What to do if hair fall out after birth? Causes and treatment how to prevent

The good news is that in most cases the density of hair replenishes over time if you eliminated the reasons.

The bad news is that sometimes the causes of hair loss be genetic predisposition, and various diseases of the endocrine system of the body, most thyroid diagnosis and treatment that require the assistance of a physician.

Causes of hair loss after childbirth

The first reason. Physiological

During pregnancy hormonal changes women: the body produces more female sex hormones estrogens. Estrogens improve the condition of hair, lengthen the growth phase of the hair, contribute to the active transition of hair follicles from resting phase to active phase.

Because the hair at this time look great, almost do not fall out, much easier to tolerate painting, perms and frequent styling.

After childbirth hormonal gradually getting back to normal. Changed the hair growth cycles: they are the same as they were before pregnancy.

Because all those hair follicles that it is time to go into resting phase, gradually cease to nourish the hair follicles, which leads to the death and hair loss.

Usually excessive hair loss becomes noticeable to a 3-4 month after birth. It ends about 10-12 a month after the end of pregnancy. In place of lost hair will begin to grow new, because pretty quickly on the parting becomes noticeable «fuzz» of new hair.

In fact, on the intensity and timing of hair loss cannot be influenced, as it is a physiological reaction, it is absolutely normal for the body. Because a variety of masks, balms and ampoule concentrates to use is impractical.

The second reason. Stress

The appearance of the baby is the joy in the family. But for a young mom is also a huge awareness of responsibility, and birth in the hospital, where the staff is not always friendly, and the first sleepless nights when the child cries almost constantly, and the lack of assistance from relatives who believe that «you’re not doing anything else, you’re a child sitting at home.»

Constant nervous tension, insomnia, fatigue, postpartum depression can all trigger excessive hair loss.

Treatment should be complex:

  • to shift some duties to relatives;
  • use day dream of the kid to rest their cases instead of taking this time to cook-clean up-stroking, especially in the first months of a child’s life when he requires more attention, patience and care;
  • spend more time outdoors and useful for yourself and the baby in the first months of life in a wheelchair often sleeps very soundly;
  • only follow the tips for the care and upbringing that are convenient for you and your baby: feed hourly if the baby is calm and quickly gets used to the daily routine or feed on demand, if hunger is a significant concern of the crumbs; put the baby to sleep separately, if so you better sleep with him or if you need some time to get up to soothe him;
  • afford sports, a salon visit or other places of rest while the baby watches daddy: let it be just for an hour 1-2 times a week, but your own time just need the mother to regain strength and manage to miss the family.
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Receiving sedative drugs are best to discuss with doctor. exactly the same as any physiotherapy.

For example, mums very useful visits to the cryochamber, as under the influence of cold for energy to begin to use fat stores from subcutaneous fat, and therefore weight after childbirth to restore becomes a lot easier and a lot more milk.

There are various cosmetic products and homemade masks against hair loss, for example, with mustard, cognac or onion juice.

The reason for the third. The decrease in the hemoglobin level of the blood mom

Usually during pregnancy can be slightly reduced hemoglobin, due to the fact that blood viscosity is reduced and the amount of blood increases. If during pregnancy a woman takes prenatal vitamins and eat normally, after birth, the hemoglobin level comes to normal.

If the pregnancy is complicated by any type of preeclampsia, giving birth to significant blood loss, postpartum hemoglobin level can be low. Iron deficiency triggers hair loss is often stronger than other reasons. To exacerbate the lack of iron could ban doctors for iron supplementation in the first month or two of breastfeeding, if the child was born with the alfalfa butterfly and the levels of bilirubin his blood falling slower than normal.

Replenishes iron deficiency blood simple medication type genferon ® or Hemopure. But to begin to take medicines only after examination which includes a detailed General analysis of blood and biochemical blood analysis and consultation with a pediatrician or neonatologist.

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The reason for the fourth. The lack of vitamins and minerals, proteins

Usually lack of necessary for hair growth substances observed when the child is being breastfed appears diathesis mom restricts his diet to only those foods that are least likely to cause adverse reactions in the baby. Sometimes it so happens that the diet becomes very scarce, and take a multivitamin complexes impossible. In such a situation of hair loss will help to manage masks and any physiotherapy, improving blood circulation in the scalp. But to completely stop hair loss will be possible only after will be able to normalize the power.

The fifth reason. Disruption of the endocrine system

The most common diseases of the endocrine system are thyroid disease and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

To diagnose the disease and prescribe treatment can a doctor the gynecologist-endocrinologist. Usually after normalization of the hair loss stops, even without the use of means for strengthening of hair.

