultaneous operations increases the amount of scarring is proportional to the increase in the number of slits, it becomes possible appearance of postoperative breast asymmetry and other imperfections of the shape of the operated breast.