4D ultrasound in pregnancy is the best time


Four-dimensional ultrasound — an innovation in the field of ultrasonic research. The procedure involves the formation of three-dimensional images using modern computer technology.

The tools used in ultrasound of this kind, safe for patients, which is important in obstetric management of pregnancy. The use of the device helps to make the image with the necessary degree of resolution and assumes its displaying in on-line mode.

Unlike 3D ultrasound from 4D ultrasound

Both types of ultrasound to help in the three-dimensional color image. However, innovation research in 4D mode is the addition of time coordinates. This gives the opportunity to broadcast a signal to the dynamics from all sides of the foetus — in on-line and in writing. Expectant parents can obtain the information carrier with the first film about pre-Natal life of the child, his movements and to watch him when there is a desire.

The duration of the procedure compared to two-dimensional and 3D ultrasound increased. It has a range from half an hour to an hour, depending on the position of the baby in the womb and his mobility.

Advantages of the study

  • Improved image quality.
  • The accuracy of the interpretation of the findings.
  • Early prenatal diagnosis of abnormalities of fetal development.
  • Three-dimensional image close to real, it is possible to do even the definition of the facial features of the baby.
  • The study helps to observe in real time the movements of the fetus.
  • 4D ultrasound can be done to confirm or refute suspected pathologies suspected when performing 2D ultrasound.

Security studies

The purpose of this diagnostic procedure disturbs the expectant mother. But the safety of the procedure for both mother and child at every period of gestation is officially confirmed by the doctors — gynecologists, obstetricians, diagnosticians. Therefore, the best time to do the procedure for the diagnosis of pathologies, in order to provide proper nurturing.

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However, one must remember that ultrasound is not so safe. It can provide thermal and cavitation effects on tissues. If you exceed the allowed capacity may be overheating and tissue destruction. Power in a 4D study is slightly higher than in the two-dimensional, but evidence of harmful effects on the body of the mother and child no. In any case, it should be evaluated the use of diagnostic procedures, which should be more than the likely harm.

The timing of when the baby

Important question for every pregnant women at some time to do a 4D study?

In the first two trimesters of pregnancy the unborn child is not formed subcutaneous tissue and through the skin is possible to see the internal organs. For this reason, undergo the procedure causes some difficulties. To do 4D ultrasound before 20 weeks is required only when the physician who is pregnant.

It should be noted that the period from the 22nd to the 24th week of pregnancy it is better from the point of view of informativeness. At this stage, the fetus has already formed the organs, limbs, and it can help to establish a floor, and to diagnose developmental abnormalities. You can also identify oligohydramnios, polyhydramnios, hypertrophy of the fetus, umbilical cord entanglement, the threat of termination. In the case when pathology is discovered in time, it is possible to prevent the progression and adverse consequences.

Difficulties when carrying out

It is sometimes difficult to capture the desired image quality. Procedure when pregnancy is difficult to do in the following cases:

  • excess weight;
  • unsuccessful intrauterine position of the baby;
  • low volume of amniotic fluid;
  • the pathological localization of the placenta or umbilical cord;
  • the presence of scarring from a migrated surgical interventions;
  • insufficient activity of the baby, then it is better to postpone the screening.
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The application procedure in diagnostic practice

Despite the fact that the field of obstetrics actively applying this procedure in the course of pregnancy, there are a number of directions and conditions when to do 4D ultrasound is also needed. These include:

  • Gynecology: identifying and tracking the state of the cysts appendages.
  • Ophthalmology: capturing the state of the retina, the eyeball, vitreous bodies. determine the degree of damage to the eyes.
  • Urology: tracking the state of the prostate to detect tumors, abscesses, prostatitis.
  • Endocrinology: procedure 4D-ultrasound helps to identify the formation of organs of the endocrine system and the time to assign surgical treatment.
  • Surgery: an example of using 4D-ultrasound — in this case, the precise localization of the tumor, helping to avoid damage of the neurovascular bundle during surgery.
  • Angiosurgery: identification and localization of atherosclerotic damages of vessels and fixation of blood clots.
  • Traumatology: definition of the severity of the damage, most often in the joints.

The technique of the procedure while waiting for baby

Special training for its conduct during pregnancy is not required. Can be performed at any level of filling of the bladder, the course of the not affected by the presence of gases in the intestines.

The procedure is performed transabdominally. On the abdomen covered with a special gel with conductive properties. During the procedure, it is better to avoid movements and strong emotions. The procedure is performed by a physician ultrasound diagnosis using the sensor.

In the process establishes the sex of the baby, recorded growth and development, identification of possible developmental pathology. Screening helps to exclude or confirm the malformations of the heart, down syndrome and other abnormalities. Diagnosis will help to correct the pathology before birth.

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Four-dimensional study is carried out in clinics and health centres, the procedure is costly. If necessary, is required to contact the diagnostic center and choose the specialist ultrasound diagnosis.

The procedure of the study at the right time helps in the early detection and correction of abnormalities. Diagnosis using ultrasound — informative method that should be used in the maintenance of pregnancy.