What cream for tanning better — reviews, how to choose

How does the special makeup

Deficiencies in the Solarium are only two:

  • ultraviolet rays together with the air conditioner dry out the skin, and increased skin peeling is not conducive to the preservation of the depth and intensity of tan;
  • radiation can trigger the development of cancer.

Well-chosen cosmetics allows to solve both of these problems:

  • deep hydration helps maintain the elasticity and suppleness of the skin and allows the tan to stay longer;
  • cream bronzer enhances the color of natural tan due to the presence of special pigments, because to get the desired skin tone you can spend in the tanning bed less time;
  • ant cream (also called tanning lotions with tingle-effect) causes an artificial rush of blood to the skin allowing you to tan much faster, consequently, the time in the tanning bed again, you can spend much less.

As you can see, cosmetics for tanning salons allows you to do the tanning sessions under the lamps more safe. And due to the fact that, thanks to cosmetics to spend in the tanning bed every time for a few minutes less, so if not saving, at least no additional cost.

The main components of the creams

  • The bronzers.

Due to the presence in the composition of the cream bronzer gives a more intense shade of tan. They can be double and triple. Their cream may be five or seven.

The more bronzers, the more it turns a rich shade of tan. Their quality can be and natural ingredients: henna, keratin oil, walnut oil.

  • Components, giving the appearance of a tingle effect.

Tingle-effect in Russian literature also referred to as formic effect. The point is that under the influence of substances, ensuring the emergence of a tingle effect, the capillaries expand, blood rushes to the skin, which is manifested by the appearance of intense redness and tingling.

In fact, the ant effect simulates a natural reaction to solar radiation when the redness first appears, and then tan. At the cellular level, increasing blood circulation in the skin contributes to a more rapid transformation of reduced forms in the oxidized melanin, which gives skin tone.

Feature of creams with tingle effect is that:

  • they cannot be applied to white skin, untouched by sun rays or a tanning lamp;
  • they cannot be used on the face regardless of how many sessions in the tanning bed you have already passed.

Ensure appearance of ant effect of the following components: Ceylon licorice, liquorice, nutmeg tree, a derivative of Niacin (methyl nicotinate).

  • The hemp oil.
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Nourishes the skin, increases the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays.

  • Special components that neutralize the harmful effects of UV light.

These include CellTox, DNA, SepiLift, PureLift, peptide M. A. P. and some other components, which have an antioxidant effect, prevent wrinkle formation, increase skin elasticity.

Beauty salon products

Not applicable for tanning cream that we use on the beach. In fact, a protective cream that blocks UV radiation and allows it to penetrate deep into the skin, it is very useful at the beach when, during a holiday at sea under the rays of the sun have to spend several hours.

But this cream will make the trip from the Solarium is absolutely useless and expensive exercise, since a few minutes under the UV lamps just do not have time to cause a sunburn on the skin, so as to be blocked by UV filters.

Specially designed for tanning three types of cosmetics:

  • Developers.

These funds are suitable for those who comes in first with white skin. Developers contribute to a more rapid appearance of sunburn.

  • Activators.

Cream activator will be useful for those who came in for treatment with a summer tan or have some time to visit a Solarium. Activators contribute to obtaining a deeper and rich shade of tan.

  • The fixers.

The purpose of these medium – deep skin hydration to extend the presence of tan on the skin.

A rating means for tanning, the most popular among Russians

  • Emerald Bay.

The idea of developers of creams and packaging design means emerald Bay is this: to let every woman and every man after visiting the Solarium to feel like they have panegyris under the bright sun on exotic Islands.

The main component of funds series is an extract of the Agave, which nourishes the skin and gives it a healthy look. And depending on the purpose of the cream it contains:

  • sugar cane extract: gives your skin a deep color (it is applied for an instant tan);
  • Aloe Vera, coconut oil and milk, cocoa butter, Shea and mango Butters, grapeseed oil for deep moisturizing;
  • extracts from marine plants to provide additional anti-cellulite effect.
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For beginners suitable Definitely Dark – cream-tan booster with a pronounced moisturizing effect.

You can buy a jar of 250 ml, or be limited to a couple sachets of 15 ml. the Presence of such a choice is always convenient.

Moo Dark Bronzing Sauce – a means for fans of extreme tanning, who want to «squeeze» out of each tanning ALL!

Different cream Moo twice the amount of bronzers and the presence of Cayenne pepper in the composition, so deep and rich the color tan appears in the shortest possible time. Also the cream contains sandalwood extract for deep hydration of the skin.

  • Devoted Creations.

The basis of the compositions of lotion Devoted Creations uses a system based on Strivita revolutionary moisturizing and anti-aging component that is many times more effective than retinol and vitamin C fights the effects of UV radiation.

Thanks to Striveto improves the production of collagen and elastin, the skin becomes much smoother, small wrinkles. The most popular of the line means Devoted Creations tanning lotions are the Cube.

The creams enzymes bananas, which have powerful rejuvenating effect, complex bronzers, vitamins C and E.

  • Onyx.

Series of cosmetics for tanning made in the USA. Onyx creams contain a number of useful components that are well moistened and additionally enhance a tan. As the bronzers in the production of cosmetics used tyrosine and hemp seed oil, to hydrate and add oils of rose, rosemary, macadamia, tea tree, cocoa. Deserve special attention two of the series Onyx Onyx Hot Action and Ice and Fire.

Hot Action has a pronounced warming effect due to the tingle effect and allows to obtain a deep and rich tan.

Ice and Fire is perhaps the only one of its kind sunscreen that affects the skin consistently multiple waves of heating and cooling. After application there is a cooling effect, followed by intensive warming up of the skin. Then again, the heating is replaced by cooling.

In the end, after the tanning session, the skin is left red spots, irritation. There is a feeling of invigorating freshness. Thanks to the extract of cannabis tan is rich and deep.

According to manufacturers of means of Ice and Fire is intended for those «who never tan enough».

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  • SuperTan.

The range of Supertan allows you to choose the most suitable tool not only on the number of bronzers, but also poziomu a number of additional parameters:

  • the sensations from the use of a means: Sensations;
  • the ability of the cream to further promote the correction of figure: Slim Effect;
  • anti-stress effects: Endorfine Line.
  • Estel.

In the range of Estel Professional is designed for tanning creams, Sun Flower.

These differ from creams, cosmetics for tanning of other companies by a special complex, which not only masks the peculiar odor of the leather after tanning (as do the flavors and fragrances), and completely neutralizes it. The creams also have a light texture, does not clog pores and do not roll down.

  • Soleo.

A variety of means Soleo allows to choose for themselves the best properties of a cream for any skin type and degree of sunburn.

How can I replace the cream?

There are two categories of tools that you can use in a Solarium:

  • suntan on the sun that have a minimum degree of SPF protection (about 3), the instructions which indicate that they can be used for tanning;
  • body creams for intensive hydration of the skin.

The basic principle underlying the creation of creams for tanning, is simple: the better the wetting the skin, the faster it tans.

Dry and dehydrated skin tans much worse. Because of to intense tan and it does not overdry the skin can be using their daily tools such as body cream, lotion or spray.

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