Wrinkles above upper lip — how to remove at home folk remedies

Nothing betrays a woman’s age, as wrinkles. And if the wrinkles around the eyes is a sign, albeit late, but still youthful, wrinkles above upper lip – it’s like gluing the third photo in the passport, clearly indicate that you are already 45. It does not matter whether you have achieved this age really. How to get rid of them or at least longer to postpone the emergence of such a defect?

Causes of

Wrinkles above upper lip begin to form due to age-related changes in the structure of the skin.

Usually after a woman turns 30, her skin loses its tone and elasticity. Now wrinkles are not smoothed completely, and becoming more noticeable.

The most rapid formation of wrinkles occurs after menopause.

The appearance of wrinkles over the upper lip contributes to a number of factors:

  • this is the active area, the muscles of the lips are tense even at the time when a person is sleeping;
  • in connection with insufficient quantity of sweat and sebaceous glands here is more thin and dry skin;
  • in ecologues region gradually becomes thinner layer of subcutaneous fat;
  • circular muscle that provides movement of the lips is not attached to any bone, and tightly adherent to the dermis, and therefore any change in the position of the lips leads to a stretching of the skin;
  • in circular muscle, are woven in more than a dozen facial muscles, so that it is strained almost from any facial movement;
  • with years circular muscle shrinks and decreases in size and the skin around it grows more spread out and «accordion-folds».

Also, wrinkles above the upper lip can be triggered by some household and mimic habits. The most dangerous of them is Smoking. In addition, it negatively affects the General condition of the epidermis, tobacco smoke from a cigarette just «swirls» around the lips and more and dries out the skin in that area.

No less harmful is the need to keep the lips of the cigarette filter. While the muscles tense, and her lips tightly compressed. In this position, the wrinkles show through particularly clearly.

A similar mechanism operates in the following cases:

  • use a cocktail straw;
  • the presence of habits fold the sponge «bow» or pulling them forward;
  • when the habit of constantly kept in the mouth for a match or a blade of grass.

Of course, these factors will not have an immediate operation, but gradually leave its mark on the skin around the lips.

The causes of wrinkles above the upper lip is also:

  • rapid weight loss;
  • the absence of teeth;
  • incorrect head position during sleep;
  • frequent exposure to the sun or Solarium;
  • used in this area aggressive methods of hair removal;
  • improper execution of gymnastics lip;
  • the use of alcohol-containing cosmetics.

There are some professional factors. In the first group of risk are people whose work is connected with a voltage allogenic muscles and frequent articulation. This:

  • glassmakers
  • musicians playing wind instruments,
  • singers
  • actors
  • teachers.

How to look

Wrinkles above upper lip called purse-string.

They are located from the nose to the upper lip, i.e. across the muscle fibers, which are directed from the top of the lips to their corners.

You notice a lot of small wrinkles and several deep vertical wrinkles.

Given the fact that over time, the red border of the upper lip dips down and the distance between it and the nose is extended, purse-string wrinkles are much more noticeable. Gradually these wrinkles there are more, and they turn into oblong grooves close to each other.

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How to remove wrinkles above the upper lip

To remove wrinkles above the upper lip is not very easy. This requires an integrated approach to solving the problem. You should know that the earlier you start to pay attention to the special skin care in ecologues region, the best results can be obtained. The list of ways to get rid of the purse-string wrinkles in the home is quite large.


The skin around the mouth requires constant moisture, so you need to regularly apply creams, serums or masks.

Among the assortment of cosmetic products no special tools, designed specifically for the care of nosogubnye triangle.

Most commonly used cosmetic product recommended for use on the skin.

There are important nuances that must be considered when selecting a make:

  • it must fit the age category, as it affects the composition and concentration of the active substances;
  • it is better to give preference to drugs for dry and sensitive skin;
  • in the product has to be moisturizing ingredients (the most popular products with hyaluronic acid);
  • you cannot use cosmetics which contain alcohol or fruit acids.

When using makeup for normal or oily skin, you can purchase a separate anti-aging agent, which will be applied only on the area around the mouth. Also, the desired characteristics have beauty products for the skin around the eyes.

In addition to the daily maintenance should be carried out periodically and treatments using scrubs or peels. Taking place under their action, exfoliation stimulates the production of collagen that helps maintain skin tone.


Good results in combating the appearance of wrinkles on the upper lip can be achieved with the help of massage. It helps to relieve the tension of the circular muscle. It is best to carry out this procedure in the evening, spending from 3 to 5 minutes.

The area around the lips should be massaged with light taps of the fingertips. Thus it is necessary to perform only a circular motion, avoiding rubbing and stroking, which only contribute to tensile skin.

Another method of carrying out massage with a soft toothbrush. Before procedure it is necessary to apply to the skin around the mouth a thick layer of moisturizer.

Need to massage in circular motions in two directions: from the corners of the lips to their center and from the corners of the lips to the wings of the nose. Your free hand should hold the skin around your lips to avoid excessive stretching and not cause injury.

There is a technique of intraoral massage helps to relieve tension in muscles around the lips, normalize muscle tone and General facial muscles.

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In addition to the massage is recommended special exercises for the lips that helps to improve blood circulation, support the tone and elasticity of the skin.

