Yellow peel (retinol peel) — what is it, reviews, photos before and after, prices


Useful properties of retinoic acid and its soft effect on the skin allowed cosmetologists to use the yellow peel as a separate procedure or in combination with peelings with fruit acids, cleansing and other cosmetic procedures.

In its ability to cause damage to the skin, retinoic acid is much stronger than retinol. For example, the frequent concentration of retinol in the product for peeling 7% and retinoic acid 3-4%. But even at a much lower concentration of retinoic acid has a more aggressive effect on tissue.

Both belong to the category of superficial peels.

What is retinoic acid

This substance (vitamin-a-acetic acid) similar in structure of the molecule and properties to retinol (vitamin A).

But unlike the latter more stable for exterior use and causes among other things a noticeable exfoliating effect.

Useful properties

  • Has a stimulating and rejuvenating effect on the tissues.

Retinoic acid is similar to vitamin A normalizes a slow metabolism in the skin, helps to stabilize cell membranes, protecting them from free radicals, speeds up the division and renewal of cells, formation of protein structures such as collagen and elastin.

  • Improves the barrier properties of the skin.

Under their influence improves or restores the local immunity of the skin, increasing its ability to defend itself against pathogenic bacteria. Reduced risk of developing festering wounds on the skin.

  • Involved in the restoration of the epithelial tissues in a number of skin diseases.

Improves acne, acne heals faster and reduces the risk of pigmentation at the site of healed or uncovered ulcers, faster healing of the skin after burns (including solar), Russian Academy of Sciences. The drug is used for the treatment of psoriasis, various dermatitis.

  • Has a strong brightening effect.

Brightening effect is good because it is achieved not so much due to exfoliation of the upper skin layer, but rather due to the blocking activity of the tyrosinase enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis. Melanin is the substance that is responsible for the appearance of post-acne spots, foci of hyperpigmentation, freckles.

  • To prevent the development of skin tumors.

Many researchers believe that vitamin A derivatives are able to selectively damage the abnormal cells (cells that begin to differ from normal cells and can give good growth or malignant tumor).

The negative properties of retinoids

Retinoic acid the same as vitamin A and other derivatives are able to exert toxic effects on the unborn child and may trigger the appearance of congenital malformations.

Because these peels can be performed only if the woman is not planning pregnancy for at least another 6 months.

Indications for:

  • perioral dermatitis;
  • ordinary acne;
  • seborrheic dermatitis;
  • rosacea;
  • poor or uneven complexion;
  • the first wrinkles;
  • the decrease of skin tone, sagging of the cheeks;
  • hyperkeratosis.

Retinoic acid is used to treat severe acne that is characterized by the appearance of a cystic, conglobata acne. Also it can be used in cases where there is a risk healing acne with scarring.

The scars she can not affect, but is an excellent preventive measure against the appearance of blemishes. The person is not the only field where you can apply retinoic peels for the treatment of acne.

Similarly, it can be applied to the skin of the back, chest. In the case of severe acne disease retinoic peels can be combined with taking derivatives of vitamin A inside.

But to prescribe this treatment can only a dermatologist or doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist (not a regular beautician!!!) under the control of General and biochemical blood tests.



  • pregnancy planned or installed, the entire period of breastfeeding;
  • liver failure;
  • hypervitaminosis A;
  • application of antibiotics of tetracycline group;
  • any viral, fungal and bacterial diseases of the skin;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin at the site of the procedure;
  • fresh tan;
  • demodicosis.

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Side effects

Mostly side effects are a result development of overdose (hypervitaminosis) vitamin A. it Happens while peeling retinoic acid and ingestion of products containing retinol acetate or palmitate, or other derivatives of vitamin A. vitamin a and its derivatives are fat-soluble substances, because it’s not quickly excreted and can accumulate in large quantities.

The most common:

  • itching and rash;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • severe erythema (redness) of the face, which can turn into dermatitis;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • severe dry, light damage of the skin;
  • photosensitivity – reducing the protective properties of the skin against solar radiation, accelerating the appearance of sun and sunburn;
  • dryness of the lips (if the drug gets on the skin of the lips);
  • intolerance to contact lenses (if the drug gets in the eyes);
  • intensification of acne with the advent of a new wave of eruptions.

Because of the ability of vitamin A to dissolve in fats and accumulate in the body, symptoms of hypervitaminosis may occur in 3-4 weeks and is often manifested by the repeated appearance of flaking without provoking effect on the skin.

The reasons for this phenomenon may be taking vitamins, which include vitamin a, as well as start using a face cream, which is retinol or any of its derivatives.

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Is it possible to do in the summer

If you decided to do this procedure in the spring or summer, be prepared to stay inside for at least two months, as otherwise you risk getting pigmentation or to make even more striking the already existing pigmentation spots. Two months later you can be in the sun only will usloviem compulsory use of sunscreen with SPF at least 50.

