What is acne — how to get, home treatment, remedies, mesotherapy

Most people have problems with acne, especially during teenage growing up. Usually get rid of them by using extruding or burning pharmacy drugs with a high concentration of alcohol. Acne occurs as a result of improper actions to remove acne from the skin.


Resistant comprehensive change of the skin which is the result of a prolonged presence of acne and an increased separation of the secretion of the sebaceous glands called acne.

Especially clearly expressed symptoms of the pathology arise out of the unreasonable manipulation for cleaning of delicate facial skin.

The severity of acne is directly dependent on the depth of the inflammatory process during an exacerbation of acne.

Beauticians klassificeret signs of acne as follows:

  • permanent damage of all layers of epithelium with scarring of connective tissue indicates the formation of large inflammatory focus;
  • slight deformation of the skin occurs after a prolonged existence of comedones;
  • the scars are bright pink with a bluish tinge indicate a short time interval after the disappearance of seborrhea.

The symptoms of acne are mild or do not occur at all in violation of the integrity of even a significant amount of acne in adolescence. The skin of young people has a high ability to regenerate.

But prolonged recurrent course pathology even they can be significant damage to the epidermis.

Causes of

The main factors of acne include:

  • the blood circulation to the affected areas of skin
  • excessive production of sebaceous glands secretion.

This reduces the effectiveness of healing process, contributes to the replacement of epithelial cells with coarse cloth.

When you extrude purulent content from prevage education pathogenic pathogens into adjacent areas of the skin. Penetrating into the pores, they cause the formation of new infectious foci.

After treatment, even in the deeper layers of the dermis, there is a significant deformation of tissues, which is rendered dark spots of various locations.

Dermatologists will highlight some of the main causes of acne:

  • excessive use of makeup;
  • increased activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • a failure in the endocrine system;
  • reducing the body’s resistance to bacterial and (or) viral infections;
  • emotional instability.

Not only mechanical tissue damage when squeezing acne becomes a cause of acne. Incorrect treatment of specific skin defects often causes deformation of the epidermal cells.

Chemical peeling or electrocoagulation conducted with violations, contributes to the appearance of deep scars and pitting.

How does

Due to the large number of causes of effects of pathology are also classified depending on the etiology of inflammatory processes on the skin.

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The main symptoms of the disease include:

  • Scars. The scars are localized on any areas of the face have different shapes — from round to elongated. Significant deformation of tissues during manipulation of squeezing leads to scarring. The vastness of the pathological education indicates the merging of multiple foci of inflammation in one.
  • Enlarged pores. Infected sebaceous glands rarely restored preserving its integrity. Often they remain in an expanded state, in the cavity of the fall mud particles, and it causes a new source of inflammation.
  • Acne marks or stagnant spots. The temperature change of the environment becomes the cause of skin spots or red color. These plots had previously been the acne that caused by persistent poor circulation, and even damage to walls of small vessels.

Gross mechanical compression of the skin results in excessive pigmentation of the affected acne areas. Subsequently, this leads to the increase in the concentration of melanin in the upper layers of the epidermis. Externally, the anomaly appears in the form of ugly brown spots.

The tendency to their formation are of people with excessive production of the biologically active steroids.

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How to remove acne

Possible to eliminate the symptoms of disease will help funds from post-acne. There are many methods of resurfacing the skin with the mandatory procedures for further rehabilitation.

The basic therapy of the disease is best carried out in specialized clinics with high-tech equipment.

Medical institution use the following methods of restoration of all layers of the epidermis:

  • Skin resurfacing with laser. This technique contributes to the complete disappearance of the consequences of acne after a few sessions of therapy. The Horny layer of epithelial cells in series is removed and in its place the formation of new healthy tissue. Laser resurfacing takes about 1.5 months.
  • Microdermabrasiona grinding. Special device affects the dermis, a micro-dose feeding of aluminium cations in the upper layers of the skin. At the same time is the reuptake and destruction of keratinized epithelial cells. Treatment varies depending on the amount of damage.
  • The chemical peeling. The technique of acne therapy based on the use of chemicals that react with the skin cells. The resulting products are shed, and in their place appear new, undamaged tissue. The number of treatments recommended by the esthetician.
  • Mesotherapy. Under the skin of the patients a fine needle introduced biologically active substances, compounds with enzymatic action, hyaluronic acid, and minerals. Therapeutic compounds can also contain cations of zinc, which have a drying and disinfectant properties.
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Before the procedure. patients are advised to go through some tests to identify the lack of an allergic reaction to the chemical ingredients used.

What you can do at home

If the place of residence or the absence of time does not allow you to regularly visit specialized shops, it is possible to treat acne at home. This therapy does not require a significant monetary investment, and the products used frequently are close at hand.

Here are the most effective ways of getting rid of symptoms of acne:

  • Pharmacy dry clay. The range of drugs represented by a set of colors, but at the initial stage of therapy it is better to use white clay. The powder should be diluted with water to a thick slurry and apply on face. This mask must be applied 2-3 times per week, combining with a soft peeling.
  • Ice cubes with herbs. In the capacity pour the infusion or decoction of herbs, freeze and wipe cubes to the skin several times a day. For infusions are used marigolds, chamomile, sage, series, the rose. You can add to the mix fresh aloe juice, honey, ground oat bran.
  • Antibiotic ointments. You should choose an external agent with a small amount of antimicrobial drug: sintomitsinovoy, erythromycinbuy or tetracycline. In the ointment to enter the moisturizer and apply on the skin. The course of treatment is about 2-3 weeks.

Options activates blood circulation, nourishes the skin with nutrients promotes the production of collagen. For the treatment of post-acne powder is diluted with water to a state of non-fat sour cream and apply on face.

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Mask should be kept before the emergence of sensations of mild tingling, and then rinse with warm water. Must carry out the procedure once a week.


To prevent a recurrence of the pathology to care for the skin you should use natural cosmetics. It should not contain aggressive flavors and colors. Long shelf life of the scrubs or creams indicates the presence of preservatives that can cause irritation to all layers of the epidermis.

Remedies from acne must match the type of the patient’s skin, otherwise such treatment would provoke unpleasant complications and the formation of new acne.

Warning to post-acne factors include:

  • personal hygiene;
  • the lack in the diet of fatty and sugary products;
  • proper care of the skin;
  • daily consumption of two liters of pure water;
  • a facial massage.

The principal means of preventing acne is the proper treatment of acne and pimples.

Absolutely not to squeeze rash or burn with alcohol.

The purulent contents should come out from the cavity by natural means after elimination of the inflammatory process. To face should be touched only with clean hands to avoid infection.


Even the use of modern methods to treat acne will not help to get rid of scars or spots.

The best result is achieved when the combination of holding the repeated correction of skin in specialized clinics with treatment folk remedies.

Choose a method of treatment of post-acne only after consulting a dermatologist and in accordance with its recommendations. It is thus possible to avoid the danger of complications.

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