What appears cellulite – the reason why appears, on legs, on ass, on buttocks

The peculiarity of the skin, caused by the weakening of its tone, as not known. «Orange peel», «wafers», riding breeches, pads – these epithets characterize the cellulite.

What it is

Cellulite is a change in the structure of subcutaneous tissue, gradually leading to the accumulation of the fat layer. It is formed slowly as a result of disturbed microcirculation and poor lymph drainage.

Specialists distinguish four degrees of cellulite:

  • Stage 1 – in the hips, buttocks begins to form a small swelling, the disruption of fluid exchange in the body. In cells, intercellular space begin to accumulate toxins, toxic substances;
  • Stage 2 – accumulation of toxins, increased fluid in the subcutaneous fat layers on the skin begin to stand out barely noticeable bumps, swelling is increased because the accumulated fluid puts pressure on small vessels, they are narrowed, blood flow is hampered, the swelling increases even more visible hollows on the skin. Lumpy as noticeable when doing a skin fold.
  • Stage 3 – increasing accumulation of fluid, it begins to squeeze the larger blood vessels, bumps become visible even during relaxed state of muscles. In this stage there is active progression of the disease.
  • 4 degree – education tubercles increases, the compressed veins and arteries, it impedes the flow of oxygen, nutrients into the skin layers. Problem areas become painful when pressed.

The mechanism of formation

Cellulite is characterized as a stagnation due to a lack of circulation of blood and lymph. In the result of fatty layer is formed unevenly, in adipose tissue accumulates a large amount of fluid, which leads to weakening of muscle tone.

In medicine often use other names:

  • swollen liposcelis;
  • lipodystrophy;
  • melkoporistye germanicelt;
  • fibrosclerosis.

There is an acute inflammation Pocono-fat. The process of acute inflammation is caused by streptococci, more rarely staphylococci and requires anti-inflammatory treatment. Household name degenerative changes «orange peel».

Physiologists believe cellulite is a manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics, most dermatologists recognize this as a cosmetic flaw, which is useless to fight. But the beauticians call it an illness.

Female hormones estrogens have an effect on the veins and arteries, which are located in the subcutaneous layer. They lack of oxygen in the tissues an accumulation of dead and half-dead cells that lose the ability to move. Solid lumps of fat accumulate under the skin forming lumps, hollows.

The causes of cellulite

In children the illness is not the case, their skin is smooth. Young skin is also good, muscles are toned and the problem is often invisible.

When you receive this fault:

  • 12% of cases appears in the stage of puberty;
  • 25% — during pregnancy and after childbirth;
  • 20% in menopause.
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In the result, we can conclude that the main cause of the disease are hormonal changes in the body.

The second not less important factor of disease development is the game with weight. Women, who throughout his life held a single weight, are less likely to detect the signs. On the contrary, girls who like accordion gained weight-lost weight, risks are much increased.

Several reasons influencing the formation of «orange peel»:

  1. heredity;
  2. irrational nutrition;
  3. hormonal disease (disruption of the ovaries, adrenals, thyroid dysfunction);
  4. gemodinamicheski lifestyle;
  5. violation of the circulation of the blood;
  6. Smoking, alcohol.

On the feet

«Orange peel» purely women’s issue, men have no such troubles does not happen. Causes of cellulite on the legs lie in the dehydration these areas.

What are the reasons of the formation of tubercles on the thighs and legs:

  1. Uncomfortable clothing. The disease develops slowly, gradually, this happens due to the tight clothing. Young girls are constantly walking around in tight jeans that hampers the movement of blood in the legs.
  2. Shoes. Peripheral circulation also harm the shoes on very high heels. Such shoes cannot be worn for a long time. This is a direct way to the development of not only cellulite, but also varicose veins of the legs.
  3. Wrong posture. Harmful to the body habit of always sitting with her leg. In this position compressed vessels of the lower extremities that can not go unnoticed.
  4. Standing work. Constant standing in one place without movement leads to stagnation of blood in the lower the blood stream. Increasing, swelling, constrict blood vessels, impaired blood circulation. High risk of getting bumps and holes on the skin of the legs from sellers, hairdressers.

