What not to do after biorevitalisation — making, bans

Over time, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes less resilient, the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. In order to get rid of these problems is not enough cosmetics. In this case, can help biorevitalization.

Biorevitalization is an injection of hyaluronic acid, responsible for the production of collagen and elastin and intracellular spaces. Thus, the dose as close to natural that allows him to quickly assimilate and effectively influence.

What is needed

Many women wonder why you need biorevitalization. This procedure allows you to:

  • to get rid of wrinkles;
  • to improve the condition of the skin and moisturize them;
  • remove minor damage and scars;
  • to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which further allows to maintain the effect of the procedure for a long time;
  • improve overall skin tone and improve facial contour;
  • to get rid of age spots and circles under the eyes;
  • restore skin elasticity after weight loss fast, aggressive exfoliation, or tan.

Injections of hyaluronic acid do in the most volatile areas of the face:

  1. nasolabial triangle,
  2. the outer corners of the eyes
  3. the neck or the nose.

The treated area within two to four procedures looks different.

The advantage of mesotherapy, is that the procedure is performed quickly, within hours. To achieve the desired effect, need two to three months, and the effect persisted for one and a half years, thus not violated the natural processes in the body.


In order for the biorevitalization is successful, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • individual characteristics of the patient, the tendency to the formation of bruises and hematomas. In some people they can appear very quickly and persist for a long time;
  • it is impossible to carry out the procedure during illness, or if the patient has a fever;
  • in the presence of dermatological diseases, it is necessary to consult with a dermatologist in order to avoid negative consequences;
  • it is impossible to carry out the procedure before, or during menstruation, because the likelihood of side effects increases significantly;
  • if the patient has allergies to medication, this is further to inform the beautician;

  • for the procedure is to use only certified products of famous manufacturers, in which the specified shelf life;
  • if there are doubts about the qualifications of the specialist performing the procedure, should be abandoned;
  • for the biorevitalization should go to medical centers with a good reputation, it is possible to communicate with the patients who visited them with reliable information.
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Possible negative consequences

After conducting biorevitalisation may experience the following negative consequences:

  • immediately after the injection may occur in the blanching or redness of the skin;
  • in place of injections may be bruising or papules, which increase for hours after the procedure, due to absorption of drug of water from the surrounding tissues. In the face, they are stored up to two days, and on the décolleté and neck to three;
  • possible manifestations of allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid, which are manifested in a rash, or red dots in place of injections, from which it is difficult to get rid of;
  • swelling at the injection site, which disappear on their own within a day;
  • severe pain;
  • the uneven distribution of the composition under the skin, with the result that they become bumpy;
  • itching and dryness of the skin in the area of injections;
  • when taking medication to thin the blood, such as Acetylsalicylic acid, in place of injections can cause bruising or minor bleeding.

What not to do after biorevitalisation

In order to avoid the negative consequences after the biorevitalization need to perfectly adhere to the recommendations of the doctor performing the procedure.

The prohibition after biorevitalisation:

  • tilt your head down;
  • rubbing the skin with hands;
  • to do facial exercises or massage;
  • to expose your skin heat procedures.
  • is cold;
  • swimming pools;
  • sports;
  • sunbathing;
  • during the week to carry out chemical or laser peelings or other cosmetic procedures;
  • within two weeks to introduce injectable implants, Botox, carry out plastic surgery.
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Proper care

After conducting biorevitalisation, very important proper care of the skin. You need to remember that, despite the small size of the needle, the protection of the skin is disrupted and there is a possibility of infection. To microtrauma lasted at least days.

During this period in the future need to follow simple rules:

  • already in the first day, you can wash with warm boiled water and if the doctor allows the use of a neutral cleanser. Thus it is necessary to try as much as possible to touch hands to the skin;
  • after the disappearance of track marks you can use decorative cosmetics, previously only necessary to show the doctor what tools are used in order to exclude those that are able to damage the skin after the procedure;
  • to remove makeup, it is necessary using water and a small amount of soap with a neutral pH, or other gentle means;
  • if the doctor didn’t recommend a tool that can be used after the procedure is to use a moisturizer that has been used before. From the application of new cosmetics should be abandoned;
  • the sunbathers are advised to use protective cream with a high level of protection from ultraviolet radiation, because there is a possibility of pigmentation.

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Strictly prohibited

After biorevitalisation not:

  • in the first day to make a massage or facial gymnastics, and use of decorative cosmetics;
  • on the first day after the procedure to consume alcoholic beverages or large amounts of salt, it could trigger swelling;
  • during the week to swim in open water and pools, since multiple punctures of the skin are a gateway to infections;
  • within two weeks after each treatment visit saunas or sunbathing, because in the places of injury, there is a risk of pigmentation.
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Advice beauticians

In order biorevitalization is successful, you should take the advice of cosmetologists:

  • if you are planning a trip to countries with a hot climate or a beach vacation, it is better to spend two treatments of mesotherapy before the trip and two after. In this case, the skin will be prepared for the negative effects of UV light, thus avoiding photoaging;
  • always and everywhere need to check that the drug is used for injection. This is necessary in order to be sure that the used quality certified product. Even if the swelling does not disappear during the day, plays the role of a psychological factor and it is not so painful;
  • in some clinics mandatory, looking at the package and give to the patient a sticker with a number and series of the drug, so that he was sure that the original and had the opportunity to see a certificate of quality it was on this medication. Should ask their doctor if they have such a rule;
  • careful collection of medical history, allows to avoid many negative consequences;
  • if papules and swelling on the face persist for more than two days, and the decollete and neck for more than three days, seek the advice of a doctor who performed biorevitalization.
  • If you combine mesotherapy with Botox injections, you need to do in advance in order not to reduce the effect of the introduction of botulinum toxin.

Before you go to the clinic for biorevitalisation, you should definitely read the list of contraindications for the use of hyaluronic acid.