Zinc ointment from wrinkles in cosmetology, eyes, instructions for use

Zinc ointment was applied since ancient times in the treatment of skin diseases. But there was enough feedback about the use of zinc ointment to combat wrinkles.

Perhaps the popularity is due to the high cost of the drug compared to the elite anti-aging cosmetics. Cosmetologists are very modest about the effect of zinc ointment from wrinkles. So having the ointment anti-aging effect or not?


The main operating component of 10% zinc ointment from wrinkles is zinc oxide. Additional ingredients can be used lanolin and petroleum jelly.

Vaseline forms a film on the skin, Claregalway moisture, preventing dry skin: it moisturizes the skin and prevents the evaporation of moisture, but it is poorly absorbed through the skin – this is its disadvantage.

Producers can optionally enter in the ointment:

  • salicylic acid;
  • menthol;
  • Dimethicone;
  • metilparaben;
  • sodium Laureth sulfate;
  • ethyl alcohol;
  • glycerilstearates;
  • propylene glycol.

Indications and contraindications

Zinc ointment applied in several branches of medicine:

  1. in dermatology (the treatment of dermatitis, streptococcal);
  2. in Pediatrics (the treatment of diaper rash);
  3. surgery (the treatment of trophic ulcers, burns, bedsores, hemorrhoids);
  4. in gynecology (treatment of vulvovaginitis);
  5. dentistry (cement for dental fillings include zinc oxide).

Taking into account the effect of zinc oxide on the skin, zinc ointment is used in cosmetics to treat acne, melasm. Zinc oxide used in sunscreens.

It’s worth noting that the manual does not say anything about using the funds for cosmetic purposes!


A contraindication for use zinc ointment from wrinkles is only an allergic reaction to any component of the ointment

It is undesirable to apply an ointment for:

  • irritation,
  • inflammation of the skin,
  • the presence of lesions of unknown cause,
  • including abscesses.

During pregnancy and breast feeding application of zinc ointment from wrinkles should be agreed with your doctor.

The action of the basic substance

Zinc oxide is used in cosmetics thanks to its skin action:

  1. antiseptic,
  2. anti-inflammatory,
  3. hygroscopic,
  4. regenerating.

It not penetrates the surface layers of the skin, and exerts its effect by remaining on the surface of the skin.

The mechanism of action of zinc oxide composed of zinc ointment from wrinkles:

  1. Zinc activates the effect and normalizes the activity of enzymes participating in metabolism in skin cells, contributing to the process of updating it.
  2. High enzymatic activity leads to blockage of the sebaceous pores, skin dryness and wrinkles and the lack of activity increases the secretion of sebum, the skin becomes fat and flabby.
  3. Zinc ointment from wrinkles controls the enzymatic activity, the production of sebum, helps to open pores.
  4. Ultraviolet light is one of the main causes of skin aging and appearance of wrinkles on it. The ointment protects the skin from effects of ultraviolet radiation and this prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
  5. Zinc oxide frees the surface layer of skin from dead cells and activates the regenerative process.
  6. Zinc ointment from wrinkles regulates the production of collagen, which promotes elasticity and tone facial skin and eliminate wrinkles.
  7. Antiseptic action of zinc oxide is manifested in the relief of inflammation on the skin.
  8. Regenerating effect of zinc promotes healing of minor scratches and damage.
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Due to such wide spectrum of actions leading cosmetic firms include zinc oxide in creams and preparations for care of problem skin.

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Instructions for use Zinc ointment from wrinkles

Zinc ointment from wrinkles applied to clean and dry skin, after washing hands. For cleaning of the skin should be washed off daily makeup and use lotion or moisturizing cream.

As this ointment is not an alternative day cream and is not a basis for applying makeup is applied, it is usually in the evening before bedtime.

For oily skin apply ointment in a thin layer on the skin of the face and neck. Owners of dry skin or combination must be mixed zinc ointment with melted butter or baby cream. This will prevent dryness of the skin zinc.

Applied ointment or mixture remains on the skin overnight. After applying the ointment need to re-wash my hands. In the morning, the skin is thoroughly cleaned.

When used with the purpose of combating wrinkle ointment is applied to the face 3 times in a week. The course of treatment lasts no more than 3 weeks. After a month interval, repeat the course.

The opinions of beauticians and doctors

Rejuvenating effect of zinc ointment and its effectiveness in combating wrinkles cosmetologists call a myth, a legend.

Zinc oxide causes dry skin, namely dry and it is the cause of wrinkles. To combat the first wrinkles must, on the contrary, good hydration of the skin.

Beauticians use zinc ointment for the skin for acne, dermatitis. After application of ointment with zinc oxide on shiny, oily skin improves its appearance, close large pores, normalizes the secretion of fat and the skin becomes dull.

If the skin is healthy, but dry, with the appearance of wrinkles and ptosis, the effect of lifting and rejuvenation using zinc ointment to fail. Cosmetologists with this purpose and it is not used.