Different from retinoeva

Retinoic peels are more predictable with the current procedures and reactions. Vitamin a, dissolving in the lipids of the skin, it penetrates and acts deep, but it does not cause skin burns, and, accordingly, peeling.

It is more aggressive. After him there are always peeling, though in different intensity.

Therefore it should be assigned to those customers who have very tight skin and peeling it will only benefit, or those who can not peel without peeling.

Skin preparation

Treatment options several. They are roughly equivalent in their effectiveness in preparing the skin for the procedure because everyone will be able to select the appropriate option.

  • Use for at least 3 weeks prior to the procedure skinoren gel or retinoic ointment according to the instructions supplied with the product.
  • The use of special cosmetics, which contains a small concentration of fruit acids.
  • Conducting 2-3 procedures superficial peels with fruit acids.

It is important!!!! Do not skimp on the means for pre-peeling care. The right thing by those beauticians who do not take the procedure clients not willing to buy the can and cream with fruit acids and/or superficial peels with fruit acids to prepare the skin.

Because without a full pre-peeling preparation with a high risk of side effects, the client is guaranteed to not be able to get the desired results and then will scold and beautician and retinoic peels.

And most importantly, a cosmetologist must be sure that his client comes to the decision to make peeling consciously and will implement the recommendations of the specialist.

It is impossible to get maximum results from retinol peeling without proper pre-peeling preparation and post-peel rehabilitation.

A number of experts insists on a course of mesotherapy or biorevitalisation to prevent drying out the skin and reserve the skin that will allow her to recover quickly after peeling. If such a recommendation over other peels is optional, for this is a great opportunity to improve the effect of the procedure and to avoid undesirable consequences.

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How is the procedure

Depending on what brand of cosmetics used by the beautician, the procedure of yellow peeling and the rehabilitation period may differ significantly.

  • The classic version of yellow peel is 1-2 treatments at intervals of 4-6 weeks with intense training and predelnoi pastebincom care.

A number of drugs added to the formulation of fruit acids to enhance the effects of retinol and reduce the risk of side effects from its use. They can only be applied by the schemes of the manufacturer.

  • Different drugs of different companies not only in the number of procedures per course, but the length of time that the drug is for the yellow peels applied to the skin.

There are medicines that are applied to the skin for not more than 1 hour. They are usually more concentrated and can cause considerable discomfort: itching, burning.

There are drugs that are applied to the skin for 3-12 hours at the discretion of the cosmetologist. Tolerated these drugs much easier.

  • Drugs for retinol peeling can be applied on the skin even after mechanical cleaning to prevent the appearance of new lesions and normalization of work of sebaceous glands, eliminate acne and rapid skin renewal.

As you can see, beauty has the choice to do as retinoic peels for optimal results in each specific case, and how to keep the drug depending on the thickness of the skin depth necessary updates and age of the client.

It is important!!!! Be sure to check with your beautician when you need to wash away the drug. Beauty products with retinol, which is used for peeling yellow are different according to intensity of exposure to skin: one can safely «forget» to wash in the evening and Wake up in the morning with normal face and the other should not be overexposed even for 1 hour.

Skin care after peeling yellow

Unlike the common belief, which is actively spread cosmetologists, recovering from yellow peeling lasts the whole month, not a few days. Of course, a month to hide from the people don’t have. But to carry out some complex manipulations with the face too.

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If your beautician advised you to survive the drug on the skin for 3-6 hours, but wash it after the procedure will have on their own. This will require a neutral soap and plenty of water.

Need to rinse all remnants of the drug completely. After this, the skin becomes after the first day at sea without sunscreen – all red, strapped, slightly bruised. Immediately after washing need to be thickly cover the skin with bepanthen or panthenol.

During the first days may increase swelling, especially of the eyelids. A normal reaction is the appearance on the first day after the procedure, fever and mild chills. The condition is not pleasant, but no special treatment is not required.

Closer to the third day after the peeling, the redness is starting to go and starts easy peeling. Peeling is very easy, maloplastichny. Some of the bulk of the «husk» can be washed off with water during washing because can be a feeling that peeling at all. Peeling can last up to 5-7 days after peeling.

In the first week after the peel you should not:

  • sauna and bath, so as not to exacerbate the swelling and redness of the skin;
  • to walk the pool to avoid an infection;
  • to exercise to sweating is not caused pustular rash;
  • sunbathing on the beach, in the Solarium, do UFO, not to provoke pigmentation.

A week after the procedure to evaluate the first results. At this time, the skin may be dry and tight. Because the best would be to hold a special wetting procedure in the salon or buy a good moisturizer.

After peeling the face looks very white due to the fact that reduced melanin. At this time can worsen acne and go through a whole wave of new lesions. On the background of white skin are very visible all the closed comedones.

Two weeks after the procedure, but in any case not earlier, it is possible to make a mechanical cleaning of the face to remove all that Patric post-peel picture.