For exercise you want to stay in front of the mirror and carefully monitor the position of the lips.

The complex of gymnastic exercises similar to the following.

  1. Lighten up and roll the air in my mouth.
  2. Tip the head back and gently blow out the air, imitating the blowing dust.
  3. Slowly pronounce each vowel sounds. It is important to keep the skin around the lips were not formed folds.
  4. To raise the upper lip, trying to reach the nose.
  5. Pulling his lips and immediately return to its original position.
  6. Alternately, start the bottom lip over the top and Vice versa. Repeat the same exercise, pre-stretching her lips forward.
  7. To smile broadly, her lips parted, until, until you feel tension in your cheeks. You should try to perform the exercise so that the upper part of the face is not strained and do not wince.
  8. Tightly close the teeth and try to omit the lower lip, revealing a bottom row of teeth and the gums.
  9. Slightly (no voltage) smile stretching her lips, and Pat your finger on the center of the lips.
  10. Slowly pull the upper lip forward. Then the same movements to perform in a pulsing rhythm. It is important to ensure that the lower lip remained unstressed.
  11. Cover the mouth of the thumbs and forefingers of both hands, creating around the lips rectangle. After this, press the fingers, the guiding forces perpendicular to the gums. Lips to turn slightly and separate from the teeth. After 10 pressure should pause 10 seconds and repeat again.
  12. Stretching her lips forward to gather them in «the knot» and locked in this position for 8 – 10 seconds. Then start to move the «knot» in different directions, and after 10 seconds completely relax the muscle around the mouth.
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Each exercise should be repeated 10 to 20 times. You should start with a small amount of time and a few weeks to bring it to the maximum.

In the beauty salon

Effective assistance in the fight against purse-string wrinkles you can get from the beautician. Not do without it, if wrinkles are already too obvious or other ways do not give the desired result.

In the beauty salon will offer these procedures:

  • Thermage – skin hydration on the lip with exposure to high temperatures, which promotes the production of collagen;
  • other hardware procedures – laser resurfacing, chemical peels, ELOS – rejuvenation, iontophoresis;
  • a lifting massage is for the muscles of the entire person, relieves General muscle tension and stimulates the elimination of wrinkles, including on the lip;
  • injectable fillers (gel-like fillers) – introducing them under the skin in the area of nasolabial triangle leads to the ejection of the purse-string wrinkles, smoothing and rejuvenating the skin;
  • local injections of neurotoxins (natural poisons) to produce blocking of nerve endings and reduce the motility of the circular muscle, which reduces the risk of formation of wrinkles;
  • biorevitalization, mesotherapy by injecting under the skin of the vitamin b complex, collagen, elastin or hyaluronic acid is achieved by rejuvenation of the skin, restoring its elasticity.

Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, be sure you should consult a specialist.

Folk remedies

There are many recipes, how to remove wrinkles above the upper lip of folk remedies. It is best to use suitable creams and masks, prepared on the basis of cream, sour cream or yogurt, because animal fats are more nutritious and beneficial for the skin.

Here is a description of some of the masks:

  • mix 1 tsp of grated cucumber and sour cream or cream and add 0.5 tsp. of honey;
  • mash peas and add yogurt to form a mushy mass;
  • mix equal proportions of aloe Vera juice and natural honey;
  • dissolve 1 tbsp corn starch with a small amount of yogurt to the mixture made up of thick sour cream;
  • make foam fresh chicken protein.
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You can just use natural products:

  • cucumber;
  • strawberries;
  • Apple green;
  • sauerkraut;
  • tomatoes;
  • grapes;
  • avocado.

It is recommended to grind and apply to the skin above the upper lip.

Quite effective are packs of warmed olive or other vegetable oil.

It is also helpful to use cosmetic ice cubes made of herbal decoction or fresh juice that you want several times to outline the lips in their path.

Useful tips

To all the efforts to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the upper lip was not given retroactive effect and did not lead to the deterioration of the skin, it is important to heed this advice:

  • before the massage, or gymnastics one must study the methodology of their implementation, otherwise you can stretch the skin and to contribute to the deepening of wrinkles;
  • note that cosmetic procedures include radical surgery, therefore, such measures should be resorted only well predicting the consequences;

  • components for preparing cosmetic products must be fresh;
  • before applying any funds needed to conduct the test on the absence of Allergy.

One other important note – you should not expect a quick result from the use of proposed methods. All the procedure should be performed systematically and regularly, only then will there be a noticeable improvement in appearance. Even with all the recommendations it will need at least 2 – 3 weeks.


To combat purse-string wrinkles it is recommended to acquire useful habits.

These include:

  • gargle for 2 – 3 minutes;
  • wash only with cool water;
  • proper wiping my face with a towel in the direction of the chin to the ears;
  • protection of the skin around the mouth from excessive exposure to UV rays;
  • the use of plants containing phytohormones;
  • drinking regime;
  • proper diet, eliminating foods that lead to deterioration of the skin.

Compliance with these simple tips will serve as a great prevention of the appearance of purse-string wrinkles.

To stop the formation of wrinkles on the upper lip is quite real. Of course, this process is relentless and they still appear. But for most women, postponement of aging, even for a couple of years is a powerful argument.

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