What is better keratin or Botox for hair – reviews

An integral part of a well-groomed and beautiful appearance is a healthy hair, this is especially important for each lady. Quite often a simple wash and subsequent installation is not enough. Like any organs and tissues of the body, the hair needs extra food and certain procedures for maintaining them in proper form.

Why is prescribed these two drugs

Many may be faced with a long list of problems associated with the skin disease of the head and hair. The latter tend to thin, break, fade, look dry and lifeless.

One of the major problems is also earlier baldness. All this requires specific actions and treatment.

Today one of the most popular and effective methods are keratin and Botox hair restoration. With their help, it is the General health and nutrition of hair, and their hearts roots and the scalp.

Human hair is composed almost entirely of a specific construction of a protein, keratin, in addition to a small proportion of water.

It’s the dead skin and dead skin cells from the outside, which form a protective outer shell, and beneath them are constantly updated by new living cells of keratin.

The overall structure of the hair, you can imagine how many cell scales are tight to each other like stacked tiles.

It is a violation of their integrity and leads to an overall unhealthy picture. Sometimes the human body loses the ability to fill the required number of keratin for maintaining good hair and nails. In this regard, we developed their artificial nourishment and enrichment necessary keratin and trace elements.

Their differences in composition

To understand what is hair keratin or Botox is better, it is first necessary to know their composition and principle of action. Many believe both procedures are identical, but this is not so.

Keratin hair treatment is a use of drugs and on the basis of a certain composition. It is often called keratin-based straightening of the hair. This technique involves «sealing» sections of hair, which there is a loss and lack of keratin cells. Due to this hair becomes mirror-smooth, with no split ends.

The main part of the extra funds:

  • liquid keratin – representing certain molecules of protein cells;
  • the group of aldehydes;
  • humidifiers;
  • silicone;
  • air conditioners;
  • preservatives;
  • oil.

Regarding the Botox, it is a more vitamin and nutrient remedy. The effect of adoption is almost the same – smooth and shiny, full of life hair, but the effect is more profound.

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The composition of Botox means includes:

  • keratin amino acids that contribute to the development and construction of a protein;
  • hyaluronic acid, which provides the necessary hydration;
  • the mineral complex groups of vitamins – A, C, D, E;
  • oil;
  • elastin, responsible for firmness and flexibility.

Comparison of indications and contraindications

When choosing a treatment of hair in each individual case, guided by the groups of existing relevant indications and contraindications. Determined basic desired purpose after the procedure, it looks at how the overall health and in particular the hair and scalp.

The main indications and contraindications for the application of keratin and Botox recovery

The method used





Keratin straightening

  • sechenie ends;
  • dryness;
  • brittle;
  • the fineness of the hair;
  • the tarnish.
  1. pregnancy and breast-feeding»
  2. the tendency to allergic reactions;
  3. damage to the skin of the head and the presence of chronic diseases;
  4. hair loss;
  5. Oncology.



Botox treatment

  • brittle;
  • dryness;
  • thinning;
  • loss;
  • cross-section;
  • slow growth;
  • the tarnish.
  1. pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  2. individual intolerance of the drug components;
  3. damage the scalp;
  4. taking certain medicines;
  5. Oncology;
  6. the period of menstruation;
  7. aggravation of various chronic diseases.

What is better to use for the treatment of hair Botox or Keratin

Of course in each case will apply a particular tool.

With hair loss keratin treatment can not be applied, due to the fact that when weighting the hair this may contribute to the aggravation of the situation. In this case, it is only Botox therapy aimed at nutrition and recovery that is at the root of the hair – bulb.

The choice depends on the directional effect of the drug. Keratin effect on the hair on the outside, allowing you to fill the place of the deficit, some form of «patch» on the cellular level. Botoksa – vitamins are deeper. They nourish the skin and hair, and in addition to the restoration contribute your own keratin production by the body.

The big drawback is the extra resources is the presence in them of groups of aldehydes (formaldehyde). Special damage it is not, but can cause poisoning because of their poisonous fumes. So the procedure should be performed in a well ventilated fresh air the room.

The advantage of this method is Botox and its possible use by injection. Accurate and directed action of the drug through the delivery to the roots of the hair and scalp nutrients, improves the efficiency and effectiveness of funds.

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Well, the biggest and the main drawback of both options is the short time resistance of the resulting effect. Usually it is two to six months.

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Adverse reactions

Using keratin or Botox for hair, as well as any other tools you may have not desired side effects. Their appearance depends on how well the procedure was carried out and respected technology. Therefore, you should carefully choose a cosmetologist-hairstylist for its implementation.

Possible side effects from the recovery of hair keratin or Botox:

Keratin treatment

Botox therapy

  • allergic reaction in connection with the intolerance of certain components;
  • danger risk of poisoning members of a formaldehyde;
  • the decrease in volume of hair;
  • following strong brittle ends;
  • the effect of «dirty head».
  • itching and redness of the scalp;
  • rash on the face;
  • dandruff;
  • visually smaller volume;
  • the appearance of hair and head.

What do they say beauticians

Regarding the views of professionals they call upon before deciding the conduct of a procedure, carefully examine all the pros and cons of the action as keratin and Botox.

You need to listen to the advice of a professional and follow all the assignments.

Both methods are able to bring visible results the first procedure, but it is impossible to entertain its resistance. To maintain the required constant periodic repetition. And this is very not good, as everything is useful in moderation.

It is not necessary to resort to the use of professional keratin or Botox for hair at home. It can be not only useless, but also dangerous to health.

Alternative methods

Not as effective, but safe product to restore hair both in salons and at home, are of different nutritious masks, shampoos, sprays. It is only necessary to examine and consult with a specialist about the proper choice.

Great source of natural collagen is a well-known and are available gelatin. Making the mask based on it at home, You will notice the Shine, smoothness and manageability of hair.

Choosing a shampoo with liquid keratin and amino acids, it is also possible to improve the health and appearance of hair.

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Not enough is important and needs care, namely the shampooing, combing and hair drying and styling. All heat treatments should be gentle. Compliance with the many rules and prevention is able to exclude the use of more serious hair therapy.

The difference value

The price of each type of hair restoration depends on a number of factors.

Among them:

  • the condition of the hair;
  • used brand of the drug;
  • the necessary amount of money;
  • long and volume of the hair;
  • the technology used;
  • the region and the reputation of a beautician.

This is a common determine the cost of Botox and keratin treatment. Keratin hair straightening is more expensive than the use of Botox.

Thus, on average, application of keratin to medium hair will cost about 10 000 rubles, plus or minus, depending on the main factors. Botox will be the same length about two times cheaper. In some stores you can find prices for the service and from 2 000 rubles.

Of course everyone wants to have beautiful and well-groomed hair. Not always independently able to achieve the desired result. Don’t be afraid to seek experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Modern cosmetology can change Your life for the better, giving beauty and confidence. Approach all changes competently and responsibly.

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