What not to do after Botox treatments, injections, forehead, face, injections

Botox is a medicine used in neurology for the treatment of pathologies which are accompanied by muscle spasms (for example, cerebral palsy).

The active substance of the medicine is weakened and purified botulinum toxin. Also used in cosmetics to combat facial wrinkles.

This drug produces muscle-relaxing effect in connection with the property of botulinum toxin to block nerve-muscle connection.

As a result, the muscles cease to contract and wrinkles.

The most tangible effect in cosmetology give botulinum toxin in the upper third of the face:

  • forehead,
  • eyebrows,
  • the lateral part of the upper muscles of the eyes and nose.

The use of the drug in these areas of the face usually goes away without further pathologies and consequences.

Do not be afraid of Botox essential, dose and the ability of the doctor and the observance of certain rules and restrictions to achieve the best results and avoid health problems.

It should also be noted that Botox injection is injected in the facial muscles, and thus can not get into the stomach.

The preparatory phase

Prohibitions to Botox procedures exist and need to adhere to these rules in order to avoid complications:

  1. at the clinic you will make mandatory survey, will reveal the presence of contraindications, one of which may be allergic to components of the drug;
  2. three days prior to injection eliminate the need to receive antibiotics as well as heparin, aspirin and other drugs that prevent coagulation of blood;
  3. not later than the day, you need to completely exclude from the use of alcoholic beverages;
  4. on the day of the procedure to exclude any activity, including housework, is associated with heavy physical exertion, exercise;

Limitations in the first hours and days

Botox injections is called the «lunchtime procedure», meaning that normal life after the injection can start immediately. In a few hours the drug is distributed in the tissues for complete healing after the injection it is necessary not less than days.

For completing these processes should follow certain restrictions:

  1. for 3 — 4 hours not to lie, to sleep;
  2. do not take medications that affect the process of blood clotting (paracetamol, heparin, askofen etc.), antibiotice tetracycline group not to drink alcohol during the day;
  3. two days not to touch the hands to the areas of skin which has been treated with Botox injections, do not RUB them and massage;
  4. not tipping for a long time head down – for 2 days (that is, not to wash the floors, not vacuuming, not Ironing).
  5. to avoid any sports exercise for 48 hours;

  6. also eliminate trips to the bath, the sauna, the beach, drying my hair, that is, to avoid any overheating. Because hot air and water contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, which maximally activates the distribution of Botox, and hence the result will be much weaker than expected;
  7. in the first days you should restrict the amount of fluids you drink, especially at night. Also do not eat spicy and salty meals. These precautions are needed to avoid edema, especially if they have the inclination.
  8. within a day after injection, should also refrain from sexual intercourse.
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What not to do after Botox injections

After injections in the forehead and other parts of the face (the first injection, as a rule, up to six months) is impossible:

  1. do manual massages, treatments myostimulation and microcurrent therapy. It is necessary to eliminate the effect on the muscles of the face that need alone. While light peels and masks are acceptable;
  2. for 7-14 days after the injections should abstain from antibiotics, analgesics, and the use of ginger, garlic, vitamin E, ginseng, as it can increase the risk of haematomas;
  3. it is also impossible within a week to fly a plane;
  4. sports need to stop for a week after the injections, then gradually increase the load optimally within two months. Heavy traffic contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, which leads to uneven distribution of Botox.

Violation of these rules will lead to complications, including:

  1. loss of appetite, weakness, increase in body temperature;
  2. abnormal heart rhythm;
  3. the asymmetry of the face.

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Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited

Separately to say about the inadmissibility of alcoholic drinks the day before the injection of botulinum toxin and a week, and best of all and two weeks after.

All alcoholic drinks accelerate blood circulation and extend the vessels that:

  • first, it can lead to bruising and hematomas,
  • secondly, as to unduly increase the result, and weaken or even neutralize the effect.

The price of alcohol may become disfigured lumpy skin as a result of improper distribution of Botox in the tissues.

In addition, it should be remembered that botulinum toxin, and alcohol are poisons. Their combination gives the very noticeable strain on the body, the result of which can cause serious health problems, for example severe allergic reactions.

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On the forums you can read about what someone was drinking alcohol before or after Botox procedures, and adverse effects follow-up.

Such reviews may be true, but keep in mind that if someone has a positive experience, it does not mean that the combination of alcohol and Botox will be consequences for you personally.

Hardly worth the risk, if potentially there is a real threat to health.

Do not trust anyone who urges to use alcohol to reduce the allegedly painful effect of the procedure:

  1. first, the botulinum toxin itself in this case is a good analgesic because of its properties,
  2. secondly, Botox is not painful, at least not enough to apply additional measures for pain relief.

Why you should abandon beauty treatments

Many patients are concerned when you can return to the usual cosmetic procedures after Botox.

No need at all to touch your face for 24 hours and use makeup to protect themselves from possible negative consequences: infection, uneven distribution of injected material in the tissues, etc.

Hardware procedures requiring heating of tissues (e.g., resurfacing) after injection with botulinum toxin should be done not earlier than in 2-3 weeks.

After the procedure Botox cannot do:

  1. myostimulation,
  2. magnetotherapy
  3. ultrasound therapy,
  4. to apply the infrared laser, since these manipulations normalize muscle tone, that is, the action of the drug will be completely nullified.

For three weeks you must also refrain from peeling, especially in its aggressive forms, for example microdermabrasion.

When botulinum toxin will do the trick and wrinkles are smoothed, exfoliating will operate more efficiently.

As to’s skin care, the first 1-2 days it is not necessary to use strong restorative creams.

Compatible with drugs

There are a number of medicines, which can not be used to Botox injections and within one to two weeks after them:

  1. antibiotics tetratziklinovogo row (pills, ointments), which neutralizes botulinum toxin, and, accordingly, significantly lower the expected effect of the procedure;
  2. aminoglycosides (bactericidal antibiotics), which is based on the blockade of the muscle, so combine them with botulinum toxin is contraindicated: the result after the shot is unpredictable. Drugs can not be applied two days before and seven days after injection;
  3. anticoagulants (analgesics, aspirin). In case of an after injection can appear bruises, this is due to the property of these drugs to prevent blood clotting.
  4. drugs — muscle relaxants acting on the debilitating neuro-muscular system (quinine, backofen, Relanium, drugs that block calcium channels);
  5. psychoactive substances (tazepam, fenozepam, etc.);
  6. b vitamins, which hinders the process of smoothing wrinkles.
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