Within two weeks the skin gradually gaining melanin becomes uniform in color. Stimulation of blood circulation in the skin making the face radiant. In the end, only a month, you can evaluate the first results from the yellow peel. The maximum effect after a course of treatments can be observed only after 4 months after the last procedure.

What not to do in the post-peel period

Some beauticians recommend that their clients after the yellow peel of hormonal ointments of type of dexamethasone to reduce post-peel edema and redness of the face.

Hormonal drugs inhibit the cell division and disruption of the immune system (in this particular case, the local immunity of the skin).

Because the output can be obtain such complications of hormonal drugs as:

  • thinning of the skin;
  • the development of a fungal or bacterial infection;
  • exacerbation of viral infection.

Instead of hormonal drugs it is better to use that promotes healing: panthenol, dexpanthenol, E, hand. Edema they in the first day will not reduce, but will help restore and hydrate your skin after the procedure.

How many times can you do

Usually enough for one treatment retinol peeling. If there are pronounced changes in the skin, you can have 2-3 treatments per course 1 treatment per month.

Major manufacturers

Mediderma (Mediderma)

The developers of Mediderma created two products to conduct retinol peeling on the basis of vitamin A.

  • The first drug is Retinol cream peel Retises Forte Cream.

In the preparation includes retinol 10%, lactic acid, vitamin e Forte cream can be used both for face and body, where one of the indications is the presence of stretch marks.

  • The second is less concentrated. It Retises CT Yellow Peel – Yellow peeling night.

It includes retinol 4%, lactic acid 15%, ascorbyl glucoside 10%, tartaric acid and plant extracts.

The manufacturer recommends an in-home care before and after peeling to use the line products Retises, Factor G, Vit-C.

Mene and Moy System

The formula «Yellow peeling» of the face were developed in Rio de Janeiro Dr. Romulus Mene.

It is based on retinoic acid. Its effect is increased by phytic, azelaic, kojic and ascorbic acid.

The main influence of the drug Mene and Moy System has not dead on the epithelium of the epidermis, and on the processes occurring in living cells. This explains its great effects.

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Important!!! This peel has one very serious limitation. It can be done not more often 1 time in 6 months, as the effect of the procedure increases for six months. Only when there are serious indications can make a second procedure within 2 months after the first and then a break for 6 months.

Peeling Mene and Moy System is one of the most powerful of all the retinol peels. He may for a long time (almost a week) off of the customer from normal life due to significant redness and swelling, and then profuse peeling. But the result is far superior to the effects of the treatments, made the drugs of other brands.

Kosmoteros (Cosmoteros Professionel)

Kosmoteros company produces the drug for retinoeva of peeling tretinoin (another name for retinoic acid). The preparation also contains vitamin E and C and beta-carotene.

For reviews of cosmetologists and their clients retinoidy peeling kosmoteros is the most gentle of all the yellow peels, which are now on the Russian market.


Spanish manufacturer of professional cosmetics Martineks have developed retinoic peels Cimel. In addition to the retinol in the drug for peeling includes kojic acid which helps whiten the skin.

The drug Martineks will fit including patients with sensitive skin.


Russian manufacturer of professional cosmetics introduced its retinoic peels Carrot»s Peel. One pack of peel designed for two treatments with an interval of 10-14 days. In addition to product for exfoliation in the day and night cream and two ampoule concentrate for home use. The day cream is protected СПФ30.

His formulation is that the procedure can be carried out including owners of rosacea.

Retinoidy peeling at home

In order to perform a median peeling on your own, you can use professional tools. This article is detailed information on all stages of the procedure and the drugs, which at each stage are used.

It is best to complete courses cosmetologists. This will give you the opportunity to freely buy professional cosmetics and visit the workshops of the producers, which is given all the necessary information on the procedure with the use of each specific drug.

If you buy beauty salon products you it seems expensive and difficult, it is possible to have a lightweight version of procedure retinol peeling with the help of pharmaceutical drug or Differin retinoic ointment.

Differin is a dermatological drug, active substance of which is retinoic acid. Before applying the drug on the person, try it on the crook of the elbow, causing a small amount of the drug to the skin. Normal no discomfort, rash, severe skin shouldn’t be.

If the first attempt is successful, then you can start the procedure of exfoliation. This Differin is applied in a thin layer to cleansed face avoiding the eyelids and the vermilion border. If the first coat went well and there is only slight tingling, you can apply a second layer for the first time can be left on the skin for up to 1 hour. Then the exposure time can be gradually increased.

The before and after photos

Prices in the cabin

The price of a procedure depends largely on the drug and the number of layers that are applied to the skin. To the cost be sure to add the price of cosmetics for pre-peeling preparation, post-peeling rehabilitation and sunscreen. Sometimes it’s rational to add to the obtained sum and the cost of a course of injections for the face.

Procedure cost in RUB.
retinoic peels 5500-9900

If the price seems prohibitive to the client, then it is better to abandon the procedure as soon as the peel without any of the remaining stages may not produce the desired result.

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