To suspect a violation of the endocrine system is possible if:

  • hair loss continues more than a year after giving birth;
  • weight after the birth of a child for a long time is not normal even under normal diet;
  • there are problems with conceiving second child.
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The reason for sixth. Androgenetic alopecia after childbirth

The least favorable option. Predisposition to androgenic alopecia caused by genetic predisposition of hair follicles to be damaged by high concentrations of the hormone dihydrotestosterone.

Usually in women it begins to occur later, closer to menopause. But in some cases, drastic hormonal changes during pregnancy and after childbirth can run start much earlier.

Suspect androgenic alopecia is possible, if:

  • hair loss lasts for a year or more;
  • in place of fallen hair is not marked the emergence of new hairs;
  • hair become thinner, the color becomes less bright, becoming much shorter than before.
  • parting starts a noticeable «glow», especially the owners of dark hair;
  • in the photo 1-2 year ago, the hair density is much higher than at this point in time.

Remember that androgenetic alopecia can not be cured homemade masks and folk remedies are powerless against him and the majority of cosmetic products.

But effective drugs that can slow hair loss and even recover some lost hair, there are. Appoint such drugs a doctor-trichologist.

The reason for seventh. Anesthesia and caesarean

Any operation will involve forces of the body to recover. Because by itself, the caesarean section may provoke noticeable hair loss. But not to worry, because after 4-6 months the density of hair will begin to recover without treatment, unless other reasons prevent normal hair growth.

How to prevent?

Fully to prevent excess hair loss after childbirth is almost impossible, but you can affect the intensity of this process. What you need:

  • You should not try to lose weight during pregnancy or after childbirth, especially if you feed your baby breast milk.
  • Vitamins.

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For pregnant and breastfeeding women developed by vitamin-mineral complexes:

  1. Vitrum Prenatal Forte, which contains 13 vitamins and 10 minerals.
  2. Elevit Pronatal;
  3. Multi-tabs, Perinatal, which contains vitamins and iron.

Taking vitamins during pregnancy allows you to maintain the reserves of the woman’s body, especially calcium, iron and some other trace elements.

  • Supplementation of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oil protects the cardiovascular system and joints from stress related to pregnancy, will also improve the appearance and condition of hair, skin and nails.
  • Preparations of potassium iodide of the type of the Codomain supports thyroid function and are a great way to prevent failures in its work.
  • If you treat hair gently: do not abuse frequent coloring, perms, styling, wearing tight hairstyles, the hair loss will be noticeably less.
  • It is possible to completely switch to the use of cosmetics that strengthen the hair roots. It is desirable that the shampoo and conditioner you had hair.
  • Regular use of restorative masks to help hair quickly restore the density and strength after a period of loss.

The simplest mask is one of those that can be prepared in a hurry, this mask with mustard.

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For the mask you will need half a teaspoon mustard powder and two to three tablespoons of water. The ingredients must be mixed and applied to the hair roots. You can leave for up to 1 hour and can be used just as a cleanser with the toning effect instead of shampoo.

Mask for hair with brandy operates more smoothly and does not cause such a pronounced sensation when applied to the skin, but also promotes blood flow to the hair roots.

For the preparation you will need 2 tablespoons of cognac, 1 egg yolk, 3 tablespoons of olive (almond, castor, Shea, avocado) oil, a third Cup of cool brewed coffee grounds, teaspoon of honey. All the ingredients are mixed and applied to the hair for 60 minutes. Then the head can be washed as usual. The only limit coffee and brandy can give hair a brown color, because blondes and blonde prefer a mustard mask.

Well stimulates circulation red chili pepper that can be added in the form of alcohol tinctures in masks that are prepared without heating, and ground to the masks in the cooking process are heated in a water bath. An example of a mask that requires heating is the mask with colorless henna, red chilli and olive oil.

  • Colorless henna in the amount of 25 gr. half teaspoon ground red hot pepper without slides, you need to fill in a glass bowl, pour boiling water, stir until thick cream and put on water bath for 25-30 minutes.
  • After you give the henna to cool to room temperature, add olive oil.
  • The mask is applied to the hair, closes the bag and towel. This mask it is possible to leave for the night, if there is no pronounced burning.

Usually burning, there is a slight pleasant feeling of warmth, which, however, has a pronounced stimulating effect on hair follicles.

As you can see, the problem is hair loss after childbirth is completely solved, if you treat it with understanding and take the right steps for the prevention and timely detection and elimination of the reasons that can hair loss to aggravate. Be beautiful.)