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Body wraps cellulite – this is nice and simple, but at the same time famous for its effectiveness the method of fighting unsightly «orange peel». They help to eliminate excess fluid from the body, normalize blood circulation and metabolism, giving the skin elasticity, elasticity, and soft and shiny.

Mechanism of action

The cause of cellulite is a violation of the process of movement of blood and lymph. This leads to an uneven distribution of adipose tissue, create locations of fat deposits, and knobby deformations of the skin. Due to such negative effects, the skin becomes similar to orange peel.

Thanks to anti-cellulite wrappings, you can return the skin problem areas is still attractive.

This cosmetic procedure provides:

  • improved circulation due to the active heat or irritating ingredients;
  • reducing blood stagnation and ensure lymph drainage from the areas of accumulation of adipose tissue;
  • elimination of toxins and harmful substances by accelerating the blood movement throughout the body and reduce the number of obstacles to blood flow;
  • hot or cold effect stimulates the metabolic and regenerative processes in cells and tissues of the body, stimulating active healing and improving the appearance.

Beneficial effects of body wraps cellulite many women notice after a few treatments. Especially noticeable improvement in the skin, increasing its elasticity, a marked decrease in the number and height of the cellulite bumps.


Cellulite is a disease that appears not only due to the deposition of adipose tissue or insufficient elasticity of the skin and many other factors.

Wraps can be an excellent preventive measure against cellulite, and permanent active effects on the skin in case of appearance of «orange peel», but they can’t help eliminate the underlying cause of the disease.

In order for the wraps helped, steadily improving appearance and skin condition, it is necessary not only to do them regularly, but also to pay attention to lifestyle: doing sports or just to perform a minimal set of physical exercises. Pay attention to the daily menu may completely change the diet.

Preparation for the procedure

To wrap cellulite as smooth as possible for the skin, safe for health and effective action must be well prepared for the upcoming external impact.

Any physical activity will help to accelerate blood and lymph circulation in problem areas, so it is best to carry out the procedure after:

  • walking
  • training
  • easy Jogging or a massage.

Due to the accelerated metabolism under the skin of active substances contained in mixtures wraps, will quickly penetrate and give desired effect.

Before you perform the procedure, you need to prepare the skin:

  • for full disclosure then, and release the skin from exposure to extraneous external factors you need to take a warm bath or shower;
  • with a sponge, with a tough viscous will grind the problem areas, you can use a special scrub, consisting of coarse-grained components. It is best to use a scrub that has additional effects, such as warming with a large number of essential oils;
  • then the skin ukutyvaemsya warm water and wiped dry with a soft towel.
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In the preparation process, it is important not to overdo it and to ensure that the skin will burst and leave pieces. At the slightest hint of damage to the skin, the procedure should cancel.

How to make wraps cellulite at home

After the necessary actions proceed directly to the procedure body wrap cellulite.

This will require a few things:

  • pre-prepared components for the manufacture of a mixture and clean dishes;
  • a coil of cling film with a broad canvas. The wider canvas of the film material, the easier will be to wrap her body and carry out the procedure;
  • quilt, blanket or special pants or breeches for weight loss, made of thick, heat-retaining and provoking the increase of blood flow material. The greater the influence of temperature on the problem area, the better the effect from anti-cellulite wraps;
  • cotton clothing that serves as intermediate layer between the blanket and plastic wrap, under which is hidden a mixture of anti-cellulite on the body.

In that case, if you want to do cold, the main effect of which is based on a short-term irritant effects on the problem areas, then wrap yourself up is not required.

Proceduresobtain of the following stages:

  1. preparation of a mixture of clear instructions, thorough mixing of the components;
  2. applying the resulting composition to the areas affected by cellulite;
  3. wrapping the body with a mixture of a thick layer of cling film. In order to properly cover wrap, you need to start to wrap from the bottom up towards the left part of the chest. Because you need not bend and bandage, and the heat and the heating effect, the film is not worth much pull as you apply on the body;
  4. in order to enhance the heating effect, you need to put on clothes on top, and then wrap myself in a blanket. When cold wraps simply roll up in plastic wrap and throw on some clothes just to not stain the furniture. If the wrap is hot, soon the skin will be quite hot. It is a requirement that actively supports the effect of mixture components on the skin, layers of fat under it and the blood vessels. If the heat became quite unbearable, the procedure must stop;
  5. the duration of exposure wraps cellulite is 30-60 minutes, after which the mixture should be thoroughly washed off in the shower, wipe the treated areas with a soft towel and apply for additional effect cellulite cream.

