When the Breasts become soft after mammoplasty


Now become very affordable and common services for the correction of the female breast.

All women want to possess beautiful forms, and many of them have resorted to surgery to achieve what is not given to some from nature.

Daring the operation, it is necessary to know all the important points and possible consequences.

The responsibility for the decision, will lie only on You, thus to study in detail all information regarding the issue of mammoplastika you simply must.

What is the procedure

Mamoplastia implies a correction of a breast through surgery.

It is divided into the following types:

  • breast augmentation with implant;
  • breast reduction;
  • the breast lift.

The greatest demand surgery to increase the bust.

It just happens to be necessary for many women with:

  1. insufficient volume;
  2. the violation of symmetry;
  3. loss needs shape after breastfeeding.

Before surgery of any kind, with the doctor, you trust your Boobs, negotiated all the wishes.

The doctor is available to explain and tell:

  • what needs to be done before the surgical procedure;
  • how to prepare for it;
  • what tests will be needed, etc.

The procedure mammoplasty last about an hour, plus or minus, depending on the complexity of the operation. In the beginning, the surgeon outlines the broad lines of the upcoming sections.

After General anesthesia is administered, and then begins the creation of the surgeon.

Basic manipulations that are performed timely mammoplasty:

  • the incision of the skin in certain places;
  • the implantation of the implant;
  • cut the excess tissue in the breast;
  • moving of the areola and nipple of the breast;
  • the suturing.

After all of the procedures performed, the patient remains in the hospital for about a day, for the necessary observations.

Modern medicine uses the latest methods of conducting such operations, which contributes to its easy transfer.

Incisions are made in the natural folds of tissue, which further makes them virtually invisible.

What should be the mammary gland is normal after surgery

Normal fact after surgery will be pain that will last for a few days. In this case, appointed special painkillers.

Breast after any type of surgery will be swollen and edematous. The sensitivity of her skin in connection with this very acute.

But the reaction of the nipples and areolas lost completely, but eventually everything comes back to normal.

Can be sensations of tightening (especially with axillary incisions) that need to be extremely careful.

Often felt constantly tense muscles of the breast which also eventually come back to normal.

When the doctor removed the bandage, you have to wear special underwear, which will allow the chest to take proper form. To wear it you need round the clock about a month.

Why breast becomes hard

As with any surgery, mamoplastia characteristic of the appearance of edema after. They are the primary cause of roughness and hardness of the breast.

If the damage of various tissues, the place is always fluid accumulates due to natural protective functions.

This is necessary immune response. In this case there is a rush and an additional accumulation of lymph, which provides a reliable barrier from «outsiders» for each of us.

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This process is considered normal. Swelling resolves gradually, and the period of time that is required for this usually depends on how the patient complies with all the doctor appointments, and directly from the individual.

How many days after mammoplasty the breast will become soft

Regarding the issue of time that should elapse before the complete removal of hardness and roughness of the breast, consider the type of operation conducted.

If we are talking about reduction and breast lift, then being rude will go after the postoperative edema and swelling.

If it was the increase in the volume and alignment of the forms with an implant, it takes into account two defining factors.

The Breasts become soft after mammoplasty in this case:

  • first, after when will the swelling;
  • secondly, it depends on the softness of the implant.

When conducting any kind of surgical procedures, the affected area of tissue will always have the property to swell. It is inherent and chest.

On average, fully swelling in the breast implants falls in the interval from two to three months.

The softness of the implant also depends on its composition. Their models mainly differ in the density content of the gel.

In this regard, before the operation, the patient is instructed to get acquainted and touch to touch the samples of the implants in order to provide what feels chest in the end.

It should also be noted that the softness of the breast following mammoplasty depends on the timing of the formation needs and the right of the capsule that holds the implant.

A certain amount of time it shrinks and condenses, becoming the appropriate size to maintain the implanted material.

This process begins about the second month after surgery and lasts on average about five months.

But we should not forget the fact that the rehabilitation period is individual, and this is similar to the timing of the recovery of the final softness of the breast.

Video: breast augmentation

When to contact a doctor for advice

The first few days after surgery, the patient is under the special supervision of a physician and the appearance of negative negative effects are not particularly worried.

