White stretch marks on the butt, thighs, how to remove

Sometimes the skin appear light strips in different lengths which can cause significant damage to the visual appeal. Features white stretch marks is that they can occur on skin at any age and on any part of the body, depending on the degree of elasticity of the skin.

What it is

White stretch marks, or striae is a modification of the skin, which represent atrophic scars from connective tissue. Newly formed stretch marks are usually reddish or purple in color. Over time, gradually deforming the skin and reducing its elasticity, they acquire white shade.

When there

The main reason for the formation of white stretch marks is excessive stretching of the skin. Because of this negative impact is rupture of collagen fibres and elastin, responsible for skin elasticity and resistance to pressure.

Within the epidermis collagen and elastin are replaced by connective tissue, usually filling the scars.

The reason of such substitution could be:

  • pregnancy. A sharp, uncontrolled increase in body volume and tension of the skin from the inside at certain places occurring unevenly. Also important role in the formation of white stretch marks during the period of pregnancy is the changing hormonal levels and cyclic processes in the female body. Skin won’t tolerate the load;
  • hormonal changes related to puberty or the transition to the menopausal state;
  • weight gain accompanied by an increase in volume in problem areas. Sometimes white stretch marks on hips and buttocks can occur due to muscle growth;
  • pathology of endocrine system, disorders of humoral regulation due to malfunction of some organs and systems, for example, diabetes;
  • the use of drugs, leading to changes in hormonal background of the organism, low or weight gain, correction of the nervous system;
  • genetic predisposition to lower levels of collagen in the skin and the appearance of stretch marks.

The cause of formation of white stretch marks you can tell by what part of the body they are located and in what direction.

If lowering the elasticity of the skin led to the horizontally running stream, this indicates pathology in the hormonal background, but if vertically, then the formation of stretch marks happened because of the increase in body mass.

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How to remove white stretch marks

White stretch marks on the butt, thighs and lower abdomen especially disliked the fact that retain their visibility even after reducing the mass and volume of the body. It is rather difficult to hide from the sun and decorative cosmetics.

Since they penetrate directly into the upper layer of the epidermis and are a kind of dint on the skin, they will exude and attract more attention.

Modern cosmetology offers many ways to get rid of white stretch marks:

  • physiotherapy – with the help of special devices that stimulate the tension of the skin and reducing the intensity of scars;
  • cosmetic – capable of using creams, ointments and compresses to moisten the skin, make it firm and increase its resistance to internal and external negative factors;
  • – injection when exposure occurs by injecting drugs directly under the skin, dealing with stretch marks from the inside;
  • surgery (abdominal plastic surgery) – resorted to it heavily in running clinical cases when any other methods of influence on white stretch marks will have no effect.

Before choosing a method of exposure. It is best to consult a doctor-cosmetologist. It will help you to choose the most efficient and effective way of getting rid of stretch marks.

The Pope

To get rid of white stretch marks on buttocks the easiest way, since the skin there is the most resilient, able to undergo different effects and keep the effect for a long time.

For getting rid of stretch marks on the butt can help the following modalities:

  • seaweed wrap. Such cosmetic manipulation is good when stretch marks ran deep, and they are not too long. In order for the skin its former elasticity, it will be enough to 6-12 treatments, depending on the individual characteristics of epidermal cells of each patient. The wrap is skin tone not only recovering, but also can significantly increase. This will help prevent the formation of new stretch marks;
  • photopigmentation. The impact of brief outbursts on problem areas of the body. Just 10 sessions of phototherapy will cause the regenerative processes in the skin to activate and remove the nasty white marks;
  • microdermobrasion. Suitable patient enough patients, because during the procedure, you may receive significant discomfort. Is a resurfacing of the skin using directed jets of air mixed with sand. It has both scrubbing and stimulating regeneration effect. Stimulates collagen production under the skin;

A combination of several procedures, for example, photopigments and body wraps, to help much faster to come to a positive result and keep it for a long time.

In the case of the combined effects of several means the skin returns to its former elasticity, but also becomes more attractive and delicate in appearance, due to the supply effects of cosmetic body wraps.

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To get rid of stretch marks on thighs is much more difficult, because the skin there is usually more rough than on the buttocks and the connective scar tissue located somewhat deeper.

In addition to the above methods, the beauticians additionally offer the following ways to get rid of unattractive stretch marks:

  • water treatment. Daily contrast showers alternating exposure to jets of hot and cold water;
  • intense types of massage. The constant mechanical action is accompanied by the inflow of blood and an additional run of metabolic processes. Under the skin increases blood micro-circulation, accelerating metabolism, increasing the saturation of the cells of the epidermis with nutrients. It improves tone of the skin and its complete recovery;
  • injection of enzymes under the skin. During such procedures, stretch marks are smoothed significantly due to the fact that they are inside. Tissues subjected to mechanical stress, excessive tension and strain almost restored. However, the effect of such procedures is short-lived, and if the patient is to follow health and weight, stretching back;
  • in those cases, when to get rid of stretch marks by physiotherapy is not possible, resort to plastic surgery. Damaged skin with the problem areas completely eliminated. The recovery period for this surgery is long enough, you will need additional injections of enzymes and collagen to return elasticity of the skin.

Despite the fact that to get rid of stretch marks is rather difficult, with the right approach and strict adherence to the recommendations of the expert it is possible to achieve significant results and keep the skin supple and healthy for long.

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To prevent the subsequent appearance of white stretch marks on the butt, thighs, and other problematic parts of the body, you should follow a few simple rules.

Attentive to your body will help prevent the occurrence before it will cause discomfort:

  • pay attention to their weight. An excessive amount of and body weight contribute to the rapid formation of stretch marks;
  • when you see red and purple stripes-stretching the skin you need to take steps to eliminate them before they converted to dense scarring of the connective tissue;
  • periodically arrange the skin sessions cosmetic effects by using body wraps, ointments, creams and special oils. They can be easily pick up in any pharmacy or cosmetics shop. Regular care helps preserve the beauty of the skin for a long time;
  • in order to prevent the formation of stretch marks, you should try to increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Best help in this periodic sessions of self-massage performed by 1 or 2 times a week.

Only a careful attitude to their health and physical well-being will help to prevent the formation of white stretch marks. Attentive skin care will be a great help to her enduring appeal.

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