When you can sleep on your side after mammoplasty — can


Mammoplasty is a surgery in which the Breasts increase, tightened or adjusted the other way.

In this article the question of when you can sleep on your side after mammoplasty that must feel for a woman after this surgery, doctors and more.

How long is the recovery period

After surgery, the patient stays in the clinic for the first three days. If her condition is satisfactory, on the fourth day it is issued.

The first month (early period) after the mammoplasty is the most difficult because, typically, it is characterized by swelling breast, her pain and General discomfort.

During this time, the patient and her body has to get used to the «new» Breasts and implants.

In the second month after surgery, the woman may return to her normal life.

Completely once the recovery period is only six months later, when all the swelling goes down and you can see the final result of mammoplasty.


Care rules

There are the following rules for the care after breast surgery breast:

  • in the first two months after mammoplasty is recommended to wear special compressor linen, a task which will maximize fixation and maintain the breast. This bra is tight to fix the implant, not allowing them to shift from the sudden movements;
  • two months later (if the stitches are well healed) you can wear a regular bra, but it is desirable that it was made of soft fabric and pitted;
  • immediately after mammoplasty should be taken warm, even a little cool shower;
  • after breast augmentation the mammary glands may appear too toned and young, but it is important to know that this is just swelling and when it subsides, the Breasts need to take care that it does not stretch marks appear. For this you may use special creams and moisturizing lotions;
  • two months later, after surgery to do cosmetic procedures, which aim to preserve the youthful appearance of the breast skin (wrap, massage, application of serums).

When you can sleep on your side after mammoplasty

To sleep on your side after mammoplasty only two weeks after the operation.

Is justified by the fact that during sleeping on the side muscles of the breast can overwork and the implant may shift to the side and cause this severe pain.

In addition, too much exercise will not contribute to a decline in edema, but rather, can provoke the appearance of rough scars.

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In order to avoid this, women are recommended to sleep on your back in the compressor linen. The only way it will be maximally protected from undesirable consequences.

Lie on your side it is possible only after removal of sutures and recession of the edema. On the stomach you can go a month after surgery.

What the doctors advise

After surgery, doctors recommend to observe the following rules:

  • within three months after the correction of the breast can sunbathe, relax in the sauna or Solarium. In the future, you need to protect scars from ultraviolet radiation;
  • in the first five days after surgery can not raise his hands up so that the seams are not separated;
  • after the seams with alcohol, it is recommended to grease antirabicakim cream (Grande Cosmetics);
  • in the first month after the operation to exclude all physical activity (no running, no gym);
  • it is impossible to raise the gravity and to bend;
  • it is advisable to sleep on a high pillow for three weeks after mammoplasty;
  • to abandon bad habits and to eat a balanced, so that the body could recover faster.

It is important to know that the total volume of the breast is affected and weight. If he will change, it will affect the breast shape.

Because of this, you need to lose weight before surgery and not after it, as rapid weight loss can have a negative impact on the operated breast, which will be installed implant.

Video: the recommendations of the surgeon

What it must feel like a woman

After mammoplasty some women decreases the sensitivity of breast and nipples. Fear is not necessary, as this is completely normal. Skin sensitivity will return after three to five months.

Also, after the correction of the breast in many women there is a sharp feeling of discomfort and inconvenience. This condition can be even more pronounced if the patient had a large implant under the muscle.

As a rule, the time to get used to the new breast takes 2-4 weeks. Then the woman becomes accustomed to the new size and no longer feels such acute changes in the body.

Another symptom that will invariably be present after the surgery is pain. Its weakening the patient will be prescribed painkillers, which she will take for two-three days.

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Do I need to endure the pain

Doctors don’t recommend to endure the pain while turning to the side, as the pain indicates that the operated muscle is still not fully healed and require rest.

For this reason, it is not necessary to lay on my side as long as discomfort and pain will not go away.

What problems you may encounter

Most often breast implants can cause a rise in body temperature and development of the inflammatory process. This condition develops in some women as the body’s response to a foreign body (the implant).

If the patient will increase the temperature, it can be prescribed antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs. As a rule, after a five-day course of treatment the symptoms pass.

Another phenomenon is the entry of infection. This risk is there in almost every operation.

If the pain and temperature will not be even after taking antibiotics, then, unfortunately, the implant will have to be removed so as not to expose the health of women in danger.

The accumulation of serous fluid may occur when the surgeon made excessive slit for the establishment of the prosthesis, and after the operation the mammary gland has not been installed drainage.

Also, to contribute to the accumulation of seroma maybe the patient herself, if not to adhere to medical recommendations (to lift weights, play sports in the first month after surgery).

Also, sometimes there is a discrepancy between the expected results (when the after breast surgery does not look satisfactory).

For example, overly large implants may cause stretch marks and asymmetry of the Breasts.

After breast surgery can occur wrinkles or rough seams. If the implant itself was picked up correctly, then look in the mammary glands of a woman, he may be ugly.

Based on all of this, you need to carefully plan the operation and it is reasonable to choose the size of the implant.

Useful tips

In order for breast implants brought moral satisfaction and the expected result, you should know about this:

  • in the first days after surgery on the scar area is necessary to cause a special plate of silicone. It will help faster to heal the wound, and protect from the formation of unsightly scar;
  • it is not recommended to do breast implants have not yet parous women and girls to eighteen years who have not yet fully formed Breasts;
  • with a small weight and small Breasts should not be set too large implant because it can stretch the skin and be too noticeable.
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Frequently asked questions

Does silicone implant effects on breast cancer?

As shown by current study, the presence of the silicone implant not only provokes the development of breast cancer, but also lowers the risk of cancer of the breast.

Can be allergic to silicone?

Silicone implants do not cause allergic reactions or intoxication.

Is it possible to have a baby and breastfeed after placement of the implants?

Yes, you can.

The ability of lactation the implant is not affected, since it is set deep into the muscle.

The operation itself during pregnancy to do it. Also, do not spend it in the period of lactation.

The most optimal time for placement of the implants is a period of eight months after the end of breastfeeding, when the Breasts have already purchased your usual size.

How much the seams will be visible after the surgery?

The degree of scarring and their visibility will depend on the original breast size, technique of surgery, speed healing of the wound and the size of the implant. All this should be discussed with the surgeon.

Usually, the doctor chooses a suitable in all respects of the size and shape of the implants.

The patient only remains to make a choice in favor of one or another of the implant.

Today, breast augmentation is a very popular surgery that can eliminate the defects of the mammary glands and to boost the confidence of women.

To the effect of it is really pleasing, it is necessary to follow all advice and recommendations.