But here You have it, and you begin to disturb and frighten certain moments. What to do?

You should always adequately assess the specific situation. Usually the first ten days after mammoplasty the most difficult.

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These terms also depend on the complexity of the operation. Constant aching pain and discomfort in the chest area at this time is considered the norm, though, if Your General condition does not change.

But such processes as:

  1. the fever, its duration in a few days;
  2. weakness and General malaise;
  3. unbearable and acute pain — are about seeking help and the advice of a physician.

If You notice, after the primary rehabilitation period, is not desirable and suspicious changes in the breast that can occur in the form of:

  • red-red swelling of certain areas;
  • severe pain when feeling;
  • either the lack of sensitivity of some parts, you should also immediately inform Your doctor.

With any surgery, there can be various kinds of negative consequences and side effects.

Even modern and expensive medicine can’t give guarantees on a completely positive result.

The main problems that can occur after mammoplasty:

  • the pain and loss of sensation of nipple (characteristic phenomena pass after some time);
  • rough scars (their visibility is determined by the method of operation and individual features of the body);
  • the appearance of inflammatory nodules within the breast (often requires a new surgical intervention);
  • improper formation of the capsule surrounding the implant (it can be very condense and squeeze him, is one of the main problems of mammoplastika);
  • rupture and damage of the implant (depends on their constituent materials and methods of manufacture);
  • the total rejection by the organism of the introduced foreign object.

Frequently asked questions

The fairer sex before any upcoming changes in their body, a lot of questions, especially when it comes to such important organs, such as the chest.

Note the most frequently asked prior to mammoplasty.

Is it possible to breastfeed after a increase with implants?

Definitely, Yes.

The implant is basically either under the mammary gland or under the pectoral muscle, while maintaining the integrity of the milk ducts.

They can be broken, if the material placed directly below the nipple, but it is rarely used.

It is worth noting that before the surgery are discussed with the patient the possible consequences of each method.

How to choose the right implant?

This choice helps You make directly to the surgeon who will carry out the operation.

The basis of this question is the material from which made a particular implant, the whole of which, with their pluses and minuses, can only provide a qualified specialist.

The quality of the implanted object, will directly affect the final result and postoperative recovery.

In this regard, if You have decided on breast surgery, it is recommended to choose implants with full responsibility for their health in General, not trying to save on the quality of the material.

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The shape and size of the future bust will only depend on your preferences.

How bad is it?

The danger of this operation is defined similarly, as the risk of any other surgery.

Certain risks and unwanted effects always inherent in the operations of various kinds.

In this case, it depends on Your chosen clinic and surgeon in whose hands you will be, from the materials used and also comply with all subsequent recommendations.

Will I have any scars?

Modern surgery employs the latest techniques applied cosmetic seam.

However, the visibility of the scar depends on the characteristics of the skin tissue of each person.

Someone larger, someone is almost not visible, but the place to be after any operation inherent always.

At what time the chest will become due?

A clear and specific answer here is never.

The recovery period is strictly individual.

Regarding an approximate time frame, it may be noted that after mammoplasty average heavy rehabilitation takes place over about a month.

Within two or three months, the breast gets rid of edema, and closer to six months it is proper formation.

How much will the surgery cost?

The answer to this question consists of several components.

The main ones are price (given the average figures in Russian rubles):

  • the surgeon (50,000 and above);
  • selected implants (25 000 – 50 000);
  • the preoperative examination (10 000);
  • used anesthesia (5 000 – 10 000);
  • of a stay in a clinic (2 000 – 5 000 per day).

The total amount depends directly from the regional facilities. The operation carried out in the capital, will be approximately twice as expensive, and the same held in the province.

This is due to varying costs for services to certain clinics and requests for specific surgeons.

Mamoplastia is a serious surgical procedure that requires special attention from both the patient and the doctor.

In order to reduce all unwanted risks later to a minimum, is required:

  • a sound approach from the preparation;
  • compliance with all requirements established for a particular type of operation;
  • constant monitoring and changing of the breast.

Early recovery also depends a lot on your positive attitude and respect for all appointments.