For the course interaction was successful, anti-cellulite treatments wraps should be carried out not less than ten. Frequency of procedures – 2-3 times a week.

Consider the most popular recipes wraps cellulite and how to accomplish them.

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Coffee is very popular due to their availability, as well as additional scrubbing and cleansing effects.

Coffee grounds or fine coffee beans give extra rubbing and renewing effect of conventional anti-cellulite body wrap.

The procedure is according to the above rules.

To prepare the mixture, use freshly ground coffee or processed coffee grounds, coarse sea salt, red pepper or mustard for additional heat effect.

As a basis for mixture acts diluted with water to a thick blue or pink clay or therapeutic oils: peach or olive.


Hot — different from the usual that they are applied on the skin is already pre-heated. For their emulsification in the right mix use warm or hot water. They need to be applied very carefully so as not to burn.

For the beginning of active influence on the skin is already hot means it will take much less time.

There are many recipes of hot wraps from cellulite.

They make use of components such as:

  • color types of cosmetic clay,
  • coffee
  • ginger,
  • aloe Vera juice and Noni,
  • citrus essential oils known for their revitalizing and toning effects on the skin.


Honey is considered very useful for the skin. honey, which is part of such wrappings, contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that easily penetrate under thermal effects at the steamed skin. These wraps are much faster to restore blood and lymph circulation, giving the skin a healthy color.

Honey treatments can provide additional cleaning or scrubbing effect if used for the preparation of the composition of the old, crystallized honey, which is not edible due to changes in the consistency.

This honey in a slightly heated condition becomes a beautiful basic for anti-cellulite masks and wraps.

To additional warming and stimulating effect, you can add in a wrap with mustard or red pepper.


The use of seaweed as the wrap is very popular in terms of the beauty salon as a full procedure with algae to conduct quite difficult. Not every cosmetic store will be able to purchase the necessary ingredients, namely, dense and broad leaves of seaweed.

These procedures have a positive effect due to increased levels of marine plants of various salts of nutrients, such as magnesium, iodine, sodium and other that will help to strengthen blood vessels, improve their elasticity, accelerate blood flow velocity and improve the condition of skin.

If the procedure is carried out using large, chopped seaweed, sometimes additional components are not required. Enough to moisten the leaf of the plant maximum hot at the individual level of tolerance of water, cover them problem place and tightly wrap with cling film.

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What they do in beauty salons

In conditions of a beauty salon procedure is carried out using a ready mix for anti-cellulite wraps.

Usually, dermatologists use proven brands and cosmetic lines, to avoid side effects and subsequent loss of reputation of the salon.

Often before the procedure, the client will be urged to the massage, as the increased blood flow after physical exposure will greatly help the master to make the most effective.

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The procedure lasts about an hour. For added effect, instead of clothes and blanket the client will be asked to lie on the couch under a special blanket, heated or pre-heated.

Adverse reactions

Before you start a body wrap cellulite, it is important to find out if there were any allergies to components of the mixture.

You need to use only those means that are guaranteed not to cause an immune response.

If after the procedure appeared, and endure the itching, burning, feeling of tightness of skin, redness on the treated areas, should immediately stop.

Useful tips

Wraps at home love many women, because of the speed of achieving the result. However, this procedure has its drawbacks.

In order to avoid them, you need to keep several rules in mind:

  1. only the wraps will not help to get rid of excess fat or accumulation of subcutaneous deposits in the body. Procedure is important and must be combined with physical activity, diet and nutrition. Simply limit yourself in harmful products;
  2. sea salt for the preparation of mixtures it is better to buy in pharmacies. This will ensure safety, efficiency and cleanliness of the composition;
  3. coffee and other colored components can change the skin tone to a darker one, so wash them very thoroughly;
  4. after any procedure it is very important to apply to the skin a soothing cream or anti-cellulite lotion. This will not only strengthen the epidermis, making it more elastic and give the skin a healthy color and softness.

Cellulite wraps at home is a good way not only to clean up the skin in problem areas, but also to spend time under the warm blanket, enjoying the scent of the blend components.

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