The results of recent research scientists can stun many. After the summer, beach season, many people use sunscreen (lotions, creams) in the hope that they will be able to protect from sunburn, and from the early appearance of wrinkles. The composition of these funds includes zinc oxide.

It turned out that under the influence of ultraviolet light, zinc oxide is involved in chemical reactions, resulting in formation of unstable molecules or free radicals. They, while trying to unite with other molecules can damage cells or DNA in the cells. Such damage can lead to the development of skin cancer.

Experts proved that the damage to the cells of the body directly depends on the duration of UV exposure on zinc oxide. A study of the interaction of ultraviolet light and zinc oxide are continuing.

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In the meantime, the zinc oxide used in sunscreens. Doctors believe that it is better to apply such protection than not having any.

Adverse reactions

Most often, the portability of zinc ointment from wrinkles good. Hypersensitivity to the components of the ointment may lead to adverse reactions.

Adverse reactions can be:

  • itching;
  • the tingling sensation;
  • burning sensation;
  • redness of the skin;
  • rash.

Some individuals have noted a darkening of the skin (often with dark skin). Usually the side affects go away without treatment after discontinuation of the ointment. If these effects persist long-term, then you need to consult a doctor.

Side effects can be associated with dryness of the skin by the action of zinc oxide. To prevent such a reaction could comprehensive use of zinc ointment with moisturizing cream.

In severe cases allergic reactions may appear:

  1. swelling of the lips, tongue, or face;
  2. the sensation of pressure in the chest;
  3. shortness of breath.

If you experience these symptoms should immediately call an ambulance.

In the case of adding the ointment to the eyes are noted:

  • intense itching;
  • watery eyes;
  • redness of the eyelids.

In such cases it is necessary to wash the eyes for at least 15 min.

Ingestion of zinc oxide can occur:

  • pain in the epigastric region;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • fever with chills;
  • icteric staining of the sclera and skin.

When they appear you need to call an ambulance and give the patient to drink plenty of water (milk) and activated carbon.

Can apply on eye area

Usually the first reminder of the age in the form of wrinkles appear in the most sensitive areas of the face – around the eyes and lips, nasolabial triangle. Zinc oxide strongly dries the skin, and to overcome age-related skin changes should apply a good moisturizers.

When applying zinc ointment to these areas the wrinkles will become deeper and the skin flaky, and to address them will require a lengthy treatment course for the appointment of a cosmetologist.

When using around the eyes there is a risk of falling ointments in the eye and development of conjunctivitis.

Therefore, apply the zinc ointment from wrinkles under the eyes is not recommended! Beauticians use for this area of special creams and ointments.

The average cost

The ointment release in cans of 25g, 40g, 50g, 100g and in tubes of 25g, 30g. 50g.

The average price of the packaging of ointment 25g -29 rubles, 50g – 39rub

Released from pharmacies without a prescription.

Useful tips

To prevent the appearance of wrinkles can!

To do this, should heed this advice:

  1. It is necessary to consume sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables that supply the body with vitamins. Special benefits of vitamins a, C and E.
  2. In the period of the sun to protect the skin with special creams with UV filter.
  3. It is desirable to eliminate harmful habits (alcohol consumption, Qureia), which lead to deterioration of blood circulation, promote oxygen starvation of cells and their aging.
  4. Daily walks in the fresh air (at least half an hour) will improve blood circulation and complexion.
  5. Enough sleep will keep longer youth – chronic fatigue is not your color.
  6. To maintain the tone of facial muscles and delay the aging you special exercises.
  7. Daily skin care of the face ensure that it is healthy.
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Alternative methods

Beauticians in the fight against wrinkles using various anti-aging treatments (injections, laser treatment), the means (serums, creams, ointments).

Alternatively, the zinc ointment from wrinkles used:

  1. Tool Japanese cosmetics serum with hyaluronic acid «Inno GIALURON» – can replace creams, facelift, plastic surgery. The effect is evident already after a single application. Using the serum during the week, smoothes wrinkles, provides a healthy complexion.
  2. A new component of anti-aging cosmetics rhamnose (5 to 10% is found in creams) has an effect on the fibroblasts (special cells that produce collagen). In combination with hyaluronic acid and thermal water has beneficial effects on the skin, improves its elasticity and reduces wrinkles.
  3. Retinoic ointment from wrinkles (contains the active form of vitamin A), applied on clean skin at night, normalizes metabolism, accelerates regenerative processes, stimulates collagen synthesis and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
  4. Hydrocortisone — provides hydration of the skin, giving the face a natural volume, apply a thin layer morning and evening.
  5. Heparin will help to smooth out fine wrinkles, get rid of puffiness and blue under the eyes (applied 2P. on the day, having a quick effect).
  6. Radevit – ointment containing necessary skin vitamins, is applied to 2R. a day, helps to improve the condition of facial skin, getting rid of wrinkles. In its application the skin becomes elastic and fresh.

To use zinc ointment from wrinkles – decide for yourself every woman should own. But, still, it is better to trust experts and to consult with the therapists to individually select tools from wrinkles.

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