To increase the circulation of blood in the lower extremities will help light exercises for the feet, which can be done imperceptibly.

On the buttocks

Causes of cellulite in women are associated with the purpose of her child born, her skin has a specific structure, a more delicate and fragile, more stretched than men. From this it becomes more susceptible to adverse factors and more vulnerable.

The great weight of the belly leads to a shift of the center of gravity, which increases stress on the back and buttocks. Therefore, cellulite chooses the places that are involved in bearing fruit.

Throughout the body

On the distribution of cellulite all over the body is greatly influenced nicotine and alcohol.

  1. Cigarettes and alcohol destroys the vitamin C that the body needs for strengthening blood vessels, connective tissue, mucous membranes. Due to lack of vitamin C appears capillary fragility, skin nutrition is reduced. If there is not enough food, old cells are replaced by new more difficult. A large number of dead cells. Fat cells under the skin form lumps which are visible throughout the body, especially to the Pope.
  2. Nicotine and alcohol affect the density of the blood, it becomes viscous, viscous, which hampers its progress to the bloodstream. Slow motion blood can not fully provide all organs with oxygen and nutrients. This negatively affects the condition of the skin.
  3. The body is under constant poisoning poisonous substances, they are deposited in the subcutaneous layer that leads to premature aging. Skin as an organ of selection is not doing its function, it can not quickly remove harmful toxins and wastes. They accumulate, begin to put pressure on the blood vessels, a vicious circle.
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So to those who like to smoke and drink, one should not forget that bad habits must sooner or later lead to a deterioration in the health of the skin, then appears and cellulite.

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What products appears «orange peel»

The most important role in the fight against cellulite belongs to a healthy diet. To diet is strictly contraindicated.

Any diet leads to a reduction of fluid in the body. Our body lack of minerals and trace elements trying to replace the fluid, but fat in this case is not going anywhere, and skinny legs, on the buttocks more noticeable dents and holes.

Diets to adhere to are not worth it, but choose the menu you need. Don’t be friends with these products:

  • very fatty foods;
  • all fried;
  • sausages;
  • pastries made with white flour;
  • refined carbohydrates (cakes, pastries);
  • instant coffee and black tea (organic coffee and green tea);
  • pickled foods;
  • pickles;
  • products that contain fragrances, dyes, taste amplifiers.

The menu should consist of lean meat, vegetables, fruits, legumes, seafood, tasty to eat porridge.

It is also necessary to drink adequate amount of water. A day to drink 2-3 liters of Tea, compote, juices, mineral water are not considered. The body must receive exactly the water that has 0 calories.

The role of a sedentary lifestyle

The best friend of cellulite is lack of exercise.

When the muscles do not get enough load, the blood stagnates in the tissues will be swollen.

Strong muscles are also needed in order to maintain skin tone in good condition.

It is useful to take a few minutes a day to physical exercise, as long as they were regular. Daily charge of the music needs to become a habit, 10-15 minutes should do the trick. After gymnastics the adoption of a contrast shower will help increase blood circulation.

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Does stress

No one can avoid the harmful effects of stress on the human as well as its unpleasant consequences. Under the influence of stressful situations cellulite appears and becomes more noticeable if he was.

When stress can not be normal circulation, because it violates everything: sleep, nutrition, digestion, fall of life and defenses. Failure in the body brings balance to, the girls try to «seize» the stress that leads to the formation of excess fat in problem areas.

But most importantly, cellulite has a greater impact not stress itself, but the attitude as it is perceived and how to cope with it. Ways to overcome stressful situations at all different. It is important not only to care for physical health, but not to forget about the mental.

To what expert to address

If you consider cellulite as a systemic disease, it can be understood that you should do a complete examination of the body.

You should contact:

  • to the endocrinologist (to check the level of the hormone estrogen);
  • phlebologist (to check the status of the circulatory system, eliminate varicose disease);
  • the therapist (to make the analysis of blood clotting, and blood clots);

If signs and symptoms of «orange peel» is already clear need to bring nutritionists, massage therapists, cosmetologists, instructors in physical therapy, specialists in acupuncture and chiropractors.

To take care of your health, you can start with any doctor, as long as it improves the General health and bring the